What accessories will work in a cage for a hamster?

Hamsters are small but very active animals. They must be equipped with special accessories for proper development and health. The size of the cage itself is also important.

Hamsters are one of the most purchased pets. However, caregivers often do not realize that it is a rodent that requires daily care and commitment, and above all, it needs proper conditions.

Hamster accessories – cage and its equipment

One of the most important elements when completing a layette for a hamster is choosing the right cage. We often mistakenly think that a small animal will be happy in a small aquarium with basic hamster accessories: dishes, a water bottle, a house and a litter box. In the meantime, this is not the case. Hamsters are very active – they need space, hiding places and attractive toys. In addition, they love to climb, so choosing a traditional aquarium is not the best idea. At least one of its walls should be made of stamens. The minimum dimensions of a hamster cage are 50 × 40 × 50 cm. The larger the surface area, the better. It can be arranged in an interesting way, and thus – provide the animal with better conditions. Therefore, growers recommend that the cage be at least 100 × 55 × 45 cm. The two-story cage works well. Thanks to the extra space, the hamster is not bored and can use different areas. Important accessories for a hamster cage include:

  • food and water containers – attached to the cage;
  • a house for a hamster – houses made of natural materials such as wood or coconut and ceramic work best;
  • running wheel – opinions about it are divided. On the one hand, the hamster needs a large daily training dose, and the wheel provides it, on the other hand – it is likely that the pet will become addicted to it and run away until it dies. If you don’t exercise a lot during exercise, it’s worth watching your hamster;
  • toys for hamsters – bridges, shelters, tunnels, swings, thanks to which the hamster will have a job every day and will keep a good mood;
  • Chewing, vitamins, paw grinding discs – these are also attractions that help the well-being and proper development of the hamster.

Hamsters are not herd animals, they feel good living alone. Therefore, if you plan to have more than one hamster, consider having separate cages or a large cage so that the rodents have separate spaces. Unfortunately, hamsters can fight each other for territory. For this reason, they sometimes kill their opponents.

Accessories for Jungarian hamsters

Jungarian hamsters are small animals – their bodies are about 10 cm long and weigh about 40 g. However, it is wrong to think that by owning them you can get a smaller cage and fewer accessories. The opposite is true. Jungarian hamsters are very active and need a lot of sports and various attractions. Accessories for a Jungarian hamster should be the same as a Syrian hamster, but there should definitely be more toys between them. Jungarian hamsters love different areas with lots of hiding places, tunnels and bridges. Tunnels can be buried in sawdust, which will make them more attractive. Of course, there should be a grinder among the accessories for Jungarian hamsters. A run for the hamster can be arranged outside the cage.

Syrian hamster accessories

Although Syrian hamsters are larger than Jungarian hamsters – about 17 cm in length – they are also quieter than their younger relatives. This does not change the fact that in their situation you should also pay attention to the cage and buy the appropriate accessories for Syrian hamsters. You definitely need a house, tunnels and a gymnastic device, for example, a wheel. The main difference between Syrian hamster accessories and Jungarian hamster accessories is their size. Accessories for Syrian hamsters should be a bit larger. When buying cages and equipment at a pet store, be sure to tell the seller what type of hamster they are designed for. The size of the reel is very important. If its diameter is too small, the rodent will pull its spine while running, which is dangerous to its health and life.

Hamster accessories – prices

The only accessories for hamsters are not expensive – they cost a few dozen zlotys, usually less than 50 zlotys. However, when buying a whole layette for a hamster, you should take into account the cost of a few hundred zlotys. The cage itself is the most expensive, especially if we decide to invest in the best solution for the hamster, ie a large cage and preferably a multi-storey cage. Some hamster accessories can be made yourself to reduce the cost of a bed, such as coconut shells or tunnels made of cardboard rolls for wooden houses or paper towels. It is the responsibility of the guardian to provide the pet with the necessary conditions and appropriate entertainment. Keep this in mind when deciding to buy a hamster.

Main photo source: GK Hart / Vikki Hart / Getty Images

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