Successful start of the Piast team in the Silesian Youth Championship

Last Saturday, at the athletics stadium ul. Sirius in Gliwice, popularly known as the Silesian Youth League, took place in the first shot of the Silesian team championship. The young athletes from Piast showed a very good side and finished the race in the fourth place. 16 teams competed in Gliwice.

This season, 30 clubs are competing for the title of the best athletic team in the Slaskie Voivodeship in this age category. There will be three shots in total. All the presented teams take part in the first two, final, final shots, and the 12 teams with the most points in the first two games will compete for medals.

Clubs can produce any number of players. Points are awarded to those who get good enough results. Thus, the better the score, the more points a player can earn for the team. However, the first 15 results are counted for the final classification.

Due to the large number of beginners, the teams were divided into two groups. Piast was the host of Group B, and in the second round Ruda Śląska competed. – 800 women and men took part in the competition. This is a little less than before the pandemic, because at that time about 1,000 young athletes competed, but we are still happy, because it was more than a year. – Jacek Markowski, President of the Silesian Athletics Association, assessed the participants as follows.

All competitions dedicated to this age category (U-16) are held during the competition. Stadionda ul. A large group of fans for Sirius watched short and medium distances, relay races, hammer, ball and javelin throws, as well as high jumps, long jumps and polygons. The weather was good for the competitors and it was good to get very good results. Piast player Maja Barteczko threw a javelin at a distance of 29.58 meters and was very pleased with this fact. – It could have been better, because the conditions were favorable, but I’m happy anyway, because I improved my personal record by 6 meters. – Barteczko commented on his speech. This is 118 points for the team.

However, Julia Sochacka scored the most points for Piast. In the 300-meter run, the athlete showed a result of 43.26 seconds, gaining first place among beginners and 142 points. In addition, she competed with Marta Ciganek, Zofia Roczniak and Olivia Matysiak in 53.56 seconds. He took third place in the 4 × 100 meter relay with 131 points. Marta Ciganek, who scored 136 points at the start of the 600 meters (1.41.98 seconds), also successfully completed this balance. – I tried to start quickly, so we went ahead from the beginning. First we got a three-meter advantage, then the girls made up for it. This is the effect of intense training before the race – This is how Julia Sochacka assessed the run in the relay.

In total, the Piast team scored 1683 points, which allowed them to take fourth place in the Gliwice competition. Interestingly, 13 of the 15 classified players and Piast drivers are girls. – We are pleased with this achievement and the place, although for various reasons some of our top players were not able to participate in this competition, so it could have been better. Our goal is to reach the final and the top six at the end of this championship. If that happens, we will be happy – Summarizes Wojciech Rutyna, Vice President of GKS Piast.

A group of thirty young athletes from Ukraine took part in the competition and they did a great job and won most of the competition. Their results were not taken into account for classification, but nevertheless significantly improved the level of sportsmanship of the championship. – Together with the Secretary of the Ukrainian Athletics Association, we decided to gather a group of young people from this country who are engaged in this discipline. They came to us from war-torn areas. The most important goal is to ensure their safety, but we try to allow them to participate in trainings and competitions. Thank you very much for allowing them to participate in this competition. It is very important for theme – “UFF!” Agnieszka Stec, president of the association, emphasizes.

Recall that in 2014 and 2015, Piast won the Silesian team championship. However, the pandemic has affected not only the number of people who want to do athletics, but also the number of hours spent training. The competition on Saturday showed that the situation is rapidly improving.

These competitions were the first official competitions, during which competitions for points and medals are held within the framework of the Silesian Championship. As Jacek Markiewicz, who attended the stadium, noted, they were almost exemplary. – More and more events are held in Gliwice, and these competitions are organized at a higher level, not only in terms of sports, but also in terms of organization. Many thanks to the Piast and Gliwice City Hall for organizing and supporting these events – Concludes the President of the Silesian Athletics Association.

The sports season is becoming more active. The following Sunday, May 15, ul. Syriausza 30 will host a Qualifying Meeting, during which participants will be able to get a minimum to participate in the individual championships of Silesia and Poland. We invite you today – admission is free!

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