Plus optical fiber? Why not, even 1Gb / s

Today we use the Internet almost continuously. Whether you’re watching the latest news, watching a movie on Polsta Box Go or HBO Max, or want to play your favorite game on a console or computer. Therefore, many people want the internet speed to be as fast and stable as possible. Not surprisingly, optical fiber from Plus is becoming increasingly popular.

Fast and stable internet at home is slowly becoming a necessity, not a waste

Would you like to play your favorite game on Thursday and Thursday, but unfortunately not on the disc? Do you play Fortnite online and want to enjoy it as soon as possible? Or maybe you use Internet TV and want to watch a movie in 4K? In each case, the fiber-optic internet will be perfect.

Currently, there is no faster internet for the general public than fiber optic internet. The use of light waves allows you to reach speeds that were not available until recently. Today, many users can enjoy speeds approaching 1Gb / s. This means that downloading large files with games, movies, or using multiple people at the same time is not a problem. This is important, because now even a refrigerator or washing machine can be connected to the Internet, and it does not seem that this trend will slow down. I won’t even mention the vacuum cleaner waiting for you to call.

In addition, different types of services expect us to even have a fast and stable connection to use them effectively. For example, various platforms that offer game streams are conquering the market. If we have fast enough internet, we don’t need a powerful computer or console to enjoy the best game quality. All computing power is offered by the server, and we only connect remotely and often play on the most powerful computers from our weaker equipment. Not surprisingly, virtually everyone who has the ability to change network access and switch to optical fiber wants to take advantage of it.

Until recently, this type of technology was designed only for newly built residential blocks in the largest cities of Poland. But today, more and more people have access to fiber optics. It is also seen in smaller cities, so you can use high-speed internet in a single-family home.

Plus optical fiber? Yes, this network now also offers the fastest wired internet. And it can be very profitable

So, when it is possible to change the Internet provider, it is worth thinking that our house or apartment can be connected to optical fiber. Especially since no big expenses are required nowadays. Subscribing to this type of internet at its own cost is practically no different from the cost we incur for old type of connections. It can be even more profitable when we take advantage of promotions designed for us. Many may be surprised, because Plus was not only connected to the telephone network and subscriptions for voice calls, but also offers the fastest fiber-optic internet.

Plus in min. Selecting a voice subscription for. 50 PLN / month To pay only 1 PLN per month for the first 12 months, it is enough to choose an optical fiber with a speed of 1Gb / s from this operator. On the other hand, people who do not use Plus products and decide to offer optical fiber at speeds up to 1 GB / s will pay a symbolic zloty every month for 6 months.


Plus, it’s worth remembering, because by combining many services as part of a smartDOM program, you can get, for example, mobile internet, fiber optics, TV and electricity from one provider. This will save a lot of money – even 25 PLN per month. for a service. Thus, it may be clear that we will improve not only the speed of our Internet, but also the condition of the wallet. Both those who need a fast network to play online, and those who care about home accounts will be very happy.

High-speed internet will be useful not only at home, but also at work

It is often the same for companies that are more interested in high-speed fiber-optic internet. Many of them store documents in the cloud, have software on external servers, or hold video conferences with employees or contractors. We are also sending more and more information to offices via the Internet, where it is no longer possible to send them on paper. Fast and stable internet is therefore something that allows you to manage your business better. The cost of such a subscription, of course, can be calculated as part of the business. Plus, optical fiber, a phone subscription for employees and ourselves, and a 5G mobile internet connection, all in one invoice, will not only cost less, but will be easier to manage.

So, if we are looking for fiber-optic internet in the near future, it is worth getting acquainted with the offer of the Plus network, which offers many interesting discounts and packages that allow you to enjoy the fastest configuration of the network. low price.

The article was written in collaboration with Plus GSM network

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