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First, let’s explain what brafitter does. brabra fit – compatible. Brafitterka is a professional bra fitter: she determines the type of bust, chooses its size and shows what a properly chosen bra can do with our figure. Or maybe a lot – from reducing back pain to emphasizing even the smallest breasts.

The idea of ​​the interview came from the fact that the holiday season is approaching and the spring weather is already giving us warm winter clothes, preferring light summer sets. Let’s start by talking about the dress dress bra – because it can be very unattractive, visually, visually showing our summer set (as well as winter).

– In fact, when buying a bra, first of all we need to make sure that it fits well, and secondly – we need to wear a shirt or blouse and see how it fits on our bust. Sometimes it seems to us that the bra is in order, and after putting on the rest of the dress, there is a drama – says Silvia, whom I met in Silva’s salon.

Although the basic knowledge of how to place bras correctly is on the Internet, problems still arise. No need to look for examples – forums like Spotted on Facebook are enough. It is easy to find questions about brafitters that match the bra.

– Ladies mistakenly think that the bra is wrong when the edges of the armpit are visible, because the sides should not be there. Not good. Only women with ribs do not have these sides. The rest – those who have some bodies, do it and will do it. This is normal and is expected to be so. You should also remember that the bra is not too tight. We need to breathe freely there – says Silvia. – Once you get the size, don’t forget to “take it out” correctly, ie put your hand on the bra and straighten everything forward. Then we pull up the thickest edge of the bra so that the lower part of our chest ‘sits’ there. We make the proverbial basket so that our bust looks beautiful. You can feel it. When choosing a bra with underwire, keep in mind that the bottom wires must be in the right place, because we can hurt ourselves. That’s right, that is, between the chest and the ribs, somewhere in the middle, and then nothing hurts us, nothing sticks, nothing hurts. Another thing – nothing comes from above. If the breasts are shed from above, you need to take a larger size – he adds.

Properly chosen underwear means not only boosting self-confidence and improving your appearance, but also reducing back pain. – Man was not created to walk and bend, but to stand. Properly chosen bra means that our backs do not hurt with large sizes. Girls, let’s take care of our health now, let’s not wait for problems, – begs Sylvia. – Another point that is not spoken out loud is that women’s breasts are asymmetrical. In 90% of cases, one breast is larger than the other, and then supplements help eliminate these differences. Such ladies often buy bras and change accessories from them. When choosing a bra for asymmetrical breasts, keep in mind that we choose it for larger breasts, not smaller ones.

The biggest mistake – washing bras in the washing machine

One of the most common mistakes made when servicing bras is throwing them in the washing machine. – Bras should not be washed in the washing machine, even in bags. Such a bra is ugly because it mixes with dirty water, but also stretches. Bras should be washed by hand without the addition of emollients. These fluids actually “kill” our bras. If they are too hard to hold our busts, what will happen if we add fabric softener to wash them? They will not keep this bust for us because they will lose their property, says Silvia. – When it comes to washing in the washing machine, let me say one thing – if you have lower wires in the washing machine, do I feel sorry for your washing machine? You forget about it and the bottom wires can fall off – adds.

For hand-washing bras, you must use special liquids diluted with water (for example, soak). – In fact, bras just sweat, they are not particularly dirty. They are immersed in a bowl with water and liquid, it is enough to knead them several times and leave for half an hour. Then we simply take it out and hang it to dry. That’s it – says Sylwia. – Water, save time and the bra looks fragrant and beautiful. Yes, ladies, let’s take care of our underwear.

Cheap doesn’t mean good

Another mistake is to buy a cheap bra from poor quality material. – Women often say that if it is damaged, they will buy a new one. A decent bra costs between 120 PLN and even 200 PLN. You can buy cheap, low-quality for about 50 PLN. But let’s admit that such bras wear out quickly, especially when washing with the rest of the clothes in the washing machine. The effect is that in two or three months such a bra will be discarded and we will buy another bra and spend another 50 PLN on it. As a result, we receive more than 100 PLN for two low-quality products. We think it is better to just buy cheaper. The more expensive ones are made of materials that will last longer, and their construction is completely different – explains Sylwia.

Silva salon attracts customers of all ages – from teenagers to young girls, young mothers and the elderly. Each breast size, type and needs are different. Sylwia, the event is almost in front of her eyes.

– It may seem a bit strange that I don’t measure my clients with a tailor’s tape. It often happens that the customer tells me what size he is wearing, and I already see that this size is wrong. We start by adjusting the bra (starting point), then polishing the object by resizing it to a larger or smaller size, straightening the straps, and “taking out” the biggest advantages of the bust – Sylwia says she admits. He has already seen the girls who came to help with wounds on their chests. – Wrong size, the lower wires are stuck to the chest or sternum. I have seen many, very painful stories – it explains what to do for many years to enjoy beautiful and firm breasts. – You should sleep on top during the day and wear a bra. Yes, some women with really small breasts decide to go without a bra. If the clothes do not irritate the nipples in any way, okay, nothing bad will happen to them. It’s worse with larger sizes, because keep in mind that gravity does its job and without the necessary support, our breasts will start to fall off, he says.

Bigger is more of a problem? It turns out that this is not the case

As Sylwia told me, contrary to her appearance, it is more difficult to choose a bra for small breasts than for large ones. – Bras with small breasts run from the bottom when chosen incorrectly. The ladies may not realize it, but they continue to adjust the bra, which means that the size is wrong, – says Silvia. It was found that more than 90 percent of women with small breasts have giant complexes at this point. – A good bra gives us great confidence. We feel sexy and, above all, comfortable, – says my interlocutor.

I learned the hard way how Brafitter fits your bra to you. In fact, I turned out to be the wrong size. Sylwia introduced me to three models, each highlighting my bust differently. In front of the mirror there were spells that I never expected. I learned what the advantages of my breasts are, what kind of breasts I have and which bras are right for me. It was heartwarming to hear so much praise, especially from our skeletons, at a time when we regularly heard criticism, let’s admit that I do not have a model figure. The figure of the well-chosen bras has changed a bit visually. I came home with two new models. After seeing what I saw in the dressing room, I said goodbye to my old bras without blinking. Sometimes it is worth asking an expert on this issue.

Agnieszka Kaźmierczak

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