Masza Graczykowska slandered Faqata with PRIVATE TALKS: “I don’t want to go to college. I have to find a RICH MAN”

Very few people in Poland believe in the accuracy of the knowledge gained in the influence industry. Former friends become enemies, ex-lovers send each other to closed wards, washing the dirt, publishing compromising materials is the demand of the day. Not surprisingly, it’s a lot of money after all. There are legends about the benefits of the leading Polish “flu”. For many young people, trying to be more popular is often a life idea. Well, no ad turns into a solid drama.

This was the strategy he chose to follow Masha Grachikovska. Although he has not been a friend for a long time, he is enthusiastic Alone – My ex-boyfriend hundredalso known from the famous scandal Cameraman – it reminds the public of the scandal that has to happen from time to time at the music festival in Khorzov. There should have been a misunderstanding between the girls. Masha’s head was on the line of collision with a fast-moving door. A classic word against the word situation.

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On Tuesday evening, Graczykowska unexpectedly decided to reveal the conflict with Fagata again. But this time he went a little further. Wanting to review his former friend, he published a series of transcripts of his personal conversations. The recordings are clearly from the time when the ladies still liked each other, before it even began to affect Taka’s career for good.

In the audio clips where Masha’s answers are cut off, Fagata speaks quite “openly” about the potential of her acquaintance. Promising football player of Lech Poznań. According to the girl, such an attitude can save her from going to college.

Now I have a plan for my life that I don’t want to go to college and I have to find a rich man quickly.. To avoid having to work, and in general. I recently met such a Lech player and he is very rich Lex makes the most of it and manages such a magnificent AMG. I understood I would not have to do anything. It turned out that he had a friend in Zielona Gora who was a friend of my footballer, and you know that Kesa pushed me * stupid, I’m going all Warsaw … And he writes me, why I do not react to reports, and in general. Do you understand that he said that to my footballer? Now this player does not want to go out with me because he believes. I was very upset that Kesa had ruined everything for me. And it would be good with the player, because he is very stupid and said things like “as if you were my wife.” I realized I would not have to do anything – We hear in the clip released by Masha Grachikovskaya.

Later, in her speech, Fagata confidently told her friend that she had started dating another wealthy person in case of emergency. Here he was quite successful, because it is about Stu, with whom Taka later established a media connection.

Well, now I have a B PLAN. So Stuu writes to me in a terrible way. Stuu makes more money than that damn footballer, so I see Stuu todayand he is more beautiful than a footballer. And this player ordered a taxi from Poznan to Konin, it is 100 km, and I had to add 100 PLN to this taxi, because he gave me very little money and now he does not want to give it back. I. I am writing to him to transfer it to me and he will not return it to me. Stuu seemed to be relieved, canceled some of the tapes, and took the three-hour train to Conin. Now I have a plan to see this Stuu and everything.

Then, Fagata looks like a young man who has been openly worried about education for many years, after which he can rely on a modest country average. He also expressed concern about the price of rental housing in Warsaw, which is quite understandable.

Hey seriously, I was crying recently that I have to go to school and if I become this architect I will not earn much money. I will have to read a lot, you know how much ?! 7 years. Listen to this: four years as an engineer or something, three years as a master’s degree. Damn, I’ll have good money after all these years. I really don’t want to and I’ve been crying recently and my mom came into the room and asked what was going on. And such a Stuu would introduce me and make money on Instagram. Get it? He likes me very much. In general, the tipster who had to live with me in Warsaw deceived me and I will have to rent a room with several peopleAnd thankfully, Stu has an apartment in Warsaw and he can rent me such a cheap room. He will do everything for me and this is my B plan.

Fagata joked that if his plans did not materialize, he would consider a career in pornography if such working conditions were better in Poland.

I don’t have a plan C yet, but you have to have a plan, because seriously, Masha, I don’t know. maybe I won’t be a porn actress, because porn actresses make a lot of money in Poland * that money and dick * they are porn in Polish. I do not know what to do.

Fagata has not yet responded to her ex-girlfriend’s audio recordings posted on the Internet a few years ago. Pudelek is patiently armed and is already looking for the next chapter of this drama.

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The world goes to the dogs … there is little tragedy

A good drama was like a big drama written by the X team for a 15-year-old boy 😂 and a little bit for Fagata

Sorry for the guy he used. What’s worse is that she doesn’t feel guilty and explains, “I didn’t do anything, I didn’t hurt anyone,” because her desire for prostitution isn’t shocking when she looks at her gratitude in front of the camera, but she’s using another person to her advantage. it is disturbing not to see fault.

This is how education ends on Instagram … 100 years of struggle for women’s rights …

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To the parents of girls like Faqata and Masha. You have spoiled your children. The girls did not have to travel alone to do what they wanted! You forgot to raise your daughters to be self-confident, valuable, have their own ambitions and earn money on their own.

I don’t know what inspires them in life ❓ But it seems that these girls have no other values, just at the expense of money and someone else 😝🤮

Mom, do they even allow people of this level to read? And is it architecture ??? Architect is normally a profession of public trust – I prefer not to trust the building that this young lady designed for me.

O TEMPORA, O MORE. In ancient times, they were called the daughters of Corinth. INFLUENCERS TODAY. Let’s not just say – prostitutes, because professionals will be offended. We call it KUR … And as we know, heck … it’s not a profession, it’s a character. Ten years later, he will give a packet of pipes at the train station. YUNAQ IS DIFFICULT TO LIVE.

If he did not, he would be lying.

Dishonest girls. I hate them.

There are girls with bigger desires 👍 and those lazy influencers think so 😛 they don’t do anything, they find a sponsor 😝 whatever ❗❗ so they look for rich men🤮

There were a few Godlewskie, there were WAGS (Lewandowska, Szczęsna, Sarah some, Boruz’s wife) – now they have the flu – maybe I’ll get into this business and make a lot of money? Deposit boxes in my account (only more than a hundred)

The end product of feminism – like any revolution eats its own children. Let me remind you that Stuu was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital due to his relationship with Fagata and stopped using the Internet. He used it, and moreover, he is not alone – another example is Jacob R.’s current partner Paulina, who has a past job.

After all, most of these influencers, youtubers and male counterparts are modern prostitutes, the mafia keeps the whole business in white collars, kills them in cages and so on.

And if they think they are very rich these days, they look very attractive but talented. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money, but most importantly; He is talented !!! Such a rich person can even fall in love with a cashier. Yes, because a witty woman thinks and thinks. She is confident. Day, finally understand !!! And go to work, just don’t kneel and just bend your knees. It works for them, but a woman must be able to do it !!!

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