“Wounded Birds” series. 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 abstract. Mary and Levent will spend the night together

Wounded birds“var Another Turkish production that managed to beat the hearts of Poles. The drama series from 2019 on Polish television aired on March 21, 2022, when it replaced the famous soap opera “Elif“.

  • A new offer from the Bosphorus has gathered thousands of loyal fans who are looking forward to its next episodes, despite the short experience.
  • So we present the description and Summary of series 39-42 “Wounded Birds”It will be broadcast on TV from Monday, May 16.

series “Wounded birds“The beautiful Maryam Celik talks about the fate of little Omar, who is like a brother to her. Five years ago, someone left the boy to the girl’s father, and he later decided to look after her. Unbeknownst to Mary, Omar is in fact the son of a wealthy and influential businessman.

Levent is angry that Meryem sleeps in the same room with Omar. This makes him understand clearly, and he does not believe that the girl did it, because the boy has been asking her about it for fear of something lately. Melis watches Hulya at her meeting with Kudret. He can’t believe his sister wants to kill Levent. He demands an explanation from his sister and threatens to tell her everything. At the behest of Asli Huli, Tekin steals his briefcase, which should have been Mary’s trick. In front of her mother, Ayşe again shows herself as Jamil’s fiancée.

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He wants to persuade his daughter to marry Tekin for the sake of Omar. But in order to carry out his plan, he must first find out where the boy is. Levent sees Omar running away from Hulya, and Melis finally manages to save her sister from persecution. She tries to arouse Levent’s interest, but she loses her temper with Mary because her efforts were in vain. He discovers that Tekin’s briefcase has disappeared from his collection of documents and believes that Maryam took it. He is convinced that the girl conspired with Tekin. Meanwhile, Hulya secretly handed over her briefcase.

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Levent blames himself for suspecting Maryam of collaborating with Tekin. He finds out about Ayşe and Jamil’s deal and worries about his girlfriend, who is getting involved in the relationship. Melis wants the whole Metehanoglu family to go to the annual charity party together, and Omar demands that Maryam be there as well. Melis tries to prevent this, but Ulviya finds a way for the boy’s sister to accompany him. Levent is trying to save the company’s employees from layoffs, and Tekin is trying to prevent it.

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Metehanoglu’s family is preparing for the annual charity event where Ulviya ordered a beautiful dress especially for Mary. When Levent sees his daughter in his work, he is amazed at her beauty. When he goes to a party with Omar, his car breaks down.

They decide to have fun in the restaurant and playground for three evenings. Angered by her opponent’s night with Levent, Melis decides to vent her anger. Jamil’s mother sends a gift to the fake bride and Aisha is ashamed of it.

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He gets the address of his daughter’s house from Dogan and wants to use it by asking Maryam for money. Hulya is surprised that Maryam hides her father’s identity from her and decides to meet the man.

Ulviya and Meryem go shopping together and decide to visit Levent in his company. As soon as Melis hears the conversation between Mary and Tekina, she offers the man a deal that will make Levent hate his sister Omar. Mały and Czita find out where Cishka’s mother lives, but it turns out that the woman has moved.

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Episodes 38-42 “Wounded Birds” It is broadcast from Monday to Friday on the Second Channel of Telewizja Polska at 18:45.

The series is worth watching, but late visitors should not worry about not being able to watch their favorite series. Repetition of episodes 38-42 “Wounded Birds” they will appear on TVP 2 every day at 13:15. In addition, Turkish films can be watched on the streaming platform TVP VOD.


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