5 signs that your cat is damaged

When we love someone, we naturally wish them happiness – no different from pets. Owners who are in love with their cats, although some people exaggerate a little, do their best to ensure that the pet lives a decent life. Are you one of them? It is a simple test to get the answer.

When we decide to adopt a cat, our main goal should be to take care of it or play with it, first of all, to provide a living environment that meets its natural needs. Some caregivers, however, go a step further, humanizing them and becoming angry with their accusations.

I have a pampered cat – what now?

It is worth understanding in the beginning cats are very whimsical – As a rule, this is not an innate, but an acquired trait. If your cat is very bad, this is probably your dignity.

Murder guards not only give them gifts, toys and expensive food, but often turn a blind eye to various jokes – allowing them to eat from the plate, giving way to them or running away at every call of the cat. Even if you think your cat deserves a reward for everything, and you’re used to being a servant, it’s important to know when to say “enough.”

If you want to face reality, answer 5 questions so you can easily find out if your cat is in control of your life. If the answer is yes, you may have a serious problem.

Just remember to answer honestly!

The rodent was wandering among the turners. Biedronka’s angry customer noted everything


TEST: Is your cat spoiled?

1. Do you allow your cat to sleep in forbidden places or on your own body?

Obviously, every pet should have its own place – a nest or other corner where it can rest and feel completely safe. Cats, on the other hand, like to sleep in places that are a bit strange to us.

A kitchen set, a bed, a set-top box, a cardboard box, an oven, a laptop keyboard, and even the owner’s head – any place is good unless you sleep in your own bed.

The problem arises when you get off the couch / chair / bed or agree to stay in a restless state because the cat wants to sleep in this place or you refuse to cook, clean, work on the computer and other important tasks. your muttering friend. This is no doubt a sign that you have given up too much on your pet.

2. Do you get up in the middle of the night when your cat wants to eat?

If the first thing you do in the morning is to put your cat in a bowl, you will teach him to get up quickly = to feed your cat. The situation becomes even more complicated in the middle of the night, when you fly for more than a year, because even if your pet has not eaten the entire contents of the container, it has organized a dream concert. By giving up, you can aggravate undesirable behavior and develop insomnia.

Even if you can’t rest at night and forget about your cat, we have no doubt that the cat is consciously taking advantage of your weakness. Getting up whenever a cat wants is a symbol of true pampering. Animal behaviorists recommend not reacting to forced eating and encouraging your pet to deal with cat issues instead.

3. Do you caress, hug and play with your pet, even if he is naughty for a moment?

Have you ever taken a picture of a cat throwing things off the table, scratching the sofa, or jumping over curtains? Or do you just hug each meow or look at you and ask what you want? This is a signal that your cat is probably overreacting.

Experts explain that rewarding undesirable behaviors by paying attention to your pet is the easiest way to develop bad habits and cultivate a furry evil. Although each of us loses our patience from time to time and endures the face of a beloved cat, consistency and patience are important.

4. Does your house look like a kennel?

If the common space in the house becomes a storehouse of cat accessories, clothes, toys, scratches, food, and other delicacies, and some items lie in a meaningless place in the apartment, it is worth considering whether we have done much shopping. .

Pipes lying on the ground, fancy mice and fishing rods not only risk slipping, but also create the impression of confusion. When we bring too many toys and accessories into the lives of our pets, it weakens their ability to concentrate. It also causes the pet to underestimate the fullness of its possessions when there are a hundred more people who want to attract their attention.

If the pet does not play with all the toys, it is worth finding a new owner for them. A good solution is to hand them over to shelter workers or employees of an animal support foundation.

5. Do you refuse trips, date invitations or meetings with your friends and family because of the cat?

Have you ever refused to go out with your friends saying, “A cat can’t be alone at home”? You make a serious mistake when you set aside your own needs to provide for a cat.

By putting your mum first and even trying to avoid an hour of separation, you give your pet the anxiety of separation and create opportunities to make new friends, visit interesting places, and expand your horizons. Effect? Frisky voluntarily becomes angry and cowardly. Remember that if you leave your pet at home, no tragedy will happen.

Source: koty.pl, Zwierzecy.pl

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