Microsoft Teams will update online presentations

Microsoft Teams is a tool that can be used more in times of pandemics. Many universities use it as a tool to communicate with students, conduct classes, and donate projects. Teams are great for meetings at online startups. Personally, I know many people who watch this tool for more than eight hours a day and five days a week. Not surprisingly, Microsoft is working to update the tool and add new features.

Teamsy fought very hard about a year ago. For keeping people at home en masse all over the world. To be honest, I’ve seen a lot of online meeting creation tools, but they’ve left a lot to be desired. However, it turns out that the teams performed really well compared to the competition. Calendars, meeting reminders, desktop sharing, notes are just a few of the many features of this program. It turned out that Microsoft has decided to take care of software users and will soon introduce new products that will delight users. The first changes appeared in the winter of 2020. However, this is not the end. The giant from Redmond has more news.

Microsoft Teams will see a dynamic look in March.

Microsoft announced additional changes to the Teams program a few days ago. According to them, conducting online presentations in a larger group will take completely new forms. Everything is expected to appear in the app in March, but we can now present what this popular, dynamic look will look like on Teamsach now. In general, the idea is to make better use of the screen space. With so many users in the meeting, it doesn’t look elegant or optimal. Even when it turns out that there are more than one presentation or a combination of lectures, it starts to create a bit of confusion.

Dynamic View in Microsoft Commands will use the space on the screen.

The innovation will be that the Team Meeting screen will have space for both presentations and users and their views. In the short term, part of the screen will appear to be related to the appearance of our documents, but next to it will be a place for photos of other users attending the meeting. The new functionality in the teams is also designed to emphasize the point of view of the person delivering the lecture at a given moment. Users who want to talk during meetings using the “raise your hand” function will also be more visible. To be honest, it was very inconvenient now, because part of the conversation had to work.

The first reports of the dynamic look at Microsoft Teams appeared that year.

This is not an unknown innovation. After all, everything had to be formed and functionality had to be improved. After all, today Teams is one of the best tools of the Redmond concern. You might even be tempted to say that this is a company’s showcase. Of course, there will be a moment when people will finally be evicted from their homes and allowed to function as before the pandemic. However, I have the impression that he will not come soon. My friend has already learned that he will spend the next semester in college looking out the Teams window. Therefore, the new functionality will undoubtedly be useful and make the work of many people easier. The change is expected in March 2021.

Microsoft Teams

Of course, as with everything online and the news on Microsoft Teams, there are those who hate it.

Because if there are no teams, then what will happen? There are many supporters of Zoom on the Internet, and they are mostly critical of what Microsoft has to offer. They claim that Zoom has long had these features. However, Teams is not just a program to create meetings. It is a tool that integrates the entire Microsoft ecosystem: SharePoint, Outlook, OneNote, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio and even Azure. There are a lot of connections, and that means we can do a lot with the Teams application. There is a company in the market that has taken a leading position by creating such a hardened ecosystem. Of course, I’m talking about Apple. Also, such a model works very well in an environment where all the tools we need on a daily basis are in one place.

The battle over whether Microsoft Teams or Zoom is the leader is like fighting a slightly better operating system: Windows, Linux, or macOS.

The truth is very mobile and depends on who we ask. It all depends on the target. There are people who don’t like Windows because of stability and security issues. There are users who do not want to use Linux, because many do not work like Windows and, for example, do not have new games. There are also those who run away from MacOS, because it is very airtight and very expensive for them. As you can see, everything depends on the accepted goal. Same with Teamsami. If, for example, we want to have a great tool to manage the students who work at universities, make presentations, write reports, and do diploma work, and we don’t hesitate to pay for it – Teams will be perfect. And there’s no doubt about it, and I’m not a Microsoft fan. I’m also looking forward to a new feature in Teams, and if we look at this app for a while, 2021 could be full of more.

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