Łukasiewicz as a research partner of the Interdisciplinary Innovation 3W Center

The 3W Center for Innovation, established by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, aims to accelerate and facilitate the commercialization of new technologies in the field of water, hydrogen and coal. With the support of Lukasiewicz Institutes and 11 Polish technical universities and colleges, the Center will seek to integrate 3D communities and interdisciplinary compilation of their skills to meet the challenges of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

3W Innovation Center is the implementation of the 3W initiative announced in 2021 by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. The initiative is a response to the challenges of civilization to sustainable socio-economic development. We are talking about issues related to climate and environmental protection, on the one hand, and increasing the competitiveness of the Polish economy on the other. The assumptions of the 3D initiative are also in line with the challenges of the new geopolitical situation.

Assistance in commercialization of inventions

The 3W Interdisciplinary Innovation Center aims to help bring new water, hydrogen and carbon technologies to market. The center will develop potential diagnoses and develop strategies for the development of technology in the field of 3D. It will also offer consulting services.

Eleven Polish technical universities and universities have joined the agreement to establish ICI 3W, including Lukasiewicz, the University of Technology in Poznan, the University of Technology in Warsaw and the academic partners of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

Common areas that combine these solutions, such as water and coal, will be of particular importance. Institutions interested in the commercialization of inventions from the 3W sector will be able to apply to the Center for additional support in the search for partners for commercialization, as well as in obtaining funds. – Announced by Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, President of BGK and initiator of the 3W idea. – All of these activities will affect the launch of many projects that were previously unable to do so.

ICI will support 3W research centers and Polish researchers:

  • to solve water access problems
  • develop ways to use hydrogen in energy conversion
  • creation of innovative technologies related to various forms of elemental carbon: graphene, nanotubes, fullerenes, etc.

ICI 3W will also include application to promote doctoral studies, create 3D-related educational programs and exercises.

Universities have the intellectual and technical potential to develop issues related to water, hydrogen and carbon. We also need environmental integration in order not to compete with each other, and sometimes it happens – said prof. dr hab. Eng. Theophilus Jesionowski, Rector of Poznan University of Technology. – We know that new technologies are expensive, but they are very useful for the further development of economic development. The previous investment will pay interest: the creation of jobs, know-how, as well as the creation of new, environmentally friendly solutions, because it is difficult to forget about climate change.

Support for the best technologies

ICI 3W will support the best solutions in the 3W sector. The members of the center will give feedback on the projects in terms of innovations and compliance with the 3D idea, as well as check that they are so-called. TRL level – level of readiness for technology.

The Interdisciplinary Innovation Center will create a network of new and existing 3W incubators. The center’s goal will also be to effectively support startups and spin-offs specializing in 3D and its applications.

I am very pleased that the Lukasiewicz Research Network, 26 institutes and 4,500 engineers and scientists, can be part of the IGC-led initiative. This is not a typical situation for a bank to mobilize the scientific community for the development of modern technologies, so this is good news for all scientists in Poland – Dr. Peter Dardzinski, president of the Lukasiewicz Research Network, said. – We need to join forces, not compete, so we really hope that at ICI 3W we will form consortiums to present projects that will develop useful technologies for Polish entrepreneurs.

Popularization of the idea of ​​3D

The center is an important element in promoting the idea of ​​3D. ICI will organize 3W, inter alia, workshops, research seminars and conferences that will increase knowledge about 3D initiative and demonstrate best practices.

The Center seeks to raise public awareness of the importance of daily consumer decisions in the spirit of sustainable development. Thanks to innovative 3W technologies, the Polish economy has a chance to accelerate the transition to zero emissions, which will make it more competitive. ICI 3W was created to create a friendly ecosystem that will facilitate the exchange of knowledge, help build relationships and gain support for projects with the highest development potential. The founders also want domestic ideas to win more grants – not only in Poland but also abroad.

3W at ImpactCEE’22

Impact is one of the largest and most influential economic and technological events in Central and Eastern Europe. Along with managers of the world’s largest companies, politicians, regulators, scientists and experts are also present. This year’s edition focused on 3W: “A new model of cooperation between science and business under the 3W initiative.” During the seminars, rectors and university representatives spoke about the upcoming tasks of the 3W Innovation Center.

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