25th Scientific Picnic of Polish Radio and Copernicus Science Center – Jedynka

Picnic stands and tents will be located in and around the Copernicus Science Center and on the Vistula River, in Pavilion 512, the conference center and the auditorium. 50 special guests will present their shows, seminars, experiences and lectures.

His Majesty Water

Water is the source of life. It circulates tirelessly in the environment by changing its physical condition. The same particles that now make up the ocean could fall on the mountains in a few months. Water is in the air, on the ground, in our body. Lack of access to clean water is a threat to all civilization. Excess, in turn, leads to provocation and terror.

Water is the subject of countless scientific studies. These apply to many areas of our knowledge – philosophy, social studies, history, geophysics, hydrology, physics, mathematical modeling, geography, botany, agricultural and engineering sciences, medicine and even astrophysics. This huge diversity shows how important water is and how great its research potential is.

Levitating water droplets and glowing algae

Active Picnic everyone will find something for themselves. You will be able to build boats, fish for ice cubes, blooming paper flowers and fog catchers. Visitors will look at the water droplets that rise into the air and look inside them. You will be able to see your water directly from the Vistula River under a microscope and create your own lamps from glowing algae. People who want to will jump on the water, get into a big ear and see if the seismograph records their footsteps.

during Picnic It will also be possible to answer the question: can fish swim in honey and what combines plasma and coffee. Only during this scientific event it is possible to travel to the forest clearing, swamps and even to Spitsbergen. You will also have the opportunity to see the latest inventions – super wings, edible packaging, prototypes of water treatment technologies, as well as solutions used in medicine and diagnostics. There will be scientific stage shows.

During the event, participants will ride on a chemical locomotive, learn about lonely and social waves, and learn to drink wood. Special guests Elm Picnic will talk about their research and present issues related to the topic of the event.

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Scientific Picnic on Polish Radio

Events during the Science Picnic will be reported via antennas Polish radio. Viewers can rely not only on picnic programs and reports, but also on meetings with their favorite journalists.

From 9.00 broadcast “Such a unique place” in the 1st program of Polish RadioDuring this time, you will find, among others, about the composition and functions of water. In turn, the broadcast at 17.00 everything about the underwater world. One of the guests will be Agatha Borucka from the Warsaw Zoo, who will talk about the strangest creatures in the world and the animals found in our Polish waters.

two hours. 15.00 Invites you to the programs “Along the rivers over the years”and radio four about “Oil of the 21st Century”. From 14.00 journalists Drivers Polish Radio they will try to prove that hydrogen transmission is a great opportunity for modern cars.

Developed a special offer for the youngest Polish radio for children. At. It will be presented to the audience at 12.00 “The world of fairy tales” By Pascal Kaczorowski.

On the other hand, Mariusz Gradowski z Polish radio Chopin will invite listeners on a water trip and offer compositions with water in the background. Listening to the water is fascinating now, but it was also fascinating in the past – Friedrich Chopin’s prelude “Rainy” or Handel’s “Music on the Water” or Guns N ‘Roses’ modern “November Rain”. and the famous “Storm Horsemen”) Doors.

These are just a few examples of work inspired by different water aggregation conditions. The picnic will be broadcast in the afternoon Troika. A special program will be conducted by Piotr Lodge and Mateusz Tomaszuk from 18.00 to 20.00.

There will also be activities in the recreation area of ​​Polish Radio – “Morning gymnastics” Between 11.00-12.00 and 12.00-13.00: Natalia Philip and Piotr Galus. These will be relaxing exercises with a short lecture on the role of water in the body.

You will also be able to meet with the Master of Science and Higher Education, Patryk Bartoszewski. Polish radio for childrenthis will explain why hot water is better cleaned and how you can measure time with liquid. In addition, Radio Three will invite you to a competition called “Wheel of Fortune”, where there will be unique mascots of the award – radio cats. Zbigniew Kozlovsky, who will try to encourage everyone to be physically active in the guise of a pirate, presented entertainment and animations, especially for children.

11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Archive of Polish Radio It will present a “dance mat” – a multimedia game that presents the connection between movement and sound.

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Copernicus’ water life

In positions Copernicus Science Center it will be possible to conduct the most popular water experiments. – You will immerse the diver Descartes, fill the Leiden bottle, and create your own picnic cards. You will play on a water drum and other unusual instruments. You will build a river bed, look at the water through a thermal camera and look for hydrogen in the sun – using a special telescope. Under the microscope you can see mosquito larvae, daphnia, hydra, toes and diatoms. You will also get acquainted with bright algae that you can take home – Organizers encourage.

Additional attractions will be available for free and the Planetarium show (tickets can be booked from May 16 at: www.kopernik.org.pl).

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