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“On the thirteenth I do not grieve over my tears, on the thirteenth I have better dreams.” Katarzyna Sobczyk would no doubt smile when she saw moviegoers singing. And there are many reasons to be happy. The Helios cinema network has at least one such big name in its repertoire.

The title of one of this week’s premieres may indicate that next Friday will be hot. “from the shooter” – a production for fans of fear – is an adaptation of Stephen King’s cult bestseller. Charlie has a rare gift – pyrokinesis – a girl with the ability to ignite fire. For more than a decade, her parents have been trying to hide her daughter’s unusual gift from a federal agency that plans to use it to produce weapons of mass destruction. My father taught Charlie how to let go of anger or pain, but by the time he was 11, he had difficulty controlling the fire.

The Helios repertoire also includes Anna Kazejak’s latest work, a comedy-drama. “Lanet Bornholm”. A group of friends spends a long weekend on the Danish island of Bornholm with the children. The incident between the children will cause a wave of crisis in their relationship. Amazing cast, excellent cinematography and screenplay – a film triad that is an irresistible attraction!

The title invites you to travel to the world of Marvel “Dr. Strange is in a world of madness”. The chief wizard of the MCU world opens up many universes, changing its boundaries to hitherto undiscovered areas. With the help of old and new allies, Doctor Strange travels to amazing and dangerous alternative worlds to meet a mysterious new enemy.

Animation awaits the youngest film lovers “Pet Games”. The audience will be greeted by Daisy, who wants to win a grand competition for “The Most Terrible Animals in the World”. The problem is that it is a lovely mammal that looks like a cross between a hamster and a kangaroo, so it is not one of the largest or most dangerous predators on the planet.

Among the offers for a family trip to the cinema is a continuation of the adventures of a certain hero who moves almost at the speed of light – “SONIC 2. Fast as lightning”. Sonic’s power attracts bad people, so he had to escape from the planet with the help of magic gold rings. He found himself … on earth. Hedgehog and his best friend Tom join forces to prevent the evil genius (Dr. Robotnik) from taking over the world.

Another week and another hot thoughts flow non-stop against Ukrainian friends. To distract them from dramatic events, Helios invites you to a free screening of a new set of fairy tales next week. “44 cats”, Published in Ukrainian dubbed version – the adventures of beautiful kittens, also known as Arcykotami! Polish production is waiting for older children “Too big for fairy tales” (in the audio version). Incredibly wise dialogues, built with great humor and excellent acting, will surely bring a smile to the faces of the little ones and allow them to relax for a moment.

May 15Relaxing in the seat of any cinema in the Helios cinema network on Sunday will be tantamount to supporting the Polish Humanitarian Action in Ukraine. Ukrainian production will appear on the big screen “Love and bloggers” – International comedy “Love and Bloggers” where we will see the leading Ukrainian bloggers. Half of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to aid to Ukraine. A trip to the cinema is twice as tempting!

Helios without special projects? Of course! This is the first date to be included in the Calendar of Special Events May 13 at 23:00and the annotation “Double Fear Marathon” next to it. Two sets of films, two ways to choose – one full of fear, the other a scary joke. They are waiting for them in the first set “Room 203”, “X”, “STAGE SEASON, DEAD SEASON” and “EMPTY CHILD”. But the second suggestion is: “SPREE”, “STUDIO 666”, “VOLCANOES ARE BETWEEN US” and “PSIKO GOREMAN”.

It is another date in the calendar of special events May 16 at 6 p.m. and password Koneser Cinema. And inside “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” – a drama that tells the extraordinary story of the successes and failures of a television evangelist. Not only his openness and kindness to people from all walks of life, but also his unique voice and characteristic make-up became a legend.

It remains to celebrate it May 19and enter the password on this date Accessible Culture, “White Stream”, 13:00 or 18:00, only 10 PLN. Directed by Michał Grzybowski, the Polish comedy-drama is captivating with its excellent cast, amazing plot and captivating humor.

Film Emotions is a great idea to spend an unforgettable time with relatives and friends, until you meet at a positive May show! Details are available at, it is worth checking today to take advantage of the opportunity to properly plan trips to the cinema and buy tickets at the best price in accordance with the principle of helios: You buy earlier, you buy more!

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