The fox in the city. What are foxes afraid of? Where can foxes be reported?

The fox met in ul. Freedom in Nowy Port.

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As they say, they are cunning. In real life – very smart and interesting, but also lives in the city, especially when eating. More and more often we are talking about foxes that can be found under our windows – like wild boars. As Agnieszka of Nowy Port, whose dog was attacked by a fox, knows, fox visits are not always friendly. Despite the help of a veterinarian, the dog could not survive.

A fox bit a dog in Nowy Port

– As I write this, I am crying like a baby, because today the fox attack did not end with the incident alone. He killed my dog. He killed my best friend, who had been with me for 13 years. He was not sick, and the test results – as the vet said – were like a puppy. She had several wonderful years ahead of her, she wrote on social media Agnes.
At the emotional entrance, a Nowy Port resident called on his neighbors to stop feeding wild animals, as foxes are drawn to the habitat for throwing leftover food, where they not only get used to easily accessible food. but also to live in the presence of other animals and people. It is dangerous because they can attack when they feel threatened. What did Ms. Agneska’s pet learn?

– Please do not throw the leftovers from the balconies. Foxes have so much food to choose from that they can choose what they want. The more people support us in this matter, the more we can do. Foxes must return to their natural habitat. For this to happen, we need to pay attention to it together and maybe change our habits a little bit. Why throw food scraps from the balcony? Let’s act together on this issue! – Agneska appealed.

A fox family on a construction site in Redlowo

Foxes in the city: what is it worth not knowing?

There are foxes great sense of smell and hearing. They jump wellespecially useful when hunting. var sharp clawwhich – like cats – can be hidden.

Hunting skills are of no use to them in the city where they “find food on the tray.” Yes those who eat everything. They especially love what they will find in the forest and therefore their own natural environment: worms, spiders, small animals (mice, birds) and forest fruits.

The latter are found in the crumbs that people – sometimes unconsciously and honestly – want to share with “homeless animals.” It is worth remembering that this is a mistake and can do more harm than good.

Do you see a fox in the city? Call 986

In addition to residents, the municipal services that hold the game also call for less food. As Agneska notes in her article, their actions are not always effective.

– Finally, how many more pets must die for someone to take us seriously? Did he take the problem seriously? Will the authorities really start intervening only when the fox’s victim is a child !? After the last article about foxes, a letter was sent asking for help with the support and assistance of the district council. In response, the municipal police reported that patrols were sent to control our district and no animals were found.
In response to the notification of the District Council, we read that from March 25 to April 9, the guards of the Animal Protection Department conducted preventive inspections at various times, but their presence was not detected. The guards also say that the dogs attacked the fox, but not vice versa.

– It was found out from the conversation with the residents that the fox living near the Border Guard Unit had been attacked by empty dogs before. As preventive inspections did not have the expected effect, inform residents to report the appearance of a fox / raccoon dog. Free emergency number of Gdańsk Municipal Police – 986 immediately in the presence of the animal – wrote in response to the district council Adam ŁaszewskiDeputy Head of the Department of Ecology.

The fox met in Podwale Przedmiejskie

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