What is a cloud game and why will we all play in the cloud soon?

From the first local networks to real MMOs, the internet revolution has been paving the way for the most effective, exciting and unusual games for years. This is just the beginning. The latest solution in this area is cloud gaming – what is it worth knowing about?

Cloud game – what is it and why is it worth talking about?

Cloud gaming is a trend that is slowly beginning to change the gaming industry. This phenomenon is relevant cloud computing – its graphics, symbols, our operations and basically all its content. We use similar technologies in other sectors today, although we used the term then cloud computing. These are similar concepts, but differ in some details. Cloud computing is a popular way to work with text files, spreadsheets, and other common office processes.

Business solutions differ from cloud games primarily because they do not require low latency, stable internet connection and high throughput. In fact, there is nothing stopping you from creating this type of offline content and automatically updating files when you are on the network. This is not possible in the case of cloud games – we are completely dependent on our link. This is the biggest technological hurdle so far, but we will be able to avoid it as new communication standards develop.

Cloud platforms are increasingly used by various businesses

Thanks to the development of technologies such as 5G and WiFi 6, we can look at the phenomenon of cloud gaming a little more positively. It seems that the new, faster networks will be able to save high-level details, immerse the game and work comfortably – certainly not as fast as in our house. To understand the idea of ​​a cloud game, just look at the Google Stadia and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions.. These two services are definitely different – they are the main innovators in this field, and their approach to the game in the cloud will determine the trends of the coming years.

The main problem of cloud games – the game in the cloud overloads the network

Playing in the cloud is the biggest technological hurdle transmission of large data packets. We get a very high-quality image from the fact that the operations are carried out from home computers on multi-efficient machines. To control the game characters, we need to send appropriate requests to the server. To this are added the response time, the reaction time of our rain, and similar sources of delay. For standard wi-fi networks The minimum expected ping in a cloud game is 30-50 ms.

Such values ​​are only possible when dealing with 100% efficient communication. You can see that the response time is not so attractive – although most players compete online with similar delays. These are the values ​​we will encounter in popular multiplayer productions in 2020 – League of Legends, World of Warcraft or Fortnite.

In addition to the messages sent, there is also the creation and transmission of the image

When all of these tasks are taken into account, the delay may be greater. So far, it is difficult to get more texts about cloud games and its pingi We can expect values ​​of more than 100 milliseconds. The delay of one tenth of a second is so great that problems with the game begin to appear. First of all, it is less convenient, but also prevents competition at the highest level.

Lack of internet impairs the ability to play games – If we use a machine dedicated to the management of heads in the cloud, we will be able to play only low-demand productions without access to the network. This is the second important aspect of talking about cloud games – the issue of equipment for such entertainment is extremely open. Just look at these basic services in the market. They all emphasize that they are cross-platform or on the way to exist in different systems. What does this mean in practice?

Cloud games – gaming equipment doesn’t have to look like a PC or console

This is an extremely interesting phenomenon. It seems that cloud games have the potential to completely change the way we play games. That’s because of him the basic mechanism is quite universal – it is simply the processing of an image taken from a network. The key to developing a gaming machine is to be ready to use an excellent network infrastructure, rather than a powerful processor and graphics card.

Currently, the game can be divided into three areas – PC, consoles and mobile devices. To this was added another concept – a cloud game. Unlike previous solutions, there is a lot of freedom in terms of equipment used. The most important parameters are the bandwidth and efficiency of the network card. Let’s see how the individual apparatus will change during the cloud gaming revolution – that is, soon.

Playing on the PC during the cloud games – to pay attention to other issues

In the case of personal computers we will see a decrease in the importance of each component type – from graphics cards to SSD drive efficiency to processors. The latter will probably remain at the top for the longest time, but they will probably support innovative communication standards and the peripherals that support them. Even with the streaming design, the power of the PC itself will not matter much. Data centers equipped with larger computing resources are the key to creating video with real-time processing.

Cloud games for PC will soon become a reality – However, it is too early to offer the right gaming experience for professional players. They will stick to more conventional solutions and make sure that nothing limits their ping and potential. Therefore, broadcasters and players on espor teams will continue to use powerful PC machines.

What will console games look like during the cloud games?

