Sky Bridge 721 – 721 meters of excitement between heaven and earth! On May 13, the first tourists will climb the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge.

Marek Dlugopolski

Sky Bridge 721, which will be visited by tourists for the first time on May 13, has long aroused great emotions. – It is a work of engineering art, a unique structure. Not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe, there is nothing like it in the world – says Tomasz Drapal, director of the Dolní Morava Mountain Center. And he hopes for thousands of additional tourists, including from Poland, who want to meet this unusual outdoor building, which stretches high above the valley of the Myski River.

What does the Sky Bridge 721 look like? Excellent. Although it is like an airy thread passing through the eyes of two needles from afar and high – for example, from the Road in the Clouds – it is not so filigree at close range. It looks very solid. The safety of tourists and the giant colossus, which weighs more than 400 tons, is ensured by several dozen ropes, including two strong, sturdy anchored steel poles and a 76-millimeter core that supports the structure.

The entrance to the bridge is located near the Slaměnka mountain house, a few tens of meters from the upper station of the four-seater Sněžník (used by many skiers and snowboarders in winter). It should be noted that the Sky Bridge 721 has one-way traffic. So, to get back in front of the shelter, you still have to walk, for example, a 2-kilometer walk through the “Time Bridge” educational road.

Who can overcome the record-breaking 721 meters? Virtually everyone. What about the children? There are no restrictions on them – neither in terms of age nor height.

Are there any restrictions? – Yes. You cannot enter the bridge with a stroller. It is also not adapted for wheelchair or bicycle access. Dogs, cats and other pets are also not allowed – they remind the owners of the resort Dolni Morava.

Impressive Sky Bridge 721

Walking around in a hurry with an open work structure is a bit exciting. – This is a heart rate of 721 meters faster – emphasize the owners of the resort Dolní Morava.

The phrase “swing” or question hung in the air. – Here, you will no doubt be able to “sustain” the fear of space – on May 8, tourists talked for a moment about the magnificent Sky Bridge 721, which stands for a moment on the green slope of Slamnik and is still closed to visitors, a few dozen. Meters from Slaměnka mountain house. A day later, it was possible to check how the passage went.

However, we realized that the “elegant” steel structure connecting Slamnik (starting point at 1110 m above sea level) and Khlum (end of the voyage – at 1116 m above sea level) is even 95 m above the valley. , the bottom flowing fast Młyński, my heart accelerated a little. Some walkers even noticed trembling legs …

And in the beginning you could really feel a little shaken … But it is also possible that our imagination plays a game on us. One thing was for sure – it suddenly disappeared without a trace. The 1.2-meter-wide path was safe and comfortable, despite the fact that there was only “air” under the feet, except for the metal bars, and the tops of the tallest trees that grew green somewhere in the spring below. Only a few approached the solid fence a little, looking at their feet in fear.

Sky Bridge 721 is certainly a big advantage. First, it is difficult to decide whether to pay more attention to the structure of the pedestrian bridge between the earth and the sky, or to the miraculous prospects that “attack” from all sides. The unique scenery is breathtaking – not only underfoot, but also in Slamnik and Khlum, downhill paths for cyclists, steep slopes of varying difficulty (now, of course, covered with fresh greenery), an unusual path in the Queen’s Śnieżnik clouds and scenic high . You don’t want to leave this hanging miracle …

However, it is worth continuing, because this is not the end of the adventures at the resort Dolni Morava.

Time Bridge – on the path of history

It turned out that the Sky Bridge 721 is not just about unusual scenery and sudden adrenaline rush.

Thomas Drapal says somewhat mysteriously, “This is also the Bridge of Time.” – Thanks to him, we can get acquainted with the protective spirit of this wonderful place, as well as discover the secrets hidden in the mountains around Dolny Morava.

Overcoming these 721 meters, we go back to the past, to the 1940s, and thus to the not-so-distant but very interesting times.

There is no large ski station on the slopes, elegant hotels and restaurants, four-seater seats, impressive road in the clouds, three-kilometer scenic Mamont mountain railway, Mamont Water Park, Sand World, Forest. The mighty 13-meter mammoth, which is the guardian of the Adventure Park or even all these attractions, and at the same time entertains and teaches the little ones … This world will be created only in a few decades.

So what will we find behind the Time Bridge? A scenic two-kilometer road, a colorful story, several decades of shelter, as well as a game with elements of augmented reality. This new old world helps us discover a 16-year-old local boy as he presents his family’s intricate and fascinating history against the backdrop of the history of the Czech Republic. He will take us back to the years by opening the time book: 1938, 1945, 1948, 1968, 1989, 1993, 2000 …

“By walking slowly along the scenic path and solving the tasks we need with a smartphone with Internet access, we will be able to return to the present day, to the Slaměnka shelter,” recalls Anna Gruszczyńska from CzechTourism.

How to get to the lower station? We can, of course, go downstairs, use a four-seater chair or go for an interesting walk on the Mamont roller coaster …

Sky Bridge 721 – prices

There are no more tickets on May 13, the official opening day. How to get tickets for the remaining days? The easiest way to get them is online, and you can also get them from the self-service kiosk at the entrance to the Sky Bridge 721.

How much will it cost us to join the elite group of those who crossed the world’s longest bridge?

Sky Bridge 721 without access via cableway

  • 350 CZK (66-67 PLN) – adults
  • 245 kroner (46-47 PLN) – children (from 3 to 14.9 years old)

Climb up with Sky Bridge 721 and a wing car

  • 575 crowns – adults
  • 400 kroner – children

The Sky Bridge 721 and the wing car are moving up and down

  • 880 crowns – adults
  • 610 crowns – children

Sky Packages

  • 880 crowns – adults
  • 610 crowns – children

The package includes a seat, access to Cloud Road and Sky Bridge 721

Sky Package Extra

  • 1105 kroner (209-212 PLN) – adults
  • 765 kroner (143-145 zlotys) – children

The package includes an upper and lower seat, access to Cloud Road and Sky Bridge 721

Sky Bridge 721 – the longest bridge in the world

On May 13, Sky Bridge 721 will officially become the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge. Engineering stones, for example:

  • 567 meters Nepal Banglung Parbat,
  • 516 Arouca – Located on the Paiva Gorge in the Portuguese municipality of Arouca,
  • The 494 m Charles Kuonen Bridge is located on the Dorfbach River Valley in the Swiss Pennine Alps.
  • 458-meter “pedestrian bridge” in German Elbingerode
  • A 430-meter-high glass structure 300 meters above the ground in China’s Zhangjiajie National Park,
  • 408-meter bridge on the Austrian island of Reutte.

The pearl in the crown of Dolni Marava

Thus, you will find yourself in the book of records, not only in the Pardubice region of the Czech Republic, but also in the group of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe.

It is about 250-350 km from Krakow and Little Poland and takes 3 to 4.5 hours by car. So the weekend is the perfect place to run, preferably with an overnight stay. Sky Bridge 721 – the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, the pearl in the crown of Dolni Morava and the only such engineering work in the world – awaits its conquerors!

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