Revolution at Pepco! The network is changing the look of Polish stores and expanding product offerings [ZOBACZ FILM]

Pepco is introducing a new visual concept and arrangement of chain stores, as well as expanding product offerings. The first Polish Pepco seats in a completely new version, which includes all the changes, have already been opened in Wroclaw as part of a trial.

The changes at Pepco are a project that takes place before a detailed analysis of the needs of both in-store shoppers and interested customers. The new stores can be visited in Wroclaw, and after the trial phase, the selected changes will be gradually applied in other places.

Meet customer needs

– Millions of customers visit our stores all over Europe, performing more than 20 million transactions every month. By meeting their needs, we also want to attract those who do not come to us regularly, we are changing and adapting to new market expectations. We have overhauled our Wroclaw stores and collected all possible changes, he says Piotr Korek, European Director of Pepco Investments and Expansion.

He adds: – Among other things, we have changed the layout of the surface, introduced easier navigation and increased the exhibition area, while expanding the product offer itself. The project is notable for its implementation – in a few weeks we changed 16 stores without closing and made all the changes we wanted to try at once.

The bigger Pepco stores, the more products

Sales in modernized Pepco stores increased by an average of 12 percent, among others, due to a reduction in storage space and a reduction in the number of storage rooms. This allowed us to show the full spectrum of the network, which is growing – an average of 22%. – quantity of products offered, including lines made of organic cotton, sportswear Cardio Bunnya collection of creative toys, household items and accessories for children, for example Japanese or pots and pans Peter Kuk.

All stores in Wroclaw have new furniture, communications and design that allow you to shop more intuitively and comfortably. In the cash register area, furniture design has been introduced, consisting of small products that can help people waiting in line to complete their purchases. Space was also used, for example, on poles with shelves and wall panels to display small accessories.

As part of the changes, new baskets and work clothes were introduced, and shops were modernized. The social rooms have been reorganized, modernized and equipped for employees to take breaks and hold meetings in more comfortable conditions.

New Pepco stores with new logo

Wroclawskie Pepco stores also underwent rebranding. There are many visual changes that can be seen in the entrance, display case, navigation, price communication and product categories.

– The new Pepco stores have undergone an amazing metamorphosis, but also visually. One of the key elements of this change is our logo, which is more modern and creates a new brand identity. It is associated with a family brand that is caring, close and following the latest trends. The heart of the logo reflects our relationship with our customers, the sense of pride in the family values ​​they have nurtured in their own homes and that we want to take care of as a company, ”he added. Agnieszka Olejniczak, Pepco Marketing Director.

The new store format was introduced in the spring in 16 stores of the network in Wroclaw. Some solutions to this project are already available at each newly opened Pepco, while others are still being tested and consulted with customers. Their results will determine the date and form of subsequent application elsewhere. At the same time, the network continues to expand dynamically throughout Europe. Pepco currently operates in 15 countries and plans to open its first stores in Germany and Greece this year.

Inspection area before and after repair in Pepco store (Pepco)

Pepco has about 2,700 stores in 15 European countries: from Estonia to Italy and from Spain to Bulgaria, as well as more than 1,100 stores in Poland. The brand’s motto is “Feel the quality, love the price.” Every month, 20 million customers visit Pepco stores. The network currently employs more than 22,000 people, including more than 800 at its headquarters in Poznan.

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