Rozsierdzona Julia Wieniawa psioczy paparazzi and the media: “How big should you be SPI * RABBIT ?! B * tch, WHY?”

Julia Wieniawa has been on the wave for several years. This has both advantages and disadvantages. The actress has a high position and great wealth, which, of course, allows her to live at a high level. Only recently has the 23-year-old visited Bali, the Maldives and Formentera, as well as the Spanish island. was still receiving a salary.

The main downside of fame is the ubiquitous paparazzi who follow every step Julka. After returning to Warsaw, the dissatisfied star came across a paparazzi. violate traffic rules.

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Viennese were outraged that his latest move was documented and posted on gossip sites. In response, the angry actress picked up the phone and wrote an extensive report on Instastory, complaining about photographers everywhere and disturbing media. they don’t want to leave him alone. A few minutes later, the report was deleted by Instagram.

What a sleepy * brain valley you have to be to take such rude photos of someone … he roared. And then damn people are surprised to have complexes of girls / public figures and plastic surgery. I wonder what this photographer / pseudo-journalist looks like when he is tired / thinking and surprised?

Julka’s account shows that she was excited about the writings about her (and personal arrangements with photographers) disappeared forever.

B * tch, why? he asked. I swear, but I swear that a few years ago, when I was young, it was still very exciting to be on a gossip site, even if someone was interested in me, someone was watching me, took pictures of me, great! But it happened to me very quickly overeatingso to speak, and now this is one of my main things I hate it a lot and I would like to get rid of it. It’s scary, you can’t …

Wieniawa admitted that he had holes in his nose and was forced to look around at every step because he was afraid of paparazzi scammers. According to Julkaya, the intervening “type” followed him forever, capturing the moment of inattention only a few hours later. “he was riding orange.”

No, f * rwa, now Wieniawa will regret for Jesus, yes – he was excited. Do I have such a helpless life to complain … Yes, I have the right to complain. I am a human being, and now I have the right to say that f * rwa is not suitable for me. And I don’t like the type to stand under the block and just waiting for me to go somewhere in the car and watching me until I can take the picture I just drove, for example, in an orange. Suddenly a red light came on and he could later manipulate the article that I was breaking the rules. Kids, find something more exciting to do today.

Famous paparazzi, who received a driver’s license in September last year, do not want to follow him. The 22-year-old is convinced that it is their fault that they drive red or park in a forbidden place.

And it’s not that I’m talking about this article only in the context that I don’t like in these photos.. Believe me, I got worse on this site, but it irritates me that this is probably the third article of its kind, that is, I do not drive on the street. Oh my God, it’s very exciting. I feel really watched while driving, and that emphasizes me, and I’m a fairly young driver, so it’s extra stress. Stop following me, please he added at the end.

Snickers, eat Wieśniawa.

First, they push themselves against the wall, and then they cry because they do not know that fame has its downsides. Eat again every day, you can pay, not us

He was annoyed that someone was showing how he really looked, not like on Instagram. Very short legs and 150 cm in a hat. Sincerely haha.

Fuck your child, go to school or something, no one cares about your arguments

These additions in English: sorry kids and so on. to emphasize his star status … funny.

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Kozidrakova showed your complexes.

Ugly, small and vulgar

A real miracle! There is no photograph of Julia and no signs of constipation.

But she is a vulgar girl …

Allow the child to cool. Go, open a school, read … Because neither acting nor popularity is really good for you. Go on with something else, really.

Hello enemies! We continue with hatred. I don’t have a job, I’m not interested in anything, I don’t have friends, family, acquaintances, no one likes me, they talk about it. Have a wonderful weekend. Sometimes look in the mirror

He must give up alcohol and drugs because he is drowning.

I’m not surprised, the girl still has cramps, how terrible it must be

Oh, Bidula …. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Check what you wrote before publishing. You will write one 23, then 22, 16 at a time.

Oj Wieśniawia, what a dictionary …

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Dear child, as someone wrote … Eat Snickers!

“What a beautiful and long advertisement for the apartment …”

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