What will happen to Starbucks NFT?

Web3 – a new dimension of the Internet – enters the mainstream. This new version of the network is based on the concept of decentralization and blockchain technology, which provides greater transparency. Blockchain supports digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and non-convertible tokens (NFT). Another company that has joined the world with its product is Starbucks. The global giant, which now has more than 32,000 cafes in more than 80 countries, has announced that Metaversen will soon be part of the cafe world.

– The complexity of technological processes, lack of knowledge and simply low awareness means that many people still look at the metaverse with surprise. They don’t know where to start their adventures, so the initiatives of big brands promoting metaversion are more valuable, which accelerates the mass adoption of virtual worlds and NFT, says Bartosz Bilicki, startup SmartVerum, which symbolizes art and creates creative potential. “artistic” metaverse.

Starbucks doesn’t want to grow ugly

NFT Starbucks will probably be the first choice for those under 50 who live in larger, noisy cities – those who prefer the products of this chain of cafes. During a meeting with investors, Howard Schultz, CEO of the company, said that the idea came from talking to the youngest employees who are afraid of others, among others. that they will soon stop the development of jobs and stimulate the emergence of new trends.

So what will happen to NFT from Starbucks? There is no complete information yet, but we already know today that the cafe badge will be something other than a virtual token, for which we will buy coffee in a traditional cafe and, in addition, will be able to travel the virtual world. o.

– Such a move would probably be a knee-jerk blow, and the NFT community is becoming more and more demanding. It would be difficult to explain to those who are skeptical about how an NFT token differs from a regular card transaction or a promotional check that works well enough through mobile apps, and it may be possible to have a virtual cup on the metaversion alone. It can be considered a whim for the Internet elite. The benefits of buying NFT coffee should go beyond the desire to have and bring a number of benefits identified as utilities in the NFT world, says Bartosz Bilicki of SmartVerum.

As Starbucks executives are convinced, so must the technology offered by their companies. The NFT token is designed to be part of the new community-based ownership and membership concept. As Howard Schultz points out, NFT will be a collector’s item from a coffee giant and can be managed like any other brand, but it is also a virtual transition to a global community that offers attractive content around coffee.

Metaverse and NFT combine with art

Starbucks plans to create a number of NFT brand collections based on the artistic expressions of Starbucks. – This is another example of how metaverse and NFT relate to art. I don’t expect the Starbucks token to take the form of a “regular bean,” another expression of the green logo. Rather, I think it will be something created by a prominent artist or team. Perhaps on this occasion, Starbucks, following in the footsteps of Christie’s auction house with Beepel, will decide to introduce a completely new artist in this regard – predicts Bartosz Bilicki from SmartVerum. The Maker’s Mark whiskey brand can serve as a model, offering customers the opportunity to buy digital art in a limited number of bottles.

Metaverse – education through fun

The futuristic outlook and the growing presence of companies in metaversion can be proved by other examples, which are not just a momentary fashion. For example, Spotify is in the virtual world, tested by the Roblox platform, which offers one of the most popular online games. Created by the giant Spotify Islands, which broadcasts there, it aims to open the rich world of music to the younger generation and be a meeting place for artists.

– Fun in Metavers can take it to a whole new level and enrich children and young people. In this case, we can talk about the formation of musical consciousness, but also the awakening of creativity. Riddles, assignments and other forms of activity can help you not to completely erase the time spent in the virtual world – says Carol Belina-Brzozowski, co-founder and creative director of Clex Academy. A new adaptation of the film “Akademia Pana Kleksa” He creates his own meta-universe. It is there, especially for the youngest fans of iconic books and films, that they will be able to cope with tasks created by experts in the field of children’s education, psychology, sociology and emotional intelligence, and beyond just fun.

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