What is Play’s fixed internet and how does it compare to the competition?

The fixed line is significantly different from the limited Internet. Unfortunately, choosing an operator is not a very simple task. So, let’s check how the Play network offers tariffs in this regard.

Fixed Internet – what is it?

Currently, we divide the Internet into at most two categories: landline and mobile. Mobile Internet is usually the Internet “on the phone” using a mobile operator and a SIM card. It gives us access to the Internet almost anywhere in the world, but it is limited and the speed depends on where we are. There may also be delays.

Fixed line internet only works in the selected area, for example at home (using WiFi). But it is really fast, stable and has a short lag time. And most importantly, it is unlimited, so we can upload as much information as we want. This makes it perfect for online entertainment and broadcasting. Even downloading movies in high quality 4K is not a problem. At work and in distance education, we can expect stability and no delay in conversations and videoconferences. All this gives us a high level of comfort – even if several family members use the Internet at the same time.

This is a fairly simplified description, but it is enough to discuss the landline internet offer in more detail.

Stationary Internet on Play – how much does it cost?

For an indefinite period of time, stationary Internet on Play is available in three different packages, we have different speeds and prices. What exactly does it look like?

Suggestion 1. Suggestion 2. Suggestion 3.
Download speed Up to 150 Mb / s Up to 300 Mb / s Up to 600 Mb / s
Download speed Up to 15 Mb / s Up to 40 Mb / s Up to 60 Mb / s
Router 0 PLN included (installation fee 50 PLN) 0 PLN included (installation fee 50 PLN) 0 PLN included (installation fee 50 PLN)
The duration of the contract indefinite indefinite indefinite
Price 45 PLN per month 50 PLN per month 60 PLN per month

The first offer is the cheapest and, of course, applies to those who use the Internet for such typical everyday use. It’s about watching movies and series, learning and working remotely, or watching other content using streaming services. Good offer for students and slightly less demanding people.

By paying just a few zlotys, we get better performance – 300 Mb / s, which means that even large data packages (for example, modern video games) will take a few minutes to download. Sending data at 40 Mb / s should be useful, especially when we like to broadcast our games. This offer is good for demanding people who do not want to exceed the budget of 50 PLN per month.

We get something we can name for only 60 PLN Full distance. Performance in the form of 600 Mb / s is extremely strong, and in the blink of an eye we will have access to even huge content. We are the first to get access to new games immediately after the premiere. This option will be especially appealing heavy usersthat is, users who need great opportunities.

It should also be noted that Play has an interesting addition for those who like to watch videos. In addition, customers can get PLAY NOW TV with TV BOX decoder. It is possible to choose a special package with 150 Mb / s internet, TV, as well as Viaplay and CANAL + for six months. The cost of such a set is only 50 PLN per month.

Returning to the decoder itself, it’s really interesting. Well, the device works under the control of the well-known Android TV, which is the gateway to many applications. We can also watch TV through playnow.pl and using special mobile applications. It gives the user access to more than 50 TV channels such as Disney, History and Comedy Central. Interestingly, customers can choose a higher package with more than 100 channels.

How does the play offer compare to the competition?

The network claims that Play has the cheapest, most uncertain offer on the market. Of course, we are talking about an offer of 150 Mb / s for 45 PLN. As far as we can tell, in fact, at least where we choose, other operators can’t offer the same terms – and more, we’re talking about unlimited internet.

What about higher offers? Here, too, is worth a look. Only the operators who provided information on the availability of unlimited landline internet are presented in the table below by contract for an indefinite period at the selected location.

To play Orange Netia
Download speed 300 Mb / s 300 Mb / s 100 Mb / s
Download speed Up to 40 Mb / s Up to 50 Mb / s Up to 50 Mb / s
Activation fee 50 PLN 49.99 PLN 79 PLN
Router at a price at a price at a price
Price (per month) 50 PLN 69.99 PLN 60 PLN
panwybierak.pl comparative engine and Klimasa Czesława 37c Street, based on Wroclaw’s location.

As we can see, Play really offers the best fixed line internet offer with an indefinite term contract. I will skip Netia’s offer because the download speed is very low and the price is significantly higher. But the only competition here is Orange. However, for almost the same conditions (the only difference is a slightly better shipping speed), this operator adds almost 20 PLN per month. This is quite a difference.

The article was created in collaboration with the Play network

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