“I fell in love 20 years ago. Today I have a husband, adult children, and I still think that if … “- Real life

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The story I want to tell happened more than 20 years ago. Why do I remember now? Due to my health problems, I went to a sanatorium in Lądek Zdrój, a frog jumped from Śnieżnik … Memories came to life.

At that time, I was a geography student, and I loved the mountains and everything connected with them. Every year during the summer holidays, we went to hiking camps with the whole package At that time, I was in love with my friend Hubert from the neighboring faculty. He was the one who infected us all with mountain love. I met him at a college party. I fell in love with his eyes – sometimes blue as the sky above the mountains, gray as rain clouds at other times; in a slightly raspy voice that sounds very nice in a tourist song.

Hubert played the guitar so well that I could listen to him for hours. I’m not alone. At least a few girls have always been in love with my bride. After a while, they ran away from work, and I became more and more involved. Platonic unfortunately …

Hubert always he joked that his wife was playing the guitar, and had no relationship with any girl. I remained faithful to my love. Hubert and I loved each other very much, so I secretly hoped that our friendship would grow over time.

I suffered when I looked at them

I have a sense of humor and a cheerful disposition, which has always made me a friend. I agreed with both with girls and boys. He is ready to help everyone and comfort everyone. Years later, when I analyzed that period, I came to the conclusion that girls like me are unlucky in love. Everyone treats them as friends not like a girl to be loved.

But at that time I was not worried and, of course, it was not a problem. Over time. Especially until Magdusia appears on the horizon. He studied Polish philology, and I don’t know how he got on the train that took us to the łodzko valley. Probably someone offered to travel together. Although I did not know that he would become my opponent, I did not like him at first. Because I never doubted that Hubert would like this mimosa.

I must admit that she was beautiful – black-eyed blonde, but at the same time a kind of confused, groaning. Terrified, I imagined what he would start to put on the trail. He didn’t suit us, tough guys and tough guys! In the meantime – to my amazement – the exact opposite happened. Magdus was instilled by boys, including Hubert, with a kind of protective instinct.

I was angry. The other girls didn’t like him either. Others, especially the ugly sex, not only did not anger him, but even helped him. From virgin storms, cliffs, darkness, bats, spiders, and a hundred thousand other things. He did not know how to cook, it was difficult for him to even spread a sandwich, he did everything by the grace of a porcelain doll. The boys felt sorry for him, they competed to help each other, and although they joked with him, they were kind.

Magdusia himself considered himself a creature created for a higher purpose than preparing breakfast or dinner. He loved to read poetry and could discuss it with Hubert for hours. Unfortunately, it was not my horse, so I could not join the discussion.

I waited patiently for Hubert to lose consciousness. How many times can you hear the moaning, the pain in the legs, the blisters, the heat or the cold, the thirst, and he will probably never reach the shelter. It turned out that you can. Hubert carried Magdusi’s backpack, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and grabbed his hand on the more difficult part of the road. And, worst of all, he wouldn’t let go even when the road was straight. Black despair overwhelmed me!

My Hubert – I always thought of him that way – was completely stupid. Although I was very pleased to push this silence down the hill, to scratch it a little, I smiled at him and even helped him when needed. But my heart was crying. Of course, I chose to compete with the guitar, not with Magdu. I still don’t know what fascinated him so much about him. I never complained, it was never too hard, too far away, too hot. But it seems that real women are different …

I do not know what overwhelmed me then

The worst happened In the mountain hut in Śnieżnik, one of my favorites. We sang and talked by the fireplace until nightfall. We all had to sleep in one room. Hubert, of course, put the mattress next to Magdusia’s mattress. We were tired, so we left quickly. When I returned for her, I put my shirt by the fireplace, Hubert and Magdus kissed best. I wanted to despair.

In the middle of the night, a devilish thought came to my mind. Everyone was asleep except me, snoring non-stop. I saw that Magdusia had somehow changed the bed, and there was a gap between her and Hubert. Without thinking, I moved there quietly. I opened the sleeping bag a little and slowly took Hubert’s hand and put it on my stomach. I turned my back on him so he wouldn’t know. I’m very ashamed of what I did today, but that summer night something caught me, some envy, jealousy.

In the dark, I found his fly, put my hand in it, and began to caress it. It didn’t take long, and I felt Hubert’s hand on my chest. At first she stroked slowly, then hardened, and finally slid her hand down … I dreamed about it for a long time, although maybe I didn’t even imagine our first sexual intercourse. I will never forget those caresses, those excitements.

Then I went back to my place by the window and I did not sleep until the morning. For the first time in my life I saw the sunrise in Schneijnik.

The mountain house is twenty minutes from the summit. I went there, sat on a rock and thought for a long time. Before returning to the shelter, I laid the stones in the shape of a heart. For at least a time, it was customary for anyone who reached the top to make a large inscription in stone with the name of his city. I chose to regulate my heart.

A few days When I saw Hubert, I felt hopeless With Magda. I don’t know if there is anything between them. After that we settled in rooms, girls separately, boys separately. So I had to put up with Magda’s friendship, as if she liked me. I didn’t see him again after the holiday, once it seemed to me that he was looking at the tram, but I did not want to come. and see if it is. I know they weren’t together later, and I never asked Hubert about him.

The next year we went to Gorge together – without Magdusia – and parted ways … We finished our education and went in different directions. For many years I did not know what happened to Hubert. I tried to erase it from my memory, but I couldn’t. Apparently, he was hiding in a desert, doing research.

I found him on Facebook a year ago. He hadn’t changed much, just kept his beard. I did not send him an invitation. I thought he would find me if he wanted to. I got married to a colleague from work, I have almost two grown children. I’m happy in my own way, yes, but not crazy. I love my husband, but the memories are stronger.

Janek doesn’t like mountains and doesn’t feel good there. That’s why I haven’t been to the mountains since university. And sometimes I just think that if …

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