Soon recipes, applications, online registration. What else can we do in health?

  • E-services are gaining popularity in healthcare. In one year, the Internet Patient Account Program – mojeIKP was installed more than 3 million times
  • Choose or change your first aid doctor online, among others, share medical records, check COVID test results, order an e-prescription or download an e-application
  • The range of opportunities will soon expand. Residents of Mazowieckie and Łódzkie voivodships will have access to a new feature, e-registration. They will be able to make an online appointment with a cardiologist and specialist examinations

A cardiologist at the National Health Foundation, MRI and tomography records via the Internet.  Electronic registration in May

The Patient Online Account will remind you about medications.  The new, important feature will be useful for everyone

The pandemic has accelerated the development of e-services. About 9 million users were added to the CPP in one year

The development of e-services in the medical sector has become widespread. It became especially popular during the pandemic. Just a year ago, the number of Poles using the Internet Patient Account increased by about 9 million, and by the end of 2021 it had exceeded 13.5 million.

May 10 marks one year since the launch of mojeIKP, a mobile version of the virtual platform. During this time, we have already downloaded it 3 million times.

According to the e-Health Center, which is responsible for implementing IT projects in the health sector, patient referrals are used more by women than men, although the ratio is between 53% and 47%. More than half of the users are between 30-49 years old, but every 8th user is over 60 years old.

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Electronic services are available for the patient. What and how to do on the Internet?

The fund of e-services offered to patients is constantly expanding. At the same time, some of the functions used during the pandemic have been applied to meet the current needs of patients.

As a result, thanks to IKP, we can now read medical history online, register for the COVID-19 vaccine, check the results of a coronavirus test, or allow a third party to collect a prescription.

FROM Patient Online Account A reliable profile can be used by any citizen who has an e-identity or e-identity in one of the selected banks. All you have to do is log in via the website or the mojeIKP application, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App Store and installed on your smartphone.

You do not need to register before, all account information is taken from the application for a valid profile. Minors over the age of 16 have access to CPR, but cannot use all functions, for example, they will not choose a primary care physician.

User via Patient Online Account (IKP), inter alia,

  • choose or change primary care physician,
  • to order electronic prescriptions for permanent medications,
  • Submit an application for the European Social Insurance Card (EHIC),
  • empower a certain person to collect prescriptions,
  • to submit medical documents to a doctor or clinic;
  • Check the results of the coronavirus test,
  • Register for the COVID-19 vaccine,
  • Download AB COVID Certificate,
  • Access to medical information for children under 18, including e-prescriptions
  • Receive an e-application for research under the Prevention 40 plus program (applies to people over 40),
  • Set up a phone alert while taking regular medication.

The Patient Online Account will remind you about medications.  The new, important feature will be useful for everyone

MojeIKP application, e-referral, e-prescription, children’s medical documents

They successfully replaced the traditional paper version of the recipe electronic recipes, which can be taken without going to the office – it is enough to make an appointment to consult a doctor by phone. They contain the same information, but differ only in form. This can be done, for example, by a family member of the patient, it is enough to know the patient’s PESEL number and four-digit electronic prescription code.

eRecipe recipes are very simple to accept and manage:

  • You get an e-prescription in the application, on the e-health tab, you will find a new one immediately after logging in
  • In addition, you can see a notification (call) on the application screen about the arrival of a new electronic recipe
  • You have all the e-recipes on hand, you can check their history
  • You can buy medicine at the pharmacy by showing the QR code on the phone screen without presenting your PESEL number to the pharmacist.
  • You can check the dose of the prescribed drug or its package leaflet at any time

Not only have patients recently been able to schedule a phone reminder for the medications they are taking. The function can be found in the e-health tab. You can also enter it through the main screen of the application (a special icon appeared there). It is enough to set a date for the start of treatment, to indicate whether we are taking the medication regularly, to record the frequency and order of their reception (for example, after a meal, during a meal, on an empty stomach) and finally to confirm.

There is another convenience electronic applications, Thanks to the application of IKP and mojeIKP, the patient always has a preview. A notification will appear on the screen as soon as the doctor gives them. The patient can also check the date and place of the consultation at any time or view the history of e-applications.

Thanks to the IKP, parents can get permanent access children’s medical records. A parent who registers a child with ZUS has access to the program from the car. Once logged in, go to the “Menu” (three dots above right) and click on the “My Account” box to expand the list of accounts that a parent can access: children or people who have allowed him to do so. İKP. A parent who informs the child about ZUS may also allow the other parent to enter the child’s CPR.

ZUS will provide additional information on the insured to NFZ

Electronic recipe without internet.  A useful innovation in the CCP

The patient can submit his documents to the doctor or pharmacist. How can this be done?

Through the application of mojeIKP, the patient can also allow a doctor, nurse or pharmacist to review medical information. This is especially useful when the patient needs to see a doctor who does not deal with him on a daily basis, for example:

  • Ask him for a recipe
  • Show him what medications you are taking so that he can help you choose the right treatment (depending on the likelihood of drug interactions).

Then launch the program and enter the “Menu” by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, and then permissions. Then you need to:

  • Choose an option: share the information with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist – after expanding the tile, you will read information about where you will share your e-prescriptions, e-applications and medical events (for example, a visit to a specialist, hospital stay). , visit the emergency department, the results of laboratory and other tests) and to the pharmacy and pharmacist – information about your e-prescriptions and medicines purchased
  • Click on “Access Permission” and then tap one of three options: medical staff, medical facility, pharmacy / pharmacy point
  • Enter the information of the person / object: in case of a doctor, nurse or midwife, enter the name, surname, PWZ number (license to practice the profession) and click “Search”. When the system finds it, you have to choose whether the doctor has access to all the information or selected documents, all medical documents, or only for a certain period of time.
  • Click the “Save” button
  • If there is an outpatient clinic or other medical institution, select “Access to the medical institution”, enter the address and name of the institution, select the appropriate one from those offered by the system. Then choose the input range in the same way as the doctor.

If a health worker or facility is not on the list or you already have access to your information, the system will notify you.

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It is time for electronic registration. First to a cardiologist and specialist examinations

The range of e-services will soon expand. There is more in the pipeline – a central electronic registration and teleportation platform. Admission to the first will be in mid-May, for the time being, on a pilot basis, for residents of the provinces of Lodz and Mazowieckie. Initially, they will be able to register for an online appointment with a cardiologist and specialist tests – magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography.

– The problems facing the medical system in Poland are very big. We have growing needs. We are an aging society, our medical consciousness is growing and the resources – doctors, nurses, medical staff – are not always enough. That’s why technology is so important – it’s a way to meet the growing demand for medical services – explained Health Minister Adam Niedzielski on the occasion of the announcement of the pilot e-registration program.

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