This could pose a threat to Iga Świątek. Expert does not doubt: “You always have to be careful”

  • – If Bianca Andreescu (who will play pole in the quarterfinals on Friday, editor’s note) plays for her team, Iga could lose in the US Open training camp or against Roland Garros as Roma. life, says Fibak
  • Who can threaten Świątek in the future? Fibak notes, inter alia, 14-year-old Weronika Evald. – The game is very similar to Radvanskaya – she comments
  • Swiatek is like a strong tree that does not sway. The rest of the tennis players are like trees swaying in the wind.
  • Fibak points to the crisis in women’s tennis. – Swiątek’s hit match with Azarenka had a handful of fans and a full spectator on the small men’s arenas – evaluates
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Iga won four tournaments in a row, took a break to catch his breath and added two more victories in Rome. Do you expect to win the fifth tournament in a row?

Of course, this is possible with Igan’s talent, determination and courage. The last two matches showed that Iga does not have the perfect rhythm that he liked in previous tournaments. This is the first outdoor cooking tournament. He always uses his extraordinary skills in difficult moments and earns some important points. It should be borne in mind that competitors are becoming increasingly aggressive. I believe he will win, but it may be more difficult.

Iga admitted that he did not feel perfect on the surface of Rome. Foro Italico courts like to play games. Now the game is with Andreescu, who has returned to his form

Meeting with Andreesku will not be easy. He is a giant and talented tennis player. He was in crisis after winning the US Open, but not as mentally ill as Osaka because of injuries. Now he is in control again, he can hit hard, he moves very well, which is the opposite of Azarenko. I believe that Iga will deal with it.

Two years ago, he could have lost such a poorly organized match, and perhaps smoothly, but now he can wait for the crisis and turn the game step by step.

Iga has always been very brave. I recalled that last year, when Barbara Krejcikova and the Czech girl won the match, Iga survived the worst situation and turned the match in her favor. He has always had this element of courage and bravery. He can take risks and play bravely in difficult moments. This is what distinguishes it in crisis situations.

We all want Iga to have a weaker moment in the less important moments of the season, at best, not in the most important tournaments. Świątek just goes through something like this?

Iga is not the type of tennis player to have a crisis. He always does his best. He is extremely professional. He has an excellent staff that helps him a lot. But it is important to remember that the peculiarity of tennis is that it is often played in different conditions on different continents, and there is a defeat in the primer of this discipline, and Iga is waiting for it. He could lose if he plays the game of Andreescu’s life before Roland Garros, like Roma, in preparation for the US Open, or if Iga doesn’t find his perfect rhythm and feelings against the ball.

Everything looks positive, but of course you should always be careful and if you stumble in Rome, you can comfort yourself with the fact that Igan will have more time to prepare for Roland. Madrid, the most unusual tournament, could be a tournament that Igan could lose, so the decision to leave was very wise.

Who can threaten Igan?

Unfortunately, the biggest danger for him would be an injury, but Iga is a professional. He is well organized and takes care of his health.

What about competitors?

In fact, I do not see such an opponent. Maybe on the faster surfaces of Raduja, as he slowly returns to form from last year’s U.S. Open, as he is also a great talent, and perhaps Cori Gauff, if grown properly, is also a potential opponent for the Iga. and maybe. For Weronica Ewald, at the age of 14, I won the junior tournament at Poznan U18. She plays like Agneska Radwanska, and girls from all over the world competed there. It is important to remember that the difference between a 14-year-old girl and an 18-year-old girl is enormous.

Iga is very strong now, are the rivals so weak?

Today, leaders are in crisis. Iga uses it a lot. There were at least 10 big names around Agneska and we had to win with these stars. Iga is definitely more comfortable. In turn, the girls from the farthest positions in the WTA rankings play better than in Radvanska’s time. In any case, the stars are missing. Aleppo, Azarenka, Muguruza, Kvitova, Pliskova, five big names of women’s tennis collapsed. Among the young tennis players, Sakkari, Badosa, Sabalenka also play check. Iga is such a stabilizer, it is the main support of the headlight. It is like a mighty tree that does not sway. The rest are like trees swaying in the wind.

You talked about the injury and what could be a threat to Igan’s health

Certainly not his sharp, crushing blows, because his idol is Rafael Nadal, who does not play harmoniously like Federer. However, the Spaniard has no elbow injury and I heard ten years ago that he will end his career due to the injury and his only problem is his leg. I recalled, for example, that Bjorn Borg had been expelled from tennis school because he feared that his strange style would affect other children. The trick in tennis is to put the balls close to the line, even from the most difficult positions. Serena Williams could do it, and today her successor Iga Swiątek can play it that way.

Is women’s tennis going through a serious crisis?

There is a lot of competition in men’s tennis. Alcaraz is so Świątek there, but in men’s games he is surrounded only by monsters. Even looking at Foro Italico, Iga is playing a hit game with Azarenka on the Central Court. The world number one is playing with the biggest name of the tournament and the field is empty. On the other hand, we are looking at the second arena, which is smaller and there is no space for the men’s match, another pitch where the men stand and fill up to the last place. Fans know that men have more competition and a higher level. Contrary to appearances, this is good news for Iga. There is no such annoying, dangerous competition and it is a little easier for him to break new records.

Will Iga win in Paris?

Of course, he will be a favorite. The game is undoubtedly the best and, most importantly, moves perfectly on the field. To end the rally with Iga, you need to play a risky ball and he will hit the line. In tennis, movement around the court, maneuverability, speed, small steps are especially important. All this is the domain of Iga Świątek.


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