Animals are remembered in Kunow commune! Cat owners can sterilize or castrate them for free!

The sterilization and castration of cats in Kunov commune is carried out in cooperation with the Kunow Animal Aid Association “Podaj Łapę” (activity coordinator), Kunov City and Communal Administration, which pays half of the costs. General sterilization of the Gray Bure and Łaciate Foundation, covering the second half of the costs.

Joanna Kosiarska, president of the Animal Welfare Association “Give a Paw”, explains that a similar action was organized several years ago. At that time, the Fund covered all the expenses. For a good start, 100 treatment pools are planned.

– Years ago, we were able to sterilize more than 120 kittens from the commune. We hope that the campaign will respond similarly this time. Sterilization of cats is a necessity due to the scale of homelessness of these animals. A female cat gives birth to an average of 4 cats per pregnancy, and such pregnancies can occur up to 3 times a year. This is a big number. Importantly, a kitten can become pregnant at the age of 9 months and practically become a parent for the rest of its life – explains Joanna Kosiarska and reminds that sterilization prevents diseases such as pyomyositis, reduces the suffering of the cat during pregnancy or childbirth. It also reduces the risk of transmitting infectious diseases to cats.

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– Castration does not adversely affect the cat’s behavior, on the contrary, cats are not sensitive to hormones produced during estrus, they become calmer. Men stop marking the area, don’t try to run away from home, and don’t “walk around” if cats “come out.” As an association, we deal with animal tragedies every day. Abandonment is still very common. In the summer, people simply leave their dog or cat litter because they can’t find a new home. Ingredients happen because you go on vacation and “get out of trouble.” We had to face many tragedies: neglected, fallen or sick cats. Cat runny nose is standard and we treat it in almost every cat we care about. Unfortunately, there were cases of cats that had to be put down due to lack of chance to escape – recalls Joanna Kosiarska.

He added that animals are often killed “arbitrarily” by humans.

– One of the situations that came to my mind the most was when I found dead kittens scattered on the sidewalk in the morning while going to collect food for our students. Their appearance showed that they were thrown away immediately after birth, and that their hair was sticky, which means that the kitten did not even have time to wash them. This was Kunov’s main way, and children often went to school or just for a walk on this sidewalk. Such a view, of course, can be traumatic for them, he explains.

He explains that there was a day’s worth of rubbish in the ditch or in the trash.

– Such cats quickly lose body heat, and every minute without a cat reduces their chances of survival. Also, it is very difficult to “raise” such a cat without a cat. The baby needs 24-hour care. It is necessary to warm the kitten, massage the abdomen to help defecate and feed every 2 hours. We have a few cats on loan that we have been able to raise, but in most cases we get notices too late to save such animals, he says.

Therefore, it is worth preventing rather than leading to tragedy. Free sterilization or castration of cats is possible thanks to the joint efforts of the Commune, the Association and the Foundation.

Source: Kunov City and Commune Office

To register to use the treatment and collect a check, contact the Municipal and Communal Office in Kunów between 9.00-11.00 and 13.30-15.30 on May 11-13. You need to go to the vet Stanislaw Michalak, who has a clinic at 2a Podgórze Street in Kunov. Anyone who is already interested in veterinarians will determine the date of FREE castration or sterilization treatment.

– If someone does not have a cat, but feeds it, but wants to use sterilization, we can rent him a special cage. When it comes to preparing your cat for surgery, the most important thing is not to feed it on the day of surgery. The veterinarian will always explain the details when making an appointment. The procedure itself takes about 40 minutes. As I mentioned, a similar action has been carried out in our commune before, and the procedure has never failed, says Joanna Kosiarska.

He emphasizes that the Municipality of Kunov and the Municipal Administration, headed by the mayor of Lex Lodge, support all the ideas of Creation and, if possible, financially and legally assist in their implementation.

– This year we are planning another event to help animals, but it is too early for details. As far as I know, such cooperation between local governments and animal support organizations is rare, and our cooperation can be an example for others, ”he concluded.

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