Boris Becker received erotic magazines from coaches. He was 17 years old at the time

This year, Friday, April 29. Boris Becker was sent to the Wandsworth Correctional Facility in South London. The legendary tennis player was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison for hiding his property. BILD columnist Franz Josef Wagner has no doubt: Boris Becker betrayed himself.

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Boris Becker: The star that used to be in the sun has gone out

I never thought that the story would end in a 6.5-square-meter cell in prison. Why didn’t life turn out the way he could? I want to tell you about an extinct star that was once the sun.

Boris looked completely different from today. It looked like a milky Nutella, When he was interviewed the day after his first Wimbledon victory in 1985. His facial features have changed so much in 37 years that the child of that time is no longer recognized.

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I didn’t need to shave yet. He did not have a driver’s license. He had never kissed a girl before. He did not have a high school diploma. When coaches and managers saw Boris looking at girls, they put erotic magazines on their beds – Playboy and Hustler. He was enlightened.

It was very easy to talk to Boris. He was, no doubt, skeptical. He has not yet felt a change in his life. The day after winning at Wimbledon, he did not know that there was almost no traffic on German highways when he played.

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Boris Becker (Wimbledon, 1985)

17-year-old Boris Becker received erotic magazines from trainers

I believe that love changed Boris because his childhood was not happy. When he was eight years old Everyone laughed at him for being an awkward boy. Leimen had to play with the girls at the tennis club. He failed the Baden Tennis Association performance test.

How does a boy deal with a sudden heroism? To be loved by everyone, to fly a private plane, to own an apartment in Monte Carlo? There was a tennis match at the White House. I was there as a correspondent. The rotor of the helicopter could be heard. Nancy and Ronald Reagan came out. They hugged Boris. My Boris moved away. Everywhere he looked, everyone loved him. The girls fainted. Adopted by the Federal President.

While Boris and I were standing in front of his house in Munich, Babs came by taxi. Hermes, with ten shopping bags from Gucci. Boris said:

When did everything go wrong? When did Boris lose his leg? I remember going with him from Monte Carlo to Nice. Passed over the curves. I shouted:

Boris replied:

Boris created another world. At the age of 17, he touched the stars and thought he would own them forever. Once upon a time there was a boy, today he is in prison. For me young Boris is not in prison. This is the imprisoned Boris Becker. Young Boris betrayed.

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