About Cymansky Glapinsky: The accusations that he is an incompetent boy are ridiculous

In a morning interview with RMF FM, Tadeusz Cymanski announced that Solidarna Polska would support Adam Glapinski’s candidacy for the NBP presidency. “It is very important that the president of the National Bank of Poland is a reliable, proven person and that he has good relations with the president, the prime minister and various political forces. (…) I have known Adam Glapinski for 25 years since AWS, and he is very good. ” “His great mistake does not exclude him as a president, a man with powers contrary to the opposition. You may not agree with him, but the accusations that he is an incompetent boy are ridiculous, “added Robert Mazurek’s guest.

Cymanski also commented on the progress of the PiS parliamentary club’s visit yesterday. Everything was very well received, the club was held, it was simple, in fact, it was traditional, it was mobilizing – The deputy described.

The politician also said that the law on the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court should be adopted next week. Adoption of the amendment to the independence test will cause extraordinary confusion and the danger of thousands of cases and great confusion, so Solidarna Polska will not agree with it, but I think we will agree. There will be white smoke next week and the bill will be passed, KPO will be resolved He announced.

Judges’ property declarations must be open. I’m trying to understand why Kristyna Pawlowicz keeps it a secret. This is a mistake. I am completely surprised and amazed by this and I evaluate it very negatively. is bad. This is a strange attitude, especially for judges. How do you explain this to people? How do I explain this fact to people, dear Christina? – Solidarity Polska politician Tadeusz Cymanski said in the Internet part of the morning conversation on RMF FM.

Robert Mazurek asked Cymanski if he knew why the judge of the Constitutional Tribunal kept his property declaration secret. I don’t know, maybe for some reason he didn’t do it at the highest level, but he did it emotionally because others demanded it. Even people in such important positions may have different, sometimes low, shallow motives. I do not know the reasons. I can apologize to anyone who is disappointed with this fact – Cymanski said.

The Polish politician was also asked if his party had ever made a mistake. I think we did not object to the conclusion of the Polish deal. It was possible. We had doubts then, but we made a mistake because we had to say ‘no, calm down, let’s wait’. We could do it. It is very easy to criticize after the fact, mistakes are made only after time. Sometimes a person does not see that he is wrong, but later he sees that he is wrong. There were such things – Cymanski said. I don’t know, we are not mistaken now, we have been blocked for so long and have doubts, because we are not perfect. But Solidarna Polska was right on this extremely important issue. We said: The union will use it and did – the politician added.

Robert Mazurek, RMF FM: The main thing was that you attended the meeting of the PiS club yesterday, it was not clear all day, because yesterday was the 75th anniversary crisis in the coalition between Solidarna Polska and PiS. This year 75.

Tadeusz Cymanski, Solidarity Poland: Delicate provocation.

This is not a provocation, you have been blackmailing each other all day.

no I speak for myself. Maybe someone hesitated. In the end, everything went very well. The club was held, it was simple, in fact, traditional, and I think it was primarily a mobilization.

Let’s determine the most important. Will you vote for Adam Glapinsky today?

Of course.

Do you have any doubts?

I even have doubts about myself. A person at such times is certainly ridiculous and strange. There are different types of doubts, but this is not to shake the feeling of supporting the candidacy.

Why Glapinski? Because the president and PiS want it?

It is very important that the President of the National Bank of Poland is a reliable, tried and tested person and that he has good relations with the President, the Prime Minister and various political forces.

Isn’t it a coincidence that it is very important for him to be a person with universal respect, experience and independence?

I think this is impossible in the Polish reality, in the Polish-Polish war. Whoever it is. If there is no one from outside the whole political world … But Polish politics is real, here you train with these people every day … And I also have the advantage that I have known Adam Glapinski from AWS for 25 years and he is very good.

The Lord has no doubt. Adam Glapinski is the best possible.

I don’t know if he is the best.

It is a small matter for him to say that he will not raise interest rates and then increase them.

This is no small matter.

What is this?

This is your mistake, sir, the most prominent representatives of the Bank of Britain have endured it … Editor, fair.

To be fair, I defend Glapinsky against unjust accusations. On the other hand, when the president of the bank is one hundred percent sure that he will not raise interest rates and we are not threatened with inflation, we are threatened with more deflation, ie falling prices, which is bad for the economy and so on. confused.

