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NoveKino Przedwiośnie invites viewers to watch the interesting comedy “Boscy”. On the big screen, you will also be able to read the story of the Arsonists. The film “I – William” is waiting for guests from Ukraine.


From May 13, NK Przedwiośnie presents a brilliant comedy with an excellent cast, where you will see Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas in the lead roles.

“Boscy” (subtitles) – Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, on the big screen again! This time in a bright and razor-sharp comedy about the world of cinema and all the sins of show business. The image of “Divine” was included in the Main Competition of the 78th Venice International Film Festival and immediately attracted the attention of distributors around the world. The eccentric millionaire decides to make a film that will make history. To do this, use the best of the best. Therefore, the director’s chair is also known as the controversial Lola Kuevas (Penélope Cruz), who is a real legend in his profession in the main roles in the film. His choice falls on Hollywood lover Felix Rivero (Antonio Banderas) and theater icon Ivan Torres (Oscar Martínez). The point is that although both men have won everything in their respective categories, they suffer from selfishness and, to put it mildly, do not love each other very much. In order to get acquainted with Lola’s amazing ideas, high-level actors will have to find a common language and face the legacy of their careers. The only question is the famous “Camera and … action!” Which of them will stay on the battlefield when it is first sounded?


The second premiere is “Inflammatory”. A new adaptation of Stephen King’s best-selling best-selling book, Firestarter, presents a girl named Charlie McGee with a rare gift, pyokinesis or shooting. This unusual ability is a great danger for the girl. Her parents are doing everything to make her live a normal life.

For more than a decade, Andy (Zach Efron) and Vicky (Sidney Lemmon) have been trying to escape and hide Charlie (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) from a federal agency that wants to use the girl’s unusual gift to produce weapons of mass destruction. Andy taught Charlie how to release energy from anger or pain.

When Charlie turned 11, it became increasingly difficult to control the fire. When the family’s location is accidentally discovered, an agent (Michael Greyeyes) is sent to track the family and catch Charlie. The girl has completely different plans.

Bajkoranki – Animal Games

On May 14 and 15, the cinema invites you to the screening of the family film “Animal Games” (dubbing) as part of the series “Bajkoranki”. After the performance, the games and activities will be led by the animators of the Form Many Theater. Tickets cost 15 PLN. The demonstrations will take place at 11:00.

Pet Games – Innate optimist Daisy dreams of winning a big competition for “the scariest animals in the world.” The problem is that between the hamster and the kangaroo, the cross-shaped guokka is a favorite mammal, it has little chance of competing with the largest and most dangerous predators on the planet. But what about stubbornness and loyal friends. To accomplish the impossible, Daisy will begin a difficult exercise under the watchful eye of an old master, Frankie. By training with strength, agility, and intelligence, he will do everything he can to prove to the animal kingdom that his fighting spirit and medal chances should not go hand in hand with muscles, a threatening appearance, and the length of his mouth, paws, or tail. .

Touch cinema – This is not a hurry

NoveKino in Płock, in partnership with the Przedwiośnie Help Autism Foundation, invites you to the next show as part of the “Share-Based Cinema” on Sunday, May 15, at 10:00. An animated film “To nie wypanda” (dubbing) will be shown in the cinema as part of the upcoming screenings.

– We invite young spectators from the autism spectrum and their guardians to film screenings dedicated to them. We invite other spectators who want to take advantage of such adapted performances, as they have difficulty in perceiving the world around them. Sensor-friendly sessions are for all those who do not like high noise, have difficulty sitting for long periods of time, or are visually sensitive – encourages NK Przedwiośnie.

“It’s Not In a Hurry” – In Disney and Pixar, we meet Mei Li, a thirteen-year-old self-confident schoolgirl and an ideal, problem-free daughter. However, the period of adolescence will turn the girl’s hitherto regulated world into complete chaos. Extremely protective, even if he doesn’t intervene, Ming’s mother stays with him, which adds to the teenager’s frustration. And as if that wasn’t enough, every time Mei feels strong emotions (which is ALWAYS ALWAYS), she turns into a giant … red panda!

Film Meetings – Greater than us

On Monday, May 16, at 18:30, the film “Bigger Than Us” (subtitles) will be shown in the cinema at the “Film Meetings”. Tickets cost 15 PLN.

“Bigger than us” – Aged 18-25, changed laws, built schools, mobilized thousands of women, men and children. Young people around the world have the courage to dream, to experiment, and to do what is important in life when everyone and all institutions fail. What if they are the ones who understand it best? LISTEN TO YOUNG PEOPLE!

I am William

On Thursdays at 14:00 NK Przedwiośnie invites you to demonstrations for the youngest spectators and their guardians from Ukraine to Płock. The repertoire will include animated and family films with Ukrainian dubbing. Free admission.

Cinema “NOVEKINO EARLY” once in Ukraine. Requested for film screenings on Thursdays of the year. 14:00 The repertoire will include animation and simey Ukrainian films. The entrance is seamless.

12.05.2022 – 14:00: I – William / I William – Ukrainian dubbing
dir. Jonas Elmer, Denmark (Denmark) 2017/82 ‘

William respects himself nevdahoyu, and zhittya postiyno kidae yomu wiklik. Flint must sing, to be strong and secretive, and to share, to come to the warehouse.

William is the key, good luck, good luck, good luck to you. Мама перебуває в ликарні и не може пиклуватися про нього, тому Вильям потрапляє до іншлаНго містечкрадлаНго мишидечкрадлаНго мишидечкраншлаНго мишидечкрадлаНго містеч U novomu misti do нього чипляється троє розбишак, а дядько потрапляє в серйозну халепу: maє velichezni borg u qriznoq gangstera і muzty yogo negano splatiti. Insecure situation? Yes! Providence is also a prescription, and you only need to beat them, and sometimes you are angry for the tail. An insignificant approach to a small handkerchief with a domestic gangster drive and malim-velikim igerroєma.

The repertoire still includes:

  • adventure film “Dr. Strange in the world of madness” – in two versions: with dubbing and subtitles. Avengers: After the Endgame events, Dr. Stephen Strange continues to fight evil. This time he will meet his former friend Mordo;
  • “Fucking Bornholm” – A group of friends and children go on a traditional trip to the Danish island of Bornholm for a long weekend. An incident between children will cause a wave of crisis in their relationship. Every couple looks happy, but is it really so? Do they live by appearance?
  • “Pet Games” animation (dubbing) – Daisy, a natural optimist, dreams of winning the “World’s Most Terrifying Animals” contest. The problem is that the hamster and the kangaroo are unlikely to compete with the largest and most dangerous predators on the planet, as they are the favorite mammal of the cross-shaped guokka. But what about stubbornness and loyal friends. ;
  • animation “Sonic 2. Fast as Lightning” (dubbing) – Sonic and his friends must prevent the evil Doctor Robotnik from taking over the world. To do this, they must find a magic emerald;
  • animation “It’s not in a hurry” (dubbing) – Teen Mei suffers from a certain disease, turns into a red panda when very excited.

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