The second season of The Wilds in Prime Video left fans with a big Cliffhanger (SPOILERS).

Warning: The following article contains the main spoilers for The Wilds Season 2 in Prime Video.

What happens when the holiday you dream of turns into a nightmare after your plane crashes on a remote island? This is the main point of the popular Prime Video series The Wilds. Eight teenage girls are left alone.

Season 1 finally revealed that the girls were the victims of a social experiment conducted by the embarrassed former professor Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffiths).

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Season 2 of The Wilds revealed that Gretchen’s “Eve’s Dawn” experience was just the beginning. He also did the same experiment with a group of teenagers to see how long they could live alone.

Season 2 has four timelines. The timeline shows the girls who are still trying to survive on the island, the timeline of the boys who are trying to survive on the island, how the boys came to the island, and the survivors are being questioned today.

What happened at the end of the second season of “Wild”?

The second finale of the Wilds season opens with a flashback. Shelby (Mia Healey) sings at the bar, and Tony (Erana James) is admired by the audience for her performance.

Shelby encounters Gretchen terribly after appearing in the locker room. Gretchen gives him red and blue candy and says, “I just want you to choose.” He wakes up with a cold sweat on today’s schedule.

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Meanwhile, among the survivors of the island’s chronology, Shelby and Fatin (Sofia Ali) realize that Burrow’s diary (Helena Howard) has a map of the island. Dot (Shannon Berry), Rachel (Reign Edwards) and Tony look at Martha (Jenna Clause) who is still in a coma.

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Lea (Sarah Pidgeon) dreams that she is stuck in a rock in the middle of the ocean with her ex-boyfriend Jeff (Carter Hudson). Jeff offers to stay there forever on one of the broken wings of a plane floating in the ocean.

However, Lea finally gets rid of Jeff and his hallucinations. She is determined to help the rest of the girls.

Shelby and Fatin find a communication device at the height of the tree. Together, they decide not to share their discoveries with other girls. Lea reconnects with her group and the girls seem to have a rare moment of peace … until they see a helicopter flying overhead!

They do not know that their rescue will lead to many new problems.

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Fatin is in the hands of a very exhausted Lean.

Some children jump off the boat on the last day.

During the island boy’s schedule, Seth (Alex Fitzalan) lies and tells the children that he accidentally found a washed boat on the island. Rafael (Zach Calderon) and Kirin (Charles Alexander) decide to join Seth after launching the boat.

However, things are deteriorating rapidly. Raphael almost beats Seth to death in a boat, and Kirin tells him, “There’s a boat!” he kept saying.

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Finally, time schedules are approaching the present. Each survivor receives a mysterious envelope at the research facility. Gretchen wants to see Lean first. He tries to cover Leah with a drink and a few compliments, but Lea doesn’t catch the bait.

Gretchen finally admits that social experimentation was a crooked way to prove her feminine strength. However, he does not ironically appreciate Leah’s courage and cunning.

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It turned out that Lea had developed a complex, clever plan using a key phone conversation with her friend Ian (James Peter Fraser) and Gretchen’s son Devon (Elliott Giarola) all the time, using it as an important link to information about Gretchen.

Ian provides the FBI with the Gretchen file, and it seems that Leah is finally gaining the upper hand over Gretchen. She and the girls finally meet the boys in the control group “Adam’s Twilight”.

Everyone is shocked when Gretchen’s voice greets them with a revolution. “We’re starting now,” he says disappointed. It turns out that Gretchen fled the scene and destroyed all the evidence that he had committed a crime.

Now the girls and boys are on their own again. Will they find a way out? We hope that Prime Video will update The Wilds for the third season so we can get some answers too!

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