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– The issue of garbage comes up literally and figuratively. They come by the river, in the woods, says Conrad Gramont. Therefore, along with other public activists, she took part in the Czysta Odra campaign in Nowa Sól. Similar events were held in Bytom Odrzanskie

The campaign to clean up the river and its surroundings was invented by Wroclaw traveler and ecologist Dominik Dobrowolsky. “From April 29 to May 8, we will work with local organizations to clean the source of the Odra River.Fountains in the Baltic Sea “- This appeal was answered byaboutas well as indiosolanie.

Dozens of people took part in the rally in Nowa Sol. On April 30, a major cleanup of the Rudnianka canal began. There was a lot of garbage. There, community workers worked for two and a half hours.

They then spent two more days clearing the bridge on the right bank of the Oder River – near the foresters’ residence, and the pier in the direction of Przyborow. There was less waste …

Konrad Gramont of the Panopticum Foundation and the PARK Association was one of the organizers of Nowa Odra on Nowy Sola. – It would be foolish not to join the action, even if you are a resident of the city on the banks of the river Odra – maboutwi. – The issue of garbage comes up literally and figuratively. They come to the river, to the forest. When he called the garbage collector, the voice at the receiver said with great sincerity: “We are glad that you have cleaned the river, because it will not be as bad as in the forest, so we will do it.”aboutlee to take.

Why is Odra important to Gramont? – 10 years ago, my friend and I decided to walk along the river Nowa Sóla from Bytom Odrzanskie with a beer – he recalls. – We also crossed the river in Bytomabouton a piece of ice. It was just during the coupaboutThe Italian ship Costa Concordia was fighting. Our Łaboutdka was clearing the ice. It was January, it was very cold. We had a wonderful day and two weeks in this frost, sir.aboutthen repeataboutWe ate something like this in Bukowa G.aboutrze. Then the minus was 10 or better. Today, the whole lagoon with the marina was frozen. It was also beautiful. Tea is a symbol, but I associate it more with relaxation. With a walk.

Bartosz Hryniewiecki also took part in the cleanup. He once came to the editorial office and asked me to write something about climate change. That’s when “Radykał asks: can measles dry up?”.

A few years ago, he committed a crime: He hung a banner on one of the trees on the banks of the Oder River, asking if Oder could dry up. He hung at eye level with drivers. While writing this banner, I wrote 12 different questions in my notes that I could ask them – remember Hryniewiecki. This question about the Odra River is too much, so I chose it because it is the last stage of cyclical events that may occur in our area as a result of climate change.

Oder is a network of flowing life that we forget, says Bartosz. – For a long time, the river allowed us to develop and settle here. That is why it is important for me. If there was a desert on the left now, we wouldn’t be here. It seems to me that today the Oder is primarily the value of tourism. Who knows, feels it, likes to sit on it. But others do not feel this way on a daily basis. Pure Odra is not for itself, but around the river. A serious move for the river, for example, would be a systematic, real blockade of the inflow of waste from all sorts of factories in the upper and lower reaches of the Odra River. It is necessary to fight against it. This primarily pollutes the river.

Need help on the ground

Agnieszka Wildangier-Sznajder is a teacher at Elektryk. He came to the Czysta Odra campaign with a group of studentsabouttogether with a circle of volunteers. “They try to help with charity and social events,” he said. – They thought they wanted to come here. It is also important to draw the attention of young people to the environment.

Oliwia and Kacper, Elektryka volunteers: – We love to help, spend time with friends and do useful work. Fortunately, there are such actions, because it is very important to take care of the ecology, the environment and the planet. Older people forget that, but it’s not. It is horrifying to see so much rubbish here. We just turn to Mr. when we do something bad somewhere.aboutthen clean them, take them with you and throw them in the trash. On the other hand, we should not be surprised. Standard picture in Poland. Unfortunately.

Social activist Agnieszka Hendel puts another empty juice bottle in the bag andaboutwi: – You have to do something for that. Terrible. I do not understand where this idea came from. I often walk this path with my dog ​​and what we see here is tough, but there are many similar places in Nowa Sól. For example, Zamenhofa, “Ogaboutcanvas “, in a very crowded place. The situation with our place is getting worse, so he needs helpaboutc and it is worth organizing such actions. If we don’t, who? What about our children? We have to leave them something. It’s not a big deal, but we have to start with such small stepsaboutin.

One of these small steps took place on Wednesday, May 4. The campaign was organized by the Tourism Information Center. Participants cleared the area from Stara Wieś to the port of Nowy Sola. Almost a hundred people came!

– Occupational Therapy Workshop, Special Training and Education Center, Class 7B with “eight”, WOPR, Andrzej Dela and Nowa Sol, and Wrociszow residents Zuzia and Cuba cleaned the left bank of the Odra River. 427-433 km altitude – emphasizes Monica Tatuśko from the Tourism Information Center. – We thank all the participants for their commitment and hope that this campaign will become a tradition of serving tea, which is a showcase of our city.

In genes

Bytom Odrzański also did not sleep from this action. Its youngest participant was Antoś Puchalski, less than 3 years old, and the coordinator of the first edition was Adrian Hołobowicz. Everyone gathered in Mallorca.

“Apart from living in New Town and a stone’s throw from the Odra River, my grandfather worked for more than 30 years on the ferry crossing to the other side of the river,” Holobovich recalls. – You can say that my love for the Odra River is inherited from my genes. We went for a walk by the river, fished there and played on the shore. During my school years, I spent two months of summer vacation on the Oder River. Others went to camps, mountains, and abroad, and I went fishing with a friend from the neighborhood.

Bytom Odrzański’s adviser recalls that he was more upset than bait left on plastic worm packs or slag. Or drink glasses. – This type of behavior is primarily taken from home – he believes. – When a young parent sees McDonald’s Happy Meals thrown out of a car window, he is more likely to do the same thing in the future, when he grows up.

Therefore, when the Czysta Odra campaign appeared – he entered. – In January, Tadeusz Czaykowski from Siedlisko wrote to me with an offer to organize such an action – he recalls. – The plan was for Siedlisko to clean his website and Bytom to clean his site. After cleaning, we had to meet at the Prussian route for a general snack under the shelter. Here the campaign gathered fans of the Odra River, who spent their free time cleaning the banks near Bytom Odrzanskie, so I thank them very much.

It was family and casual in Bytom. Finally, there was a fire with sausages. – And cinnamon rolls cooked by my wife – Adrian Hołobowicz smiles. – The youngest bought a gadget from the Nowa Sól Forest Region, and the older ones bought a gadget from the Odrzański Brewery to quench their thirst.

An additional attraction was the return cruise of Bytom’s gallery. Participants were able to see a white-tailed eagle perched on an oak branch.

A similar action took place on Saturday, May 7, at Bytom – carried out by the FALA Local Activities Development Foundation.


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