“Hotel Paradise 2”: Dominica underwent a spectacular metamorphosis. Fans: “Beautiful Transformation”

Dominika Konova from the 2nd issue of “Hotel Paradise” showed a photo before and after the metamorphosis. After the show, he kept a diet and trained hard. But change!

Dominika Konovał was considered one of the most controversial participants in the 2nd edition of Hotel Paradise. Despite being caught by two handsome men on the show, she ended her adventure with a paradise hotel as a single. After returning from Bali, the charismatic blonde decided to put it on herself, and in just a few weeks, she became an influencer who focused on exercise and a healthy diet. Take a look at her latest photos. Much has changed since I took part in the show!

How is Dominika Konował in the 2nd edition of Hotel Paradise today?

Despite the fact that almost two years have passed since the end of the second edition of “Hotel Paradise”, the emotions about the former heroes of the scandalous TV show TVN7 with attractive singles fighting for fame, love and big money do not subside. Ania and Ivan are engaged on “Dzień Dobry TVN” and Robert Kapica is already planning a wedding with his beloved partner Silvia. It turns out that Dominica Conowal’s life has also changed dramatically.

Since the end of her adventure with the program, the girl has tried to be very careful when sharing her love life with the world, but she is watched by more than 100,000 people. Photos of people appear regularly on the Instagram account, which provides information about the progress of subsequent trainings. This time Domi decided to show a photo before and after the metamorphosis. These frames are impressive!

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– Sometimes weight is really just a figure 😊 👈🏾 Left: WEIGHT 52 Kg ❌ NO EXERCISE PLAN – WORK WITH WEIGHT AT HOME 7 TIMES A WEIGHT AT HOME ❌ PRE-EXERCISE HECTOLITERS ❌ HOURS OF CARDIO SESSIONS ❌ PURPOSE DETERMINATION 👉🏾 RIGHT: WEIGHT 55 Kg ✅ PERFECTLY ADAPTED TRAINING PLAN (separate 5 hours of exercise) – 5 strength exercises ) ✅Exercise is food and love first ✅CARDIO 30 minutes or no (reduction / mass) ✅CEL – less body fat and more muscle. Motivation will come and go. We are talking about discipline and habits that will lead you to your goals, ”Dominica wrote on Instagram.

The reaction of the fans was immediate:

– A good work 👏🔥

– Nice progress 💗🔥🔥

– Wow, beautiful transformation 🔥 bravo

– Congratulations 👏 beautiful body! – we read in the comments.

Dominika Konować looks like in the 2nd edition today

Instagram @dominika_konowal

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I must admit that Dominica has changed a lot since starring in Hotel Paradise. However, it is not just about the visual aspects. As he admits, the love scene that hit TVN7 gave him more self-confidence and allowed him to start a new relationship, although it was not easy for TV Seven viewers to see what he could see in the 2nd edition of Paradise Hotel. girl.

Metamorphosis of Dominica Konowal from the 2nd edition

Instagram @dominika_konowal

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A fan of piercings and tattoos, he first engaged Bartek to leave him quickly for Arthur. This “emotional triangle” returned to the girl like a boomerang, and the main interested woman, seeing many advantages in both men, could not decide exactly which one to choose. So fate decided for him. After appearing in Hotel Paradise, the charismatic father exploded Domi’s and Arthur’s relationship like a soap bubble and decided to give Bartek a chance.

Unfortunately, this relationship ended quickly. Following media scandals and mutual accusations of breaking relations, it became known that Bartek returned to his ex-fiancé two weeks after leaving Dominica.

Dominica and Bartek z


After a media dispute with her ex-partner, Domi disappeared from social media for a while to return with new energy and motivation. The girl has focused on a restrictive diet and exercise, and her Instagram post is increasingly boldly sharing the effects of metamorphosis with her fans. I have to admit that the transformation of the Dominican Republic from the 2nd edition of Hotel Paradise is truly spectacular!

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