Michael Owen’s NFT tweet includes complaints to advertising executives because he promises the token “will not lose its original value.”

Former English football star Michael Owen’s tweet claiming that NFT will be “the first not to lose its original value” has caused complaints to an advertising team.

The former England striker was widely ridiculed for the message, and even his business partner Andy Green responded: “We can’t guarantee or say you won’t lose. There is always a chance. There is no such thing as risk in life.

“But all we can do is protect the collector as much as we can, and protecting the reserve price will do the same.”

Every investment in NFT comes with risks, and the Advertising Standards Organization (ASA) has confirmed that it has contacted eight people so far about the claim.

However, the ASA stressed that this does not mean an investigation. It said it was “only investigating complaints” to determine whether there were grounds for an investigation at this stage.

Michael Owen is the latest celebrity to enter the growing NFT market, and everyone from Paris Hilton to Snoop Dogg brings his character.

Its NFT will be released in partnership with Oceidon as part of the Oceidon Legends project.

Oceidon Legends boasts, “NFT immortalizes unique characters through digitalization.”

He said there would be a limited percussion instrument consisting of five rare levels of 1233 pieces, and explained “the inspiring story of Michael’s meteoric rise in football.”

Some fans were skeptical of Owen’s comments, with one saying, “I don’t believe him, considering he’s not a player who will lose his original value in the history of the game as much as Michael.”

The story of a young shooter in England

Michael Owen was hailed as one of England’s best strikers and made a spectacular appearance at England at the age of 17 at the 1998 World Cup – fans will remember his amazing goal against Argentina. He played 89 times for the national team and scored 40 goals.

He won the Ballon d’Or in 2001 and has played for Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United and Stoke City. After retiring from football in 2013, he has been a breeder and owner of racehorses and regularly works as a sports expert and commentator.

What are NFT operations?

NFT means Non-Convertible Token. They are digital assets that represent real-world assets but are bought and sold online as cryptocurrencies.

They are often digital works of art, but can also be videos, event tickets, access to games played to win, or other digital artifacts.

When someone buys an NFT, they get a sign that they actually have such a resource.

The value of NFT depends entirely on people’s willingness to pay that amount at the next sale.

This makes them a more risky investment than, for example, buying an original Van Gogh painting with a stronger value.

Like cryptocurrencies, NFT transactions are exchanged through blockchain and can be bought and sold using Ethereum, the world’s second largest digital currency after Bitcoin.

Michael Owen’s tweets caused a stir (Twitter / Michael Owen)

What are the rules for NFT operations?

ASA has strict rules on cryptocurrency marketing, including NFT, and expects ads to explicitly state that cryptocurrencies are not regulated and that consumer investment is not protected.

He adds that NFT sellers should not take advantage of consumers’ inexperience or unreliability, and that sellers should consider all relevant information to enable consumers to make informed investment decisions.

Celebrities and influencers are subject to these rules and must ensure that they do not make any deceptive or irresponsible claims about investing in products.

There are a number of sanctions at the disposal of the ASA, which detects ads that violate the rules.

First of all, such advertisements are removed from circulation and completely banned. The ASA can also work with media partners to remove offensive ads and direct criminals to further possible actions, such as fines.

Encourage anyone who is concerned about the ads they see to contact you.

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