Mother of Creation: Madonna’s first metaverse project is a real explosion

Madonna is increasingly daring to walk the reality of blockchain. In the project “Mother of Creation” (the world’s first NFT), implemented in collaboration with the famous digital artist Beeple, the music icon created his own collection of characters and has traditionally caused a lot of controversy.

At the end of March, the cryptocurrency market went crazy. Madonna joined the ever-expanding list of major stars to enter metaverse. The pop queen later boasted that she was in the “monkey owners” group on Instagram and showed that she was non-functional on Instagram. Tokens (NFT) from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection.. For those who don’t know what it is: BAYC is one of the multi-million dollar NFT projects and one of the most expensive collections of NFT tokens. It has 10,000 monkey avatars, and their owners have complete freedom to style their monkeys. The collection is considered symbolic among cryptocurrency owners (and if you still don’t understand any of them, see the text we explain what NFT is and how it has changed the world).

Madonna bought her token for half a million (about 560 thousand) US dollars. (One of the Bored Ape Yacht Club tokens was received for a similar amount Eminem). The famous singer, composer and actress chose a pink monkey dressed in black with many eyes on her body …

“I finally stepped into MetaVerse … My own monkey!” – The star wrote on Instagram and asked what he should call the purchase. And he added: “We all need protection from the evil eye.”

Everything shows that the reality of the blockchain fascinated the artist. Just a month and a half after joining NFT reality, the music icon has created its own token collection. It is safe to say that it is being implemented in the latest project In collaboration with the famous artist Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeplethe queen of music has passed from the present and greeted the future.

A joint project of Madonna and Biple “Mother of Creation” (Mother of Creation) consists of three digital one-minute films. Each work represents a “different form of birth in the modern world.”

Video “Mother Nature“On the operating table is a picture of Madonna’s avatar. The digital pop symbol with outstretched legs gives birth to a tree. Leaves appear on the branches, the tree blossoms and the singer speaks in obscene words:

My life as a woman is like the journey of a tree. Starting with a small seed, always overcome the resistance of the ground.

It’s next “Mother of Evolution.” This time, butterflies come out of Madonna’s vagina – a “sign of hope.” The avatar is placed in post-apocalyptic reality, and in the background the star reads the text of his song “Sevgimi haqla”. The series is over “Mother of technology”depicts a robot centipede crawling through Madonna lying in the woods. The film “demonstrates that science can bring light to the world, but it is used consciously.”

Commenting on the Mother of Creation project, Madonna said, “It was an amazing journey that combined an intellectual concept with an emotional story, the basis of art.” “I wanted to explore the concept of creation, not only how a child enters the world from a woman’s vagina, but also how an artist opens the way to creativity,” said the singer.

According to the creators, The triptych “Mother of Creation” will be auctioned on May 11 Through the SuperRare platform. All proceeds from the sale will go to three charities:

• Children’s Voices Foundation helps women and children affected by the war in Ukraine;
• City of Joy Foundation, which supports victims of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo;
• Black Mama’s Bail Out, which provides collateral for black mothers behind bars.

Moonpay, a cryptographic platform that supports the project, will donate $ 100,000 to each of these organizations.

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