Maybe someone will judge it like this, and I accept this note, and I did not like it. His lack of prophetic merit and his many mistakes do not turn him against the opposition as a president, as a competent man. He is a professor, he knows, I have listened to him many times in the State Finance Committee, I can disagree with him, but the accusations that he is an incompetent boy, falling from his tail, which is incompetent. mockery. if you can’t.

Mr. President, I just wanted you to express your opinion to us, I wanted you to express it, I have another question.

I accepted your note. (Tadeusz Cymansky’s phone rings). Adam Glapinski calls.

Please turn off this phone.

I have to turn it off, I’m sorry. No more.

The Lord will allow you to ask a question. Did PiS promise you that Zbigniew would defend Ziobro? I defend it because the opposition has filed a motion of no confidence in the Minister of Justice.

It would be ridiculous if he promised us, because it is very clear. If we have a front and there is a small element in this riddle …

Are you sure that no PiS MP will be late for voting, will not suddenly fall ill, will not get stuck somewhere in the elevator or toilet?

I’ve seen a lot in my life, but I think it would be unthinkable.

If you vote against PiS laws, they may suddenly fall ill when you vote for Zbigniew Ziobro. Politics knows such cases.

There are important things, very important.

And Ziobro is the most important.

Sir, the vote of no confidence in the key … Well, editor, but sorry, Glapinski and Ziobro. I put it together.

You’ve heard: there are more important and less important things, but the most important is Ziobro, isn’t it?

No, maintaining the coalition is the most important issue.

Yesterday, esteemed MP, did you reach a compromise on the law on the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court? Theoretically, no one wants this Chamber, but you have not been able to get rid of this Chamber for six months. You can’t take this law one step further.

In order to prepare well for the program, which came from a healthy interest, I went to a meeting of the Justice Committee last night and learned what it is. Ladies and gentlemen, the real compromise is that maybe there can be both sides, because why do we have this resistance on this issue? What is happening? We believe that the adoption of this amendment by the so-called independence test will create an unusual confusion and the risk of thousands of cases and a great deal of confusion. Therefore, Solidarna Polska does not agree. But I will say right away – I think we will understand. There will be white smoke next week and the bill will be passed, KPO will be resolved.

People in my yard said: gray smoke. In a situation where everyone was arguing, no one knows anything, everyone has something. I think if I went to normal people and met them, they would say: you are like an old couple who have raised children and are always arguing. And everyone says: what do you know? Come together or agree once and for all, or just divorce. Because you can’t listen to him anymore.

Mr. Editor, I am not alone … Finally, there is a lot of pressure to put an end to this controversy or disagreement and to pass this law.

Maybe it should be set up only once, and it is good that in each session of the Sejm there is a play called … This melodrama is just boring. Under the headline: “We are leaving the coalition,” or we will be expelled because you deserve each other, it must be admitted.

In my opinion, it is the opposition that does not know anything …

Which opposition? Terlecki is in opposition? Is Marshal Terlecki a representative of the opposition?

Bad words. There is a dispute in the family, there is a dispute in the coalition. Mr. Editor, I will not pretend to be Greek that he is not there. There is this controversy, but people say: do something. We will.

The way to go.

Next week, I hope everything will be clear and we will not have to miss …

Mr. MP, will PiS Solidarna Polska and Solidarna Polska have to tear cats with PiS at every session of the Sejm? PiS says this: you will not leave this coalition anyway, because you are just dreaming of positions. You want to keep them, and that’s it.

This is a low protest. This coalition has not been like this for 6 years …

I have talked to you a thousand times about Zbigniew Ziobro’s family, the family of one or the other …

But I don’t know, it’s not boring for our listeners anymore.

you hear This is boring for you. Solidarna Polska’s takeover of the State Treasury is boring. You don’t care.

I don’t know if it’s so interesting if it’s repeated many times, because they’ve heard it many times before. That is the truth.

What is the truth?

The truth is, when you repeat something over and over again, people are already doing it ….

Is it true that Solidarna Polska holds many positions in state-owned companies?

Editor, we were translating here.

Will you answer this question, Mr. President?

No, I can speak on my own behalf and I don’t know everything to say in a circle. Sir, I don’t know.

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