“I was jealous of my grandson. My wife had to look at me and cook soup, not this child, I was in old age “- Taken from life

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Everyone knows that grandmothers take care of their grandchildren. No wonder they are sometimes called full-time staff – they have to look after the youngest members of the family from early morning until noon.

Their hard work and dedication are appreciated by everyone. However, no one thinks about the fate of his abandoned grandfather! And I know that when my grandmother leaves home for eight to ten hours, many older men are shocked.

Some of them are neglected for the first time in their lives! How do I know? Well, without splitting. I was so awkward that I threw myself into the deep water …

I must admit that the role of home in our family has never changed. 40 Years ago, during the communist era, I set up a car repair shop and devoted myself almost entirely to it. All these years, I was able to earn enough money to support my wife. He decided that it would be better, he wants it.

All these years I went to work for a day that completely greened me in terms of homework. Yes, I helped my husband as much as I could, but it was thoughtless and mechanical.

From time to time, I vacuumed the house or washed the bathroom or sink. There were times when I went to the grocery list, and sometimes I set the table. I washed the dishes, because it quickly fell on the children.

Very little has changed since I retired. The power of habit was at work – me and my wife. It so happened that Krysia kicked me out of the kitchen or away from the vacuum cleaner because she couldn’t see my incompetence.

Well, how many filthy things can you eat in that bar!

“Come on, I’ll do it,” he said.

– Well, I’m working.

– What if you try and fail? You haven’t learned all your life, it’s too late. Go better, find something good on TV for the evening, – he called me with a smile.

And so we lived together. I was in charge of entertainment and special repairs, and she continued to cook, clean, wash, and shop, for which I drove her properly. I was comfortable – no need to claim.

When the little girl’s twins were born, everything changed, and both grooms decided that it would be better for the grandmother to look after the children for a while. When I asked my wife for it, I was convinced that Krysia would refuse. He just wants to deal with me now. But he surprised me.

– This is probably my last chance to take care of young children. We probably won’t have any more grandchildren … – he explained.

All my life I have been satisfied with his decisions, so I still could not create a scene of jealousy. It was wrong to tell my daughter that my grandmother stayed at home, because her grandfather wants her to be ready …

Krysia left and I was shocked

Well, maybe not immediately, because before going to visit the children for the first time, he prepared meatballs and stew well for three days. So I ate them from Monday to Wednesday, and on Thursday I made myself an omelet. On Friday I went to a nearby bar for a delicious dinner like chips. That Friday I was given a very serious assignment.

Before leaving, Krysia woke me up and said:

– Boguś, can you hear me ?! You have to go shopping and clean the apartment! All the children come to us on Sunday, and I will not do it myself. I forgot to tell you yesterday. Bogdan, do you hear?

“Okay, okay, definitely …” I muttered, then turned to the other side.

I was drowsy and struggled to grasp his words, but when I got up and saw a one-day billboard on the table, I almost fainted. My wife and I always went shopping together, but the scheme was that I would take her to the parking lot, and then for a good hour I pushed a supermarket cart behind her.

I was bloated, but I didn’t have to choose fresh cabbage, check the expiration dates of the cheeses, or evaluate the quality of the meat. Well, that day I called my wife with a question. Krysia’s patience ran out faster than the battery in the camera.

– Bogdan, what do you buy, you buy … Just give me some peace, because I put the children to sleep. Bye!

So I gave up on my wife. What was the effect? I had to buy fresh cabbage, I chose the wrong cheese, and the sausage was so fibrous that it was impossible to cut it.

“The first cats for the fences …” he said on Saturday, but his sensible wife and I chased after them to clean up, and she started cooking.

The cleanups in my version were the same as the purchases. Merciful Krysia concluded:

– Experience is perfect…

He had probably heard me curse the rags, liquids, and vacuum cleaners in the kitchen, so he didn’t want to make the atmosphere worse. Somehow I was so tired that I fell asleep at the table when the children came in the evening.

“Dad, maybe you should check your blood sugar …” said the little girl.

– I do not want to examine you immediately … I answered nervously.

The next week was even worse, because the party was over on Monday and my wife was so tired after all the days with her grandchildren that she didn’t prepare anything for me. I made myself a sandwich and ate it twice at the bar.

But I soon came to the conclusion that I would probably start cooking something myself. I also felt sorry for Chrisia, who had just returned home, and there was only a kettle of warm water on the gas.

So I started cooking and I have to say that after three days of training, I fry the first good pork and after a week of experimenting, I make a decent soup.

I specialize in Silesian meatballs

With sweat on my forehead, I expanded my repertoire in the following weeks, wasting an average of half of the products I had previously bought in stores. But at the same time, I gained experience in walking between the stands of the market hall and the shelves of the supermarket.

A month later, I recognized a good cabbage from twelve meters and chose a sausage with the skill of a 30-year-old butcher. Finally, one day, after dinner, Krysia pushed her plate and concluded:

“But that noodle is good, Fake!” And I thought you would never learn …

She is excellent… After all, I had debts for years in cooking, shopping, cleaning, and bathing. The latter was the most difficult, because under the Chinese god I could not understand which objects were colored, which were black, and which were only white.

All the additions, shades, stripes, spots, dots, and grays surprised me so much that I was paralyzed by the decision. Of course, I threw the drum twice in white and white, and my husband had to mourn the former whiteness of his underwear.

I do not want to tire you with all the adventures of loneliness, but suffice it to say that boredom has not bothered me for a single day this year. I thought this would be my biggest problem – I would be left alone and wandering aimlessly around the house.

ANDno no! NandI didn’t have time for that, I always had something to do.

I lost six pounds in these twelve months. For a grandfather like me, that’s a lot, so the kids felt the change. I remember a week or two before the children finally went to kindergarten, my daughter asked me if everything was fine and if I was okay:

– Dad, you are thin, maybe you have a worm, or what? Or maybe it’s sugar, because you’re always asleep …

I was silent then, thinking that there was no point in feeling sorry for myself. After all, I did all this for Krystyna – to appreciate her hard work in maintaining the house for many years. Because now I see, now I know how much.

What suffering and hardship …

But I was a little sorry to know that no one would notice. The children do not know how hard it was for my grandmother to quietly take care of my grandchildren. But Krysia was not disappointed – she was the only one who saw my self-sacrifice.

– My poor pimp. I will cook you a black and black woman … ”The day after the twins went to kindergarten, she stroked my thin belly.

– How many pages?

– How much do you want. As much as you want, my skinny housewife …

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