Smart solutions for smart business

We are moving towards increasing digitalization. This process was intensified by a pandemic that turned our attention to digital solutions. The EU’s data-driven economy alone will reach an astonishing 289 billion euros by 2025. This creates completely new development prospects for small and medium enterprises – both in Poland. For example, we can observe the development of smart store technology, ie solutions for smart stores. According to a Digital Shopper Relevancy study conducted by Capgemini IT, more than half of retailers believe that store optimization is critical to their business success.

But it is difficult and expensive to act alone. Kaabka’s franchisees are in a better position than sole proprietors who can use the company’s tested solutions. Innovative technologies tested in kaabka Smart, currently operating in ul. Półwiejska in Poznań is designed to improve the work of franchisees and to manage the operation of installed devices intelligently.

– kaabka is one of the most innovative franchises on the market. We are developing local entrepreneurship on the basis of new technologies so that entrepreneurs can easily adapt their businesses to current challenges and better meet customer expectations. The new, smart solutions used at Pabka in Poznan support our franchisors in managing their stores, while also being energy efficient. As a result, we optimize costs and become more environmentally friendly, says Adam Manikowski, vice president of the board and managing director of Jabka Polska.

Żabka tests smart solutions

The unique Żabka from Poznań “connects” with the Smart franchise and sellers and “performs” some activities for them. Flood sensors, automatic temperature measurement in the store, energy consumption measurement and contact with headphones are checked.

Thanks to the headphones, store employees receive messages about possible malfunctions of refrigeration equipment and the need to protect goods, or situations that require human intervention, such as the lack of coffee in a sausage roll or coffee machine and the need to clean these devices. This solution guarantees the full availability of the offer to the customer and prolongs the life of the devices in the store through proper maintenance and operation.

In turn, thanks to the temperature measurement, you can easily adjust the temperature in the store to the current weather conditions, and the ability to create reports for Sanepid will significantly ease the franchisee. Measuring energy consumption allows you to check the correct operation of devices and look for more efficient ways to optimize energy consumption and management in the store. On the other hand, flood sensors detect faults in the refrigeration equipment, the system automatically notifies the service, which guarantees a faster response time of the service team, allows online testing of its effectiveness, and thus reduces costs and downtime. store.

An important goal of the Smart Network project is to increase the security of both franchisees and retailers. The sight system in front of and inside the store and voice messages in front of the store prevent potential thieves. On the other hand, sensors installed outside will automatically alert the guard.

– The solutions used in the store significantly improve its management and allow us to focus on the work we do best, ie sales and customer service. It’s important to build good, local relationships with our customers, says Martha Tołwińska, the store’s franchisee. Poznan Półwiejska, where smart technologies are being tested.

Among other things, the most effective solutions will be selected on the basis of feedback from Franchise and Poznań employees, and in the next stage of the test will be accepted in more stores belonging to this network. This will be another step in the implementation of a franchise-centric strategy, according to which the network will create innovative solutions to help entrepreneurs manage local businesses.

The technology supports kaabka’s franchisees

The solutions used in Poznań’s kaabka not only free up workers’ time, but also allow them to focus on customer service, but are also good for the planet. Thus, the Smart Network project is part of the Bank’s Responsibility Strategy, one of its main directions is to take care of the natural environment, including achieving climate neutrality by 2025 and increasing the level of satisfaction of franchisees with the network. Smart technology is energy efficient and significantly improves the franchisee’s performance.

It should be noted that today Żabka provides all franchisees with advanced technological tools, such as the Cyberstore program, which allows you to manage the store from a smartphone or self-service cash registers. To further increase the security of operations in the market, kaabka also introduced a new collective insurance for franchisees – “Polisa na biznes” as the first chain in Poland. This is a unique initiative, the goal of which is to minimize the risk of business failure in the course of your business – it allows you to cover any financial losses at the end of the partnership.

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