Another day, another NFT. Polish music industry for your brother with digital fraud

Another day, another NFT. Some push them, some get angry, some withdraw from their plans after a negative reaction. I am afraid that 2022 will be remembered with such dynamics. NFT – non-fungible tokens – is the newest way for technology brothers to offer solutions that will benefit only a small group of people. As I wrote about cryptocurrencies in the text, this trend is not the answer to real problems. For example, as a fair wage for the art side during the digital revolution. He makes more use of the passion of ownership instilled by capitalism – even if it is not a beautiful picture that anyone who becomes an object of property can write on a disc. It is true that the certificate of authenticity stored in the blockchain will not be ours, but if you are interested in such verification, I apologize, but I will not help you. NFT has many problems, but it is an interesting combination of the old – the pathology of the art market – and the new: the solution, that is, the belief that new technologies are the answer to everything. The assumptions of this solution have the seeds of something good in one place, that is, a fair profit for artists. This is especially important in areas of the arts that have been completely destroyed economically by the digital revolution, such as the music industry (don’t be fooled by reports of its alleged increase in value: numbers have increased, yes, but only a small percentage of people at the top of the pyramid). Nevertheless, we are in places as old as the world. Is believing that some rich species will pay us a few thousand dollars for a picture / song / animation / anything really a solution to system problems? Exactly.

The best proof that NFT is not the future, and the same old gossip, is the situation with the Falcon, the rich people who buy art. Anyway, the word part it is used here in a very playful way, because we are talking about ugly monkeys, who represent a level in JPGs, ah, controversial. I give my voice to the rapper: “NI don’t advertise and I don’t have a “contract” with any NFT, mintuję Thanks to the projects that I consider wonderful in WL. In the next two, I’m on WL, maybe I’ll dust it off, get ready, you’ll have water againę in the mill. But people who write such idiots don’t say anything WL and percussion, because, unfortunately, your fucking stems from the fact that you don’t get any of it. I once wrote a song with Pon, “Afraid,” which is for those who shout out loud because I’ve included information that I bought a monkey at NFT. Exactly: Sahin himself forged monkey, stupid people don’t understand. This is a typical procedure for Texbros discourse, covering a factual conversation not even with slang, but simply with a wave of hands in the face of the ignorance of critics. The hot water also included Steez from PRO8L3M, who was seduced by a picture of a monkey. His answer on Instagram is almost the same as Falcon’s: In the context of our partnership with the WWF from 2019, the controversy caused by Saturday’s post requires further comment. Probably no one has read the news that promotes our “VI Disaster” issue out of hypocrisy. Therefore, I finally offer to all those who are interested to read it – “2050 Poland for Generations. NFT tokens are created not only in energy-intensive ETH, but also in various blockchains. On the other hand, ETH is expected to be proven in 2022ofwork on evidence – ofshare and thus reduce energy demand by about 99.95%, which will reduce NFT’s own energy consumption in general. Regardless, the problem is not that anything is wasting energy, but what and how we get our energy from. The report also includes a plan for the Polish energy sector, where the leading role should be played by renewable energy sources, and the ultimate goal will be a zero-emission economy. With the current government’s policy, this plan is unlikely to materialize, and I advise those who are concerned about the environment to express this concern during the elections, rather than writing empty articles under my posts. Yesterday’s post, along with a list of all the comments, was bookmarked by me (in POS-based Polygon) and uploaded to OpenSea. Protest against the ignorance and stupidity exposed by social media. All your comments are stored there. I will return to it every year and together we will witness how some of them are getting old. I greet those who are open-minded and who can see what kind of revolution awaits us in the next twelve years. The producer adds a nice plot change here: NFT made from negative comments! It’s called creativity, and it’s almost a legendary ability for business. Gentlemen defend themselves in a typical way for the rich who spend money on stupid things: you do not know each other, this is the future, and so on. Impact, tokenization and all this technological nonsense hides a world of benefits that seem to be an investment in the future and participation in some revolution, spending a few thousand zlotys on the JPG. In the meantime, it’s nothing more than buying luxury goods that you can brag about and speculate about. However, there is an uncertain feeling that the NFT bubble will explode quickly enough, and the chances of speculating on the monkeys are very limited due to the saturation of the market. It would be better for hip-hop gentlemen to buy a traditional art that they will be proud of for years, not for the next few months. Because this is how I assess the opportunities of this market. In all this, Steez touched on an interesting topic. True, blockchain isn’t environmentally friendly right now, but hey, he already knows it’s going to be better someday, so there’s nothing to choose from. This defense story is very funny and unknowingly shows that a producer in the depths of his psyche knows that he is involved, as the Americans (the homeland of the most modern forms of deception) say. fraud and confusion. It’s stupid to back down after investing, you have to defend yourself. Falcon – Not as sensitive as Steez, but at least he approached the issue with an ingenuity worthy of a good producer.