Probably in the era of tenth generation consoles, we will be engaged in a certain role exchange. Consoles will benefit from the power of cloud computing, but will themselves become more of a multimedia device. However, the issue of their design may come up. Given that the PS5 and Xbox Series X are large enough, the look of their successors could change completely if you don’t have to deploy such powerful components.

However, the potential of cloud computing could lead to a complete stagnation in this sector. We can achieve a similar effect by using the first better TV with a fairly good processor. Of course, we are talking about future equipment only in a few years – at the moment it is difficult to predict anything concrete.

No one will benefit except Android and iOS cloud games!

Play mobile games will gain new colors. Triple-A titles with services like Google Stadia and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are becoming a reality. Samsung has announced support for the latest titles on the Galaxy Note 20. It seems so The smartphone is an ideal product that will perform the tasks of the new generation of games.

This is also a great opportunity to significantly change its functionality. Our use of telephones may change in the future. It is possible that they will only be the port of cloud computing systems, which will provide better performance, lower cost and less battery consumption. One thing is certain – in this case, the potential is extraordinary. The method of control must also change – the existing ideas are quite inconvenient and impractical. So let’s wait for the moment when one of the producers decided to revolutionize the screen operation.

Cloud games with your own devices – Chromebooks and TV applications

Playing in the cloud gives you great potential. First of all, let’s look at solutions like Google Stadia and the possibility of combining this technology with Chromebooks. This type of laptop is the first device based on real-time cloud computing for home use. We will soon see an expansion of our offer of cloud games.

Laptops running Chrome OS can be a kind of model for this type of device. In the future, we expect updated gaming phones, consoles focusing on cloud games, and custom TV or PC extensions that will stand out with strong network support. The common denominator of all these devices will be the attractive price and low cost of production.

In all this, you can see a trend that is leading to excessive digitalization of the gaming industry. After a few years, physical version games may become rare. The equipment itself will be made from recycled materials, and all the money that players spend on the benefits of the virtual game will be allocated to the activities of the creators. This is the future that will give us extraordinary potential in terms of creating interesting games.

In addition, cloud games provide a great opportunity to demonstrate VR. Using glasses when working with new headers seems like a pretty good idea. This is a particularly attractive choice, given that even the most powerful modern devices often do not meet the requirements of such virtual reality. Playing in the cloud is also an opportunity for the development of this technology.

Let’s take a look at two of the most important cloud gaming services on the market

The future exists today – we offer two services that prove it Cloud games are taken seriously by several institutions. GeForce Now, Project xCloud, PlayStation Now or Steam Link should also be mentioned. However, there are two cloud gaming services that are definitely different from the competition. This is an offer from Google, ie an innovation of Google Stadia and Microsoft, which is taken seriously by major publishers – Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with cloud games.

Google Stadia – a good level cloud game

We wrote a little about Google Stadia on the pages of the portal, but very reluctantly. What is certain is that the service will be available on phones – new and slightly older Galaxy models, as well as devices such as Razer Phone and ROG Phone. From 2020, new trio A titles will appear at Stadia – AC: Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077.

This means that first-time users will be able to see all the features of the platform created by Google. However, this does not mean that there will be a real boom for this solution, and users will start knocking on doors and windows. Absolutely not – Google Stadia is currently quite far from other services of this type and is a long way from the position of gaming equipment and services.

So far, Google does not seem to be targeting the Polish market particularly strongly. This can be seen in other products – only recently we have been able to use the Polish version of Google Assistant. However, it is worth watching the development of Google’s cloud gaming platform – the potential is huge and the largest gaming studios are interested.

Another example of a cloud game for everyone – Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft’s vision for developing cloud gaming technology is a bit crazy. The Redmond giant already believes that by 2020, the needs of players are the ability to play anywhere, with high precision, low ping and almost any device.

Thus, with the support of cloud gaming, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a significant departure from the standard concept of this technology. Provides unlimited access to various titles as part of the subscription to the computer games service. In addition, it currently supports a library of 100 titles and was created in collaboration with major players in the mobile market – for example, Samsung. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has a chance to be the first real revolution in the cloud gaming market, the competition will be short in light years.

Will we all play in the cloud?

It seems that every casual, mobile and console player will be able to enjoy the cloud game in the near future. There are more and more services that support these types of services and cloud games – this is an undeniable trend. The revolution is happening before our eyes.

Sources: main photo – dronepicr, Flickr (CC 2.0)

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