Bydgoszcz tram depot. Details of modernization

The Bydgoszcz mayor’s office is still awaiting the results of the second edition of the government’s Strategic Investment Program, according to which an application has been submitted to finance the reconstruction of a tram depot in Torunsk in the amount of 65 million PLN. This is how much is consumed in the first stage of adapting the “heart” of the Bydgoszcz tram network to the changing blood flow.

Modernization of the tram depot on Toruńska Street is an investment announced for several years – We wrote about it in 2018, and work on its concept began in 2015, earlier. Four years later, the city decided to apply for government funding to implement the first phase of modernization under the second hand of the Strategic Investment Program “Polish Bargain”. The deadline, according to Bydgoszcz officials, is one of the reasons why the reconstruction of facilities in Torunsk has not yet been completed.

In 2019, the city had an operating surplus of 290 million PLN, and today it is only 12 million PLN. At that time, we were able to decide on investments such as the reconstruction of the depot, mainly at our own expense, perhaps to apply for funding for this work. Unfortunately, today we cannot do this with the funds we have received as a result of government measures, and therefore we have to apply for subsidies. – Deputy Mayor of Bydgoszcz Miroslav Kozlovich said at a press conference at the depot in Torunsk on Wednesday.

Kozlovich’s speech also included comments on the words of PiS Adviser and Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers Yaroslav Venderlikh. He quotes Express Bydgoski as questioning the meaning of applying for funding for repairs and modernization. tram depot, because, according to the minister, this is not the investment that Bydgoszcz residents expect. – I would like to answer the Minister: yes, this is an investment that Bydgoszcz residents are waiting for. Bydgoszcz residents want modern, safe and comfortable public transport – said the deputy Rafał Bruski.

The appeal under the Strategic Investment Program is another attempt by the Bydgoszcz mayor’s office to obtain public funds for the expensive modernization of the tram depot. In September 2020, he submitted an application to the Government Fund for Local Investment. combined the repair of the depot with the purchase of new trams. The application for the purchase of 46 new railway vehicles was lost as the next application without any restrictions on subsidies.

The list of investments announced as part of the next issue of the government fund was announced on February 24 – the day of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. It should be added that in addition to the application for co-financing the reconstruction of the Toruńska depot, Bydgoszcz officials are trying to get support for the repair of the Old Bydgoszcz Canal – where the city wants to obtain funds from the minimum subsidy threshold, ie. five million zlotys, as well as within the second limit of 30 million for the implementation of municipal beach areas in the Astoria Basin and Central Park.

Bydgoszcz tram depot – will there be money?

Tram depot ul. Toruńska was built in 1956-59, after the construction of tram lines to Łęgnowo, Kapuchiska and Glinki. According to Andrzej Wadyński, president of Miejskie Zakłady Komunikacyjne, the facility was “somewhat modernized” in the 1980s by Bydgoszcz in terms of 805Na wagons purchased from Konstal in Chorzów, and it still retains traces of the city.

In 1997, after the closure of the workshops on Sigmunt Augusta Street, we built a workshop building on the territory of the depot. Since then, the depot’s buildings, as well as its road system and air contact line, have not been modernized. – Wadyński admits. The head of MZK added that Miejskie Zakłady Komunikacyjne already has all the necessary documents, which will allow to start work immediately after the selection of the contractor. Only the most important thing is missing – money.

According to the investor’s cost estimate – I would like to note that they were built in the second quarter of 2021 – the total cost of modernization of the depot is 180 million PLN. The first phase was supposed to cost 80 million PLN, but we can limit the amount of work to use the available 65 million PLN. – The head of MZK announced. The current “different reality” makes the final investment value, as Wadyński admits, “big unknown”. The stage at which the application for a “Polish deal” from Bydgoszcz will be considered is also largely unknown.

The deadline for applications has been postponed twice. The date of the announcement of the results is unknown – today we checked whether any decision was made. They have not been handed over – perhaps this is due to the suspension of EU payments to Poland? – Kozłowicz promised himself. What if the government rejects the application for funding? Vice President Kozlovich remains optimistic, saying that attempts will be made to raise funds from other sources, as “this modernization must begin.” However, the lack of money will mean that its history will be postponed, and, as the deputy mayor claims, “the depot is like a heart for the blood flow to the Bydgoszcz tram network.”

Passengers are more concerned about the failure of this “blood flow” than the “heart” of the Bydgoszcz tram network. In addition to the condition of the tracks, faults or road closures in Babia Wieś, Bydgoszcz residents are also dissatisfied with the systematic reduced frequency of connections before the war in Ukraine and the pandemic – although Kozlovich said it was not a reduction in connections but “new tram lines”. application. – The network will meet the needs of residents who want to travel by public transport. If there are many of them, we will increase contacts – the vice-president commented.

Bydgoszcz tram depot – details of modernization

Reconstruction of the tram depot will begin with the demolition of the gate buildings. They will be replaced by a new one to be built next to the vehicle service hall. – The most important and priority building will be a lathe. This is a huge car on a tram. Just as we change the tires on our cars from summer to winter, this lathe grinds the wheels on trams. All this so that the trams around Bydgoszcz do not make noise. And we sometimes hear signals that there is a lot of noise – Vadinski said. A car wash for closed-circuit and water-filtered trams will be built on the south side of the hall.

During the modernization, we will also have to rebuild all the roads. The swings are 32 meters, and the constructions are 18. The newer trams do not fit in the arches, so today we have a problem with their service. – admitted the head of the municipal carrier. The depot modernization concept also includes the second phase of work to adapt the service and repair hall to the inspection of modern depots. – The steels are mainly “below”, driven by repair channels, and there is equipment on the roofs of low-rise trams. Therefore, we envisage the extension of parking spaces up to 32 meters, the construction of platforms or a compressor room to pour sand on trams. This is necessary to brake them – Vadinsky explained. The plan for the next part of the modernization of the depot in Torunsk also includes the introduction of automatic tram control.

Wadyński and Vice President Kozłowicz argued that the Bydgoszcz tram network needed to be rebuilt in connection with the planned acquisition of new trams. At the end of April, ZDMiKP opened the only offer for the delivery of 10 trains with the possibility of extending the order by 36 more units – PESA from Bydgoszcz expects 102 million PLN, and the city of Bydgoszcz had 89.7 million PLN for this purpose. When we asked him to win the tender, the deputy mayor admitted that the city was inclined to find the missing funds and choose the offer of a local manufacturer.

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