Tarnw. Kitten Asylum wants support. There are more and more stray animals

Tarnow Church Hospital and Shelter is a place known to residents. It is managed by the Zmimy świat Foundation, has been helping animals for 20 years and operates on Lwowska Street. The idea of ​​his appointment arose from the marriage of Anna and Krzysztof Giemz, who organized a church shelter in his house and garden.

– We rescue and help homeless and abandoned cats, victims of accidents and human cruelty, as well as those whose owners have died. Sick cats go to the cat hospital, where they recover under the supervision of veterinarians. We have different, often very difficult ones. Such animals need lifelong veterinary care, take medication – says Krzysztof Giemza.

Recently, many cats with sick eyes were sent to shelters. Some are completely blind. They have lost their sight due to an incurable disease. As we have heard, their chances of finding a home are unfortunately low. As well as in disabled cats with existing mobility problems. It happens that someone adopts such animals, but it does not happen often. Therefore, such cats remain in a shelter in Tarnow for the rest of their lives.

“In a sense, we are their last resort,” says Giemza. But he notes: “Not everyone can bring us a cat. But our choices are limited.” Mr Krzysztof is 63 years old and, as he put it, I have to face my intentions with him. And there is still a great need. – In addition, people often leave their cats, claiming that they are homeless, but really want to get rid of them. It happens that homeowners go abroad or the family situation is complicated, there are many reasons for this, he says.

Cats in a shelter in Tarnow Zmimy świat Foundation

Most anchors go to shelters on weekends

According to the shelters in Tarnow, the cats from the intervention – from the city, poviat and sometimes even from Krakow. Most admissions are made on weekends. Then the municipal assistance system for homeless animals does not work. Communal offices and health centers have been closed in small towns. If someone finds a sick or hit car, he is left alone. In such cases, the only chance to get an ambulance is to go to the cat’s hospital and shelter.

– After the beginning of the pandemic, the situation of local foundations like ours has significantly deteriorated. People’s attention is focused on the fight against COVID-19. Recently, a war broke out in Ukraine, which attracts the attention of many. Helping the animals went into the background. In addition, the subsistence level is much more expensive than a year ago, and most of those who support us are poor people, – said our interlocutor. – There are very difficult months. Sometimes we delay the payment of invoices for several tens of days. Fortunately, we have friendly veterinary clinics waiting patiently until the required amount is collected, he added.

Giemza also admits that there were many “crisis situations” when the foundation’s account was empty. – We were often close to the decision to reduce activities or close our hospitals and shelters. But then something amazing happened. A complete stranger came to us, he either gave a lot of money or brought a whole car of karma. Such anonymous angels are still among us – our interlocutor is happy.

To improve the condition of the shelter, a “May Bone Market” was launched on social media. You can auction cat gadgets, including the most expensive cat mugs. They were developed by high school students from the Tarnow Art Schools Complex. “Each of these cups is unique on the planet,” laughs Giemza. – The price of one of them has already reached 150 PLN. The struggle continues, which makes us very happy, because the more money we raise, the better the chances of our hospital and shelter surviving, he added.

All proceeds from the sale of gadgets will go to the Zmiem swiat Foundation.

Cups, ktCups that can be auctioned at the cat market Zmimy świat Foundation

Apply for sterilization of anchors

Support will be more useful, because the foundation is having a hard time. Every year in May there is the same problem – many small, homeless cats appear. They are often brought in cardboard boxes. There are many of them and not all of them have a chance to find a home. That is why activists emphasize the importance of sterilizing anchors and urge residents not to delay pets with such procedures. – The less such homeless cats are born, the better. We limit their suffering and pain – add the staff of the Zmimy świat Foundation.

Many municipalities organize cat sterilization programs, under which treatment can be provided free of charge in private clinics. If we have unsterilized animals in our house, it is worth looking for knowledge in this area in your office.

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