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Many residents, as well as builders building new facilities in the city, are attacking this heat supplier to connect to the municipal heating system. “There is great interest in connecting to the municipality’s heating network,” he said Paweł Kupczak, MPEC President at Nowy Sącz. – I do not think it has happened since the company was founded.

In recent years, many residents of Nowy Sącz have decided to install gas heating in their homes to save money. Until recently, gas prices were relatively low and could even compete with other energy sources. Some institutions have decided to take such a step.

After the recent sharp rise in gas prices, gas heating is almost not profitable. Some residents, as well as organizations with such stoves, are looking for alternative solutions to reduce CO costs by connecting their homes and buildings, including utilities, to the municipal heating network.

“Indeed, we see great interest from potential buyers to connect to the municipal heating system,” he said. Kupczak. The head of the municipal company, which provides heat to many buildings in the city, must agree. Exactly – it should be …

However, the problem is that the Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej in Nowy Sącz has an investment limit set for the year that can be implemented in the city. And the processing power adapted to it. What does this mean for potential new customers who want to use heat from the municipal heating network?

– The scale of interest is a big surprise for us – adds the head of the municipal company. – And it significantly exceeds our processing capabilities. For example, a few years ago Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki built new heating networks in the city of Cieplnej with a length of 300-400 meters. In 2020 and 2021, we built two thousand running meters of the network. We even surpassed this figure last year. And I must say that this is the peak of our capabilities now. It is not about modernizing the network, but about building new connections.

The new connections in the city are fully funded by MPEC.

We asked the President of MPEC how many meters the network should be built to meet the needs of potential buyers who want to become buyers of thermal energy provided by the company.

– The interest for this year is at the level of six thousand meters – explains President Kupchak. – So far, the company does not have the capacity to build so many meters.

Both potential individual buyers and owners of individual houses, as well as builders who make various investments in the city, primarily in the construction of apartment buildings, are interested in the company, trying to connect to the municipal heating network.

– Now, if someone is building a building, he should take into account that a number of documents, including the connection of the building to the heat source (or gas or the building is connected to the municipal heating network – MPEC), should be taken into account when inspecting the building. If someone does not have a contract with gas workers, he is doomed to join our network or postpone the investment in time, the president explains. Kupczak.

Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej plans to build another 2,000 meters of heating network in Novy Sącz this year. After recapitalizing the city this year, it earned more than 400,000 zlotys, which will be used to build new parts of the network.

Now what about the long queue of potential heaters from MPEC?

“We immediately agree with a man who is determined to use the municipal heating network and whether he is in danger this year,” said President Kupczak. – We ask the interested person if he has a project, for example, if he has all the permission to go through someone else’s plan or plot. We also put applicants on the reserve list. There are people who want more every day., photo: MPEC in Nowy Sącz.

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