First aid for animals. What to do, where to call?

June 2, 2021 is a special, new holiday – the Day of First Aid for Wild and Domestic Animals. Its purpose is to promote the correct rules of first aid to all animals before the vet. Check the advice and opinion of a veterinarian.

Day of first aid for wild and domestic animals

Dedicated to informing people about the possibility of helping injured animals, this day was created for a reason immediately after the Children’s Day. If young people are taught the correct principles of saving living creatures from an early age, they have a chance to form a responsible society that will not be indifferent to the fate of animals in the future.

Thanks to today’s case materials (for example, this article), both children and adults can learn what to do in situations where a dog or cat, for example, is drowning; the animal was hit by a car or had another accident; the pet suddenly faints, and so on. It turns out that knowledge about this is not general, and we usually do not know what to do.

– Many universities, as well as individuals, organize first aid trainings for pet owners. During a pandemic, we can do it online. During the lessons, we will deal, among other things, with the methods of restraint of animals, the scheme of implementation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation or conditions that require urgent intervention. I think that such trainings should be conducted by every pet owner, because it will give him more information about the pet and allow him to keep so-called in a crisis situation. cold blood so that it can help him as well as possible, the doctor advises. veterinarian Anna Wróbel.

The creator of the whole action is a teenage traveler and author of the book Nela Mala Reporter. Participated in the rescue of wounded or endangered koalas, among others, during his travels

As a result of large fires in Australia. That’s when he realized how important it is to teach them how to give first aid to wild and domestic animals before they fall into the hands of a specialist.

According to the Adventure Starts Here Foundation, which is responsible for the campaign, only 28% of respondents said they knew how to provide proper first aid to pets such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs and other animals. hamsters. on the other hand

19% of respondents said they could also provide first aid to wild animals in need.

First aid for animals – what to do?

If you come across an animal that has had an accident or witnessed its sudden loss of consciousness, the first thing you need to do is calm down. This will help you to act responsibly. Ask for support before giving any help that does not require an immediate reaction (for example, the animal is caught in something and is bleeding profusely). If you are a child – tell adults.

– We must remember that the suffering animal is a stressful animal and the animals cannot explain their current condition. They follow the instinct of survivaland not in a logical way like humans. Remember to make sure we can help safely – it’s like medicine. veterinarian Anna Wróbel.

Also contact the nearest veterinary clinic or relevant services (numbers below). Depending on the situation, some will give advice over the phone, some will come or be ready to provide emergency assistance at the facility.

– Emergencies often occur at night, most veterinarians are closed, but there are a number of clinics outside of business hours where you can seek advice. However, we must remember one thing – online medical and veterinary services are currently prohibited, so there is no need to wait for a ready diagnosis from a veterinarian and order remote treatment. If possible, the doctor should give us first aid. Depending on the situation we are in, we must protect the animal from other injuries – If you come across an animal with epilepsy, make sure that its surroundings are safe enough to prevent future injuries – adds Anna Wróbel.

The doctor also reminds us not to treat animals ourselves. A common practice, for example, is to prepare pets from the home medicine cabinet. “Many of the drugs we use, such as the popular painkiller Paracetamol, are very toxic to our animals,” he says.

First aid for animals – what should be in the home zoological first aid kit?

Summer. Veterinarian Anna Wróbel encourages pet owners to keep first aid kits in their homes. This will improve first aid for example, in case of joint damage while walking .

– The basic equipment of a first aid kit for animals does not differ significantly from that of humans. First of all, it should be: sterile latex gloves, sterile gauze, disinfectant, bandage, elastic bandage, cotton that can be used to clean the ears, for example, swimming in an animal pond and the amount of water entering the ear canal to limit wound infection and additionally protect yourself as well as basic equipment such as an electric thermometer, tongs, flashlights and scissors to eliminate so-called ectoparasites – lists.

– As for the medicines that can be in such a first aid kit: medical charcoal used in case of poisoning and severe congestion, hydrogen peroxide and drugs that can cause vomiting in animals that have taken the poison. The use in the case of chronic diseases is prescribed by a specialist – he adds.

First aid for wild animals

– In Poland, if we are the cause of the accident, there is a statutory order to provide first aid to animals. It should be noted that the fact that only the relevant services were informed about the incident is considered as first aid. If we do not remain indifferent to the fate of suffering animals, they will not help themselvesand we can make phone calls without risking our health so that qualified people can provide this assistance.

[…] We must also remember that animals, especially wild animals, are a so-called reservoir. Zoonoses, or zoonoses transmitted to humans, can sometimes be fatal to us. Therefore, we must be especially careful when trying to help wild animals as well as the homeless. If we are not sure how to behave in a particular situation, I will repeat it again – let’s contact a veterinarian or the relevant services – summarizes Anna Wróbel.

First aid for animals – where to call?

  • Accident involving an animal outside the city – contact the nearest forest inspectorate. Enter “Forest Inspectorate” and the name of a larger city on Google, such as poviat or commune city, then the phone number will appear. If this is not possible – Call 112.
  • Pets in need in the city, including injured birds – call us Eco Patrol and / or Municipal Police number 986. This number works in many cities of Poland.
  • As for pets – Call your veterinarian or the nearest veterinary clinic.
  • When there is information about animal abuse – Call the police at 997.
  • If you see a lost or abandoned animal, do not leave it unattended – inform the Eco Patrol in the city, shelters, local foundations, animal care associations or call 112.
  • Various situations related to the rescue and care of wild animals can also be reported to regional experts – a list of animal rehabilitation centers in Poland of the General Directorate of Environmental Protection.

The animal fainted – how to give first aid?

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Let’s not be indifferent to the fate of animals and their harm. Let’s educate our children so that they suffer as little as possible and get as many answers and help as possible.

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