The story of an unusual relationship. Din and Nala traveled thousands of kilometers together

Probably a few of us would decide to go cycling with a cat for a few months. In the third month of his journey, Dean found a homeless little cat. He decided to make her his companion.

Relationships can be thought of at different levels. I recently received a book by Dean Nicholson (Znak literanova publishing house), The World of Nali. As I read it, I realized how important our relationship with the natural world – plants and animals. This fascinating book is a description of the unusual relationship between humans and cats.

Find a friend

It is September 2018. Dean Nicholson travels from his hometown of Dunbar, Scotland, to tour the world. He travels to Bosnia and Herzegovina three months later. There he finds an abandoned cat that has been abandoned for several weeks. He knows that leaving her will end her death. So she takes her pet with her. They travel to other countries and become dual. It’s amazing how the chance encounter of a kitten can change a person’s life. This is what happened in Dean’s story. The cat has become an integral part of his life. We say that the dog is man’s most loyal friend. However, the relationship between Dean and Nala shows that true friendship is also possible in the human-cat line. And this, despite the individuality inherent in the nature of the cat. The name given to the cat by religion is not accidental – when he wanted to choose this name, he remembered the fairy tale “King Lion”. After all, the name of the wife of the protagonist of this film, Simba, was first of all Nala.

Cats for the world and I were traveling companions. We could be a strange couple, but still a couple.

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You have probably heard many times that our attitude toward animals shows what kind of people we are. There is a lot of truth in this. A good person is sensitive to nature and its problems. He tries to help nature and, of course, does not help to destroy it. Religion shows how internally it can change a person who comes in contact with a small being. Apparently, he did not change his plans, did not give up his trip, and the kitten became his companion. And at the same time, thanks to a small pet, everything has changed. He was no longer so free and free, after all, he had a kitten under his care (he grew up to be a beautiful cat). And under him and under his needs began to organize his journey. There is even a fragment in the book that the protagonist admits that he forgot about his health and needs by paying attention to Nali. He devoted himself to the creature he met on the way. This is a real friendship – very similar to the relationship between Lisa and the Little Prince. Dean subdued Nala and became the center of his world. After all, cats are territorial animals. Nala had no problems with displacement and frequent changes in the environment. And the trip gave him a lot of joy – he was able to observe the changing environment. Not only on the bike – the cat was also found … on the ski.

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Take care

Din heard from one of the many veterinarians he had to visit while traveling with Nala (just to be able to legally cross national borders): “You can see that you are taking care of him.” Care is probably the key word in approaching the world around us. Nature requires our care. Yes, we can’t save the whole world, but we can take care of what’s next to us – like Dean for her cat friend. Care is also a sign of commitment. The animal has become an important part of the life of the Scottish cyclist. In his diary or collection of memories (because the book should be called that), Din speaks very kindly about the cat. He cares about everything that comes with it. When he wakes up later, he is upset about Nali’s absence. As the kitten prepares for sterilization, she becomes very upset. Somehow, he even panics (and says he’s his father). Two different species, but that doesn’t stop them from making a wise connection. A relationship where both parties give a lot to each other. Clearly, Din looks after Nala and gives her food, drink, and other necessities, and arranges the night for her. But Nala also gives him a lot – for example, gratitude. And she is a nurse – because the author of the book has the opportunity to learn several times. Relationships with the natural world can teach us a lot.

Moaning acted like a magnet on people. (…) As we sat on the wall and admired the view, an old lady in a headscarf looked at him in adoration for about five minutes. He muttered something under his breath as if he were praying. Of course, I had no idea what he was saying, but I understood something, and it was wonderful. Nala seemed to have a supernatural power to make people laugh, regardless of religion, age, or culture.

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But the story of Dean and Nali is also a bigger blessing story. A previously unknown man who traveled with a cat in Europe overnight became known thanks to media reports. The next day, Dean was surprised to see that his Instagram profile had grown from a few thousand to several hundred thousand followers. People started watching Dean and Nala’s journey. The cyclist used this fact to attract Internet users to charity. He started raising money in various ways and then donated to foundations from all over the world. More than one goodness – saving a kitten – a global goodness was born. Religion itself has experienced that the good sex is good – many times on the way people have shown great sympathy for him and opened their homes and hearts to the musician and his kitten. The actions of the human-cat couple are still going on. Goodness still spreads thanks to them. I know because I checked. Nala is doing well and now lives with his master in Dunbar, Scotland. He is a famous cat – but with a philanthropic ability. This account can teach us a lot. You can follow the history of the cyclist and the cat on the Instagram profile 1bike1world.

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