Song blackbird – species characteristics

The song blackbird is found in Europe, Asia and Africa. The small size of these birds does not mean that they are loud. They return to Poland in early spring to build nests and lay eggs. What else is worth knowing about this bird?

Song thrush is a small bird of the blackbird family, found in almost all of Europe, Asia and Australia. It was first described in 1831 by the German ornithologist Christian Ludwig Brehm. Blackbirds are one of the loudest singing birds and perfectly mimic other species and even telephones.

Song corn – common features

Singing blackbirds are migratory birds and rarely live in herds. They do not pay attention to the companionship of other birds and do not see the problem of spreading to foreign countries. Females are extremely industrious and are responsible for building nests and laying eggs. Both birds and their eggs are painted in a similar way – they have a large number of dark spots. Singers are very different birds due to their unique voices. In addition, inspired by poetry, they decorate the emblem of the English football club West Bromwich Albion.

What does the song corn look like?

The body length of birds does not exceed 25 cm and weighs between 60 and 80 g. Both males and females have olive-brown feathers and a lighter abdomen. The song’s chest and abdomen are decorated with dark spots, and the inside of its wings is orange. The song is black belongs to small birds, but is distinguished by a loud voice.

We are singing blackbirds

This small bird is characterized by high and sharp reading. For some people, it is relaxing, for others it is worrying. Male songbirds, which are especially active in the morning and evening, make louder sounds. We are singing blackbirds resembles a melody consisting of repetitions and thoughtful verses. Reds repeat an expression several times, then create a new one. In a stressful situation, they make short noises that increase even more during migration. Songbirds have the ability to mimic the sounds of other birds and even electronic devices, such as cell phones. Their repertoire includes more than 100 expressions taken from parents and the environment. They read from March to July and then shut up due to the periodic exchange of feathers, which requires a lot of energy. Blackbird read is genetically determined and largely depends on the environment in which they live.

Migration of songbirds

Songbirds do not belong to birds that live together. In winter, they migrate to warmer countries, and in March they return to Poland in search of nests. These birds winter in Western Europe and the Mediterranean, and the first migrants are males. After a while, the females that lay the first eggs join them.

Where do we meet the singer blackbird?

These small brown creamy birds live mainly in forests, gardens, parks and all forest areas. They appear in places rich in shrubs and bushes. They form small nests 1-3 m above the ground between shrubs and deciduous trees. The singer’s black hole is reminiscent of a cup made of twigs, moss and grass and reinforced with mud.

The song is about a blackbird

The breeding season of songbirds begins between April and June. The female lays a few blue eggs that hatch in about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, many other species feed on the eggs of singers. These include some birds (jay and squirrel) and even squirrels.

Female corn chicks feed on earthworms, insects and snails. After this time, it gives birth to another calf and feeds the male until it learns to fly. Depending on the climatic conditions, songbirds in Poland raise 2 to 3 chicks.

What do songbirds eat?

There are blackbirds between the shoes, that is, those who eat everything. In addition to invertebrates, the menu of the singers will include fruits. Most love rowan and blueberries, as well as snailsthey destroy the bark with stones in advance. Popular food for blackbirds are hunters, earthworms, insects and their larvae and mistletoe.

Life of currants

Song blackbirds They live from 1 to 3 years depending on where you live. The maximum age of singers documented by researchers is 10 years and 8 months. Unfortunately, some birds die from cat bites and parasitic diseases. They are especially attacked by parasites – trypanosomes, Splendidofilaria mavis and Haemoproteus. Song thrush is also at risk of tick-borne infections, which can lead to Lyme disease.

The number of birds is declining in the UK and the Netherlands, as well as in the Palearctic. In some countries (including Poland), squirrels are the least disturbing species and are not legally protected, so they can be killed all year round.

Main photo source: sandra standbridge / Getty Images

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