There are more Polish artists in NFT who smell easy money and start releasing them. Forget the ugly monkey, Malik Montana will sell you Teddy Bear Malis. It presents Mes Typ as a new single NFT. Janusz Walczuk has big power plans with the B24 project: he wants to sell songs, archive recordings or 3D models as NFT. Julia Marcell went all the way, building the whole team.There are experts in several industries, including. game developers, blockchain designer, graphic designer, animator and VFX artist (press materials). Disco Solaris is an alternative retrotopia built in the 1980sNFT project based on the ecological Cardano network. It is an experience that combines blockchain technology with elements of role-playing and video games – I read the e-mail from the label and laugh. Meanwhile, Forxst, the producer of the blockbuster Quebonafide and Tommy Cash, sold his NFT beat to Benz-Dealer, where he earned tens of thousands. There are many examples, and you can give the impression that everything takes a smart job. Unfortunately, this is complete nonsense, which strengthens the economic stratification in the creative industries. Yes, you can make money on NFT, but most of the time it’s about people you already know. The digital revolution did not offer equity models of profit distribution, and NFT is the next edition of the circus. get rich get richer. The people who tell the story of some technological advances and opportunity for all are the same snake tongues who believe in the confirmation market maxim. Is the world in which rats participate in the lottery – a reasonable model, apart from other animals that buy thousands of tickets because they can win money? no It is also not a fair model. I shrug my shoulders in response to the mocking voices that denigrate the value of justice and strive for more equal systems, because in order to shake the value of justice, you must be a truly morally decaying individual. It’s not even about emotions – although they’re important – but there’s a lot of research showing that societies of equality and justice are simply happier. Given the scale of the mental health problems people face in the music industry and other creative industries, a fair model seems like a really meaningful goal to work with.

Find out who is offering NFT and why. There are areas of culture and entertainment where the audience strongly resists, forcing them to give up their evil plans. This is the case, for example, in the video game industry, where the community has won the rejection of NFT by many developers and publishers. Of course, there are still unhappy people who take advantage of the opportunity to earn quickly and easily. Ubisoft, a completely morally and creatively bankrupt company that has not been able to deal with allegations of serious systemic violence and discrimination against women for a year and the subsequent tedious criticism, remains unshakable in the NFT issue. Assassin’s Creed … corresponds to the title Assassin’s Creed Infiniteit will never end. NFT is surprisingly quiet in the film industry, protected from nonsense by quite a few traditional operating structures. However, in places where it is easy to use both the work itself and the audience, ie in the music industry and the fine arts, digital skinny They are going well. Pseudo-professional terminology, a story with a technocratic perspective, and the vigilance of the authorities involved in the legitimacy of these businesses (pseudo) weaken. I’m not Luddit, technological advances can serve our well-being. On the other hand, we are far from the digital revolution, ignoring the traps whose consequences we may suffer for many years. In terms of ecology and, above all, social justice and economic equality, NFT is one of the aspects that new technologies must prevent. Let Sokół even buy the whole Louvre in the form of NFT. Who forbids the rich. It belongs more to Vyspiansky’s grandson, as he used the name to promote his latest album.

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