Museum Night in Krakow 2022. What is worth seeing? [Termin i atrakcje]

On Saturday, May 14, the 18th Museum Night will be held, which will return completely after the limited edition of the COVID-19 disease pandemic. In the years before the pandemic, there were queues of people wanting to visit the streets of Krakow. This year may be similar. On Friday, museums and galleries will open their doors to visitors. Many of them offer the opportunity to visit the exhibition with guided tours in Ukrainian.

The list of organizations participating in the Museum Night in Krakow includes branches of the National Museum in Krakow, the Museum of Photography, the Museum of Engineering and Technology (formerly the Museum of Municipal Engineering), the Experimental Garden Stanislaw Lem, Rydlówek.

As part of this year’s Night of the Muse, as always, exhibitions in Krakow’s galleries and museums will be open long after dark, and access to them will cost a symbolic zloty. According to the organizers, culture lovers can find many Ukrainian accents in the program, which mainly refers to refugees arriving in the city. They have the opportunity to visit the exhibition with guide tours in Ukrainian.

Concert of refugee musicians on the Night of Museums

Although sightseeing will remain the most important element of the Museum Night, this year’s program includes accompanying events. Music lovers will be interested in the concert of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber Orchestra. The group consists of musicians who fled to Poland before the war and is led by Martyna Zych and Natalia Warzecha-Karkus.

– Members of our team live all over Poland, from Rzeszów to Wroclawa, and occasionally meet for events such as rehearsals or Museum Night. In total, there are 16 people who have fled from different parts of Ukraine, all of them professional musicians with experience in philharmonic and orchestras. For them, it is an excellent springboard and an opportunity to work at the same time. The orchestra’s conductor, Martyna Zych, says that we will come to Krakow with a group of eight people and perform, among others, works by Ukrainian composer Miroslav Skorik, who died in 2020 and some of our musicians had the opportunity to meet. .


The concert of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber Orchestra will take place on May 13 at the Museum of Photography. Rakovichka 22, 6:30 p.m.

There will be several other music presentations for music lovers and music lovers, such as “The Dark Side of Folk Songs at Night – What’s Not Sung in Front of Children?” concert program called. The event, held at the famous “Wesele” Rydlówka in Krakow Bronowice, as its name suggests, is intended for adults. The concert will start on Friday, May 13 at 22:00 and will last about 1.5 hours, you need to register in advance – more information is available at

Night of Museums in Krakow. Exhibitions and walks

The Night of Museums is also an opportunity to visit the facilities of the Krakow Museum. These include the aforementioned Rydlówka, as well as Barbican, Hipolit House, Krzysztofory Palace and Oscar Schindler’s Enamel Factory.

For those who like to walk under the starry sky, Underground Nowa Huta (a branch of the Krakow Museum) has prepared an offer. According to the organizers, in addition to visiting the shelters in Nowa Huta, they are also planning a night walk in the footsteps of neon signs, which is typical for the largest district of Krakow. It is worth dressing a little warmer, because the walk will start on Friday, May 13 at 22:00.

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The museum staff of the KL Plaszow Museum, the memorial area of ​​the former concentration camp, is also preparing a unique walk. The main theme of the tour, “Song Behind the Wire”, will be literary works performed by prisoners during the Nazi terror. Starts at 5:30 pm on Friday – pre-booking is required for this event. Guided tour at the Eagle Pharmacy “Life in the Krakow ghetto.” Tadeusz Pankiewicz, who inherited the apartment from his father, was the only Pole who had the right to live in the ghetto during the occupation. It was a gathering place for members of the Jewish community. The tour starts at 21:00 on Friday.

In turn, the Polish Aviation Museum has prepared a wide range of shows for lovers of heights for the Night of Museums. One of the highlights of the program will be a visit to the AN-2 aircraft Vienna, which will fly to Krakow. There will also be a demonstration of hot air balloons and balloon lights in the room, and a light show using blue and yellow balloons as a finale of the event. This will be the message of “peace and support to friends from Ukraine.” The event will have a symbolic scale – balloons will fly over the historic Rakovitse Jzyżyny Airport, which has witnessed several historical panics. All attractions of the Polish Aviation Museum will be open on Friday from 18:00 to midnight as part of the Long Museum Night.

Art at the Night of Museums

People who enjoy admiring works of art the most will be able to find something for themselves at this year’s Museum Night in Krakow. On Friday, from 19:00 to midnight, exhibits from the Polish Design Gallery will delight visitors with their ingenuity and nostalgia for the ingenuity and vintage style of Polish artists.

On the other hand, for those who can’t imagine their lives around them, the Manggha Japanese Museum of Art and Technology will organize a night tour of the cat show. “I, a cat. Cats in Japanese and Western art” is a story about songs, tales and stories, even famous memes. Such a modern approach to art can also be found at the MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art, where you can see the exhibition “Politics in Art”, which opened in late April. The exhibitions of this facility will be open for a very long time, because – as part of the Museum Night – from 18:00 on Friday to 1:00 on Saturday.


Night of Museums outside Krakow

On Friday, May 13, you will be able to visit institutions not only in Krakow, but also in other cities of Małopolska. The program is joined, among others, by the Museum of Phonography in Niepolomice. This is a place for lovers of every gramophone record, cassettes and other artifacts of the world of sound. The Royal Castle will be open until late in the same city.

In Wieliczka, the only institution participating in this year’s Museum Night is the Krakow Salting Museum, where you can visit the Salting Castle, watch a laser show, listen to a concert and participate in the family field. Game about romantics. Krakow Night Museums will also cover the capital of the Tatra Mountains. The Karol Schimanovsky Museum in Zakopane will be open until midnight, where you can learn about the life of the famous composer.

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