How much should you feed your dog? There are several ways!

Dog owners who truly love their pets want the best life possible for them. Therefore, it is not surprising that many questions arise when we consciously decide to adopt a dog into our home.

People who want to develop and train, even before the dog appears, try to prepare for this stage in the best possible way, and this is the right decision.

Many of the problems that arise when living with a dog are related to nutrition. Should you give your dog raw meat and maybe ready-to-eat food, if so, dry or wet? When we clear our doubts about what to feed the dog, another appears – How much to feed the dog?

Previously, it was thought that it was enough to feed the dog once a day. But it turns out that this is not a good idea. A hungry dog ​​that eats only once a day can eat its food very greedily.

The bowl literally empties after a few seconds and the unbitten ingredient goes into the stomach along with the inhaled air. This is an extremely dangerous event for the dog’s digestive system.

Then the stomach can be wrapped. An enlarged stomach turns – the stomach simply rotates around its axis. Then the gases and nutrients cannot pass from the stomach to the intestines or esophagus. Then the dog has respiratory problems, because the upset stomach puts pressure on the diaphragm. Blood supply to the intestines, liver and kidneys is also blocked, which causes the release of toxins into the dog’s blood.

This is an extremely dangerous phenomenon, and we should immediately go to the vet with our dog as soon as we see that he is trying to vomit, lack of returned content, rapid breathing, acne and flatulence.

In this case, the animal’s life can only be saved by surgery.

Some people choose to feed their dogs once a day, leaving a container full of pets. This is not a good idea because the food is spoiled. Dry food loses its nutritional properties, and wet food, even raw meat, deteriorates.

How do you feed your dog so that he doesn’t go hungry and his stomach works properly?

We need to feed the dog several times a day. How often and when depends on many factors, such as the age of the dog. The dog should eat more often, in small portions.

Children aged 6-8 weeks are fed four to five times a day, from 8 weeks to 6 months 3-4 times a day. When the baby is 7 months old, the daily dose of food can be given in two or more three portions.

If we decide feeding with raw meat Based on the dog’s weight, we need to calculate his daily caloric needs and divide the entire daily amount of food into parts. In the case of dry and wet food, the packaging usually contains the right amount of food for the given weight of the dog. Then we divide only 2-3 grams a day into meals.

Routine also plays an important role in a dog’s life, so it is very important to eat more or less at regular times (for example, after a morning, afternoon and evening walk).

If we have a problem with eating a dog up to three times a day, there are several options to solve the problem.

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A dog that cleans the dishes in seconds may have digestive problems. Therefore, it is worth considering other diets, for example:

  • kula-tastula
  • smell ball
  • smell mat
  • dish that slows down the dish
  • lick
  • kong
  • nutrition during exercise

There are many types of utensils and toys available in the pet food market that can slow down your dog’s eating habits. It’s delicious The food is a toy we pour, and the dog rolls it on the ground and picks up a few pieces of food that fall from the hole in the ball. Olfactory ball and scented mat are toys for dry eating. Among the material they are prepared, they often put wool, dry food, and the dog sniffs it between the folds and fringes of the material, which is very dense on the mat or ball.

This toy also perfectly silences the dog during meals, so it will be perfect after a walk. Lickmata and kong work in a similar way. Lickmata, by contrast, is intended for wet eating or dog paste. Silicone mattress with small gaps and grooves allows you to spread wet food and lick dog food from the gaps.

Licking is another activity that calms the dog and has a calming effect on himTherefore, the cone – a conical, silicone object with a hole for wet eating – is also perfect for this role. Wet food served in both lickmat and Congo can be frozen, thus creating a cool dog food on summer days.

A similar choice is a slow-cooking dish – this is usually a flat, plastic dish with protrusions on the bottom that make it difficult for the dog to pick out balls from dry food or eat wet food at once.

An alternative to the above methods of cooking is also offered feed the dog in training – The owner teaches the dog to obey, gives him orders, rewards the dog for each correctly performed task, gives him a few balls of food. After that, when the dog is called to us from time to time, for example, to reward him for coming, a small amount of food can be given during the walk.

It is also important to remember that every dog ​​is different and everyone has different needs. If you have any doubts about whether we are feeding your dog properly or whether we do it too often or very rarely, it is worth contacting a veterinarian or food specialist.

Attempts to change the dog’s diet should always be made gradually, and we must closely monitor the dog during these changes. It may turn out that our pet has so far refrained from eating part of the usual dishes, and eating during exercise is the greatest delicacy for him.

The key to success is to observe the dog and draw conclusions, because no matter how many dogs there are, there are many ways to live with it … and also, there are many ways to feed it.

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