Online installment shopping for ID cards

Various promotions and New Year discounts will start in stores soon. However, we do not always have enough money to buy anything. For this purpose, it is worth using installment purchases available in many stationary and online stores. Today we focus on online shopping. What does the process look like when shopping in installments without leaving home? We recommend!

Installment purchases are simply installment loans (consumer credit) can be used to purchase any material resources. Usually, you only need an ID card to get it, although you may also need a certificate of income from your employer for a higher purchase amount. The ID card itself should be sufficient when buying parts online, as banks and credit companies require a minimum of paperwork.

The repayment period for installment loans is from several months to several years – depending on the value of the purchased object and the financial institution. The maximum amount of the obligation is even a few tens of thousands of zlotys. Buying in installments is very simple. All you need to do is choose a product available in a stationary or online store with the possibility of partial payment and complete the required application yourself or with the help of a consultant. After confirming the application, the bank or credit company will pay for our purchases and we will pay this amount in monthly installments. Their amount depends on the loan amount, maturity and costs associated with the installment loan (if the loan is interest-bearing, you must pay interest in installments, and if it is 0% installment, only the borrowed amount must be repaid).

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What can you buy in parts online?

Online shopping has become commonplace for many. You can buy almost everything online – from everyday items and groceries to cars, furniture, real estate and various services. If you want to buy parts online, you should keep in mind that not every online store has such an opportunity, ie each store does not have a contract with the bank that will provide the loan. But in most of them, especially in those popular and large stores and shopping platforms, you can find such a financing option. You can buy home appliances and electronics, such as new washing machines, refrigerators, laptops, smartphones, televisions, home theaters or quality cameras, including furniture and interior items, music equipment, jewelry, sports equipment, and even clothing and accessories. shoe. If you want to buy more expensive things or vehicles, it is worth using a traditional cash loan.

Who can benefit from the installment loan?

When planning your online shopping in parts, you should first find out who can use them. The requirements for the borrower are not great. This solution is designed for people with a permanent source of income – the type and form of its receipt is determined by the bank that finances it. In addition to wages under employment contracts, civil law contracts (contracts or mandate contracts for specific jobs), pensions, pensions, or stipends are often accepted. An additional criterion is to check the creditworthiness of the person applying for an installment loan in the database of the client’s debtor, ie in the RIC, ie in the Credit Information Bureau. The purpose of this procedure is to obtain information about current and historical debts and payments and to check whether the customer is solvent and able to pay the monthly payment of the obligation.

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Installment purchases – what documents are required?

In most cases, the only document required when issuing an installment loan will be an identity card. All information about the amount of income and the employer must be filled in on your own in the loan application. In some cases, your bank may require you to send a bank statementfor example, to show your earnings for the last three or six months or a certificate of earnings from your employer. This occurs when a financial institution has doubts about a customer’s creditworthiness. Therefore, the most important thing is that the customer must have a valid ID card.

How much are online installment purchases?

It all depends on the institution that provides the installment loan. More and more online stores offer 0% installment shopping. What does this mean? This is a loan with an APR of 0%, so such an obligation does not involve the payment of any additional credit costs, such as interest or commission. Thus, it is worth using this option to return the borrowed amount to the bank. In addition, some stores offer several free installments, which will reduce the amount of purchased products. So, online shopping in parts can be not only convenient, but also cheap! However, it is important to remember to pay in installments on time, as any delay in payment may be due to the calculation of penalty interest. However, if the store does not offer purchases with a 0% installment, it is necessary to pay attention to the interest rate on the installment loan. The higher it is, the less profitable the offer.

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