“Hotel Paradise 5”: Oliwia on Cuba’s behavior after returning to Dominica: “It gives me emotional distrust”

Olivia has a grudge against Cuba that she ignored her for Dominica when she returned to Hotel Paradise. It also sticks a pin to other participants! What did he write?

Olivia Dominika commented on how she felt when she returned to the “Paradise Hotel” and was not happy when she approached Cuba during the “Paradise Hand”. The participant’s behavior disappointed him:

After the last move, Cuba ignored me and went to the Dominican Republic, where I no longer trusted him, although I wanted to rebuild them because I wanted to – he wrote on Instagram.

He also harshly described the behavior of the participants he thought he would trust. He called their actions “very dirty and rude.” Look at Oliwia’s bitter introduction.

“Hotel Paradise 5”: About Olivia’s relationship with Cuba after returning to Dominica

Oliwa and Cuba flared up from the first day they were together, almost in a “hotel paradise.” Their growing ties were severed by the appearance of Dominica. When the participant suddenly had to leave the “Hotel Paradise”, Cuba decided to pair up with Oliwia again, which shocked everyone because of the tension between them. About how to deal with Dominica. The girls shared a garden and even called themselves friends. To the amazement of the audience, Olivia and Cuba decided to have sex with Hotel Paradise shortly after Rajski Rozdań, where Dominica was expelled. Olivia did not regret having sex with Cuba at the Paradise Hotel, and explained that she has the right to fight for her happiness, especially when Dominica is not on the show.

Unfortunately, this situation did not last long. Dominica returned to Hotleu Parasdise to the surprise of both Olivia and Cuba. The participant became confused, and this made Olivia realize that having sex between them could not affect the participant’s next decision. In addition, there was tension between the girls. The audience did not understand why Dominica blamed Olivia, not Cuba, for everything. Although Olivia came to Cuba during the “Paradise Hand”, they noticed that she did not enjoy it:

But you were probably not sure of your choice, you did not see the same happiness as in the previous Rajski. Maybe I’m not so sure, because my heart was happy, but you were afraid of the uncertainty of Cuba – wrote a fan, Oliwia decided to answer.

Matt. Leaves Hotel Paradise

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Olivia admitted that she had lost faith in Cuba’s treatment of Dominica. He could not be sure that if the two of them stood behind him during the “Paradise Hand”, he would not have to pack his suitcases at home:

Yes, at that time I was not happy at all, because the work in the hotel was going on. I couldn’t be sure it would be good. The only thing I could do was take a risk and still be with Cuba in a calm, uninterrupted way. Then I gave him a lot of time to think, because I know it wasn’t for him either. But I’m not stupid either. (…) After the last move, Cuba ignored me, and when he went to the Dominican Republic, I no longer trusted him, although I wanted to rebuild it, which was important to me, but the tango takes two. Therefore, my vague behavior and speech, why in “Rajski” in this way, is no different. Stress was related to the whole situation in the same way, although I tried not to see that I was bad with it, what was happening and the emotional uncertainty that Cuba gave me, that I needed any support. unfortunately none.

Olivia, about Cuba's behavior at the Paradise Hotel

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Olivia does not hide that she was disappointed with the behavior of other participants of the Hotel Paradise, with whom she previously shared her emotions:

Being there, I felt that there were many things around me. Who is talking to whom and how. Although, the only thing I didn’t notice was that they were doing very bad and rude things to the people I trusted behind my back. But this is a different pair of slaves. At that time, I was analyzing many things in my mind.

Do you think that Cuba and Olivia will be able to get out of the crisis after the program and have a chance to be together?

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Matt. Leaves Hotel Paradise

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