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Recently, the Polish media became famous about him Karolina Derpieńska. An influential man from Białystok was not so well known in his own country, he could boast of being well known abroad – for two years a Polish. For a life that looks like a fairy tale in Miami with a 60-year-old millionaire, He boasted on the Internet and was watched by about 4 million observers. Unfortunately, in fact, the daily life of an influencer it was not a flower at all. As revealed in a number of emotional Instagram posts on Sunday, his partner constantly deceived him and committed mental violence.

Affecting tears openly admitted that the luxurious life is not constantly humiliated and deceived, was in a relationship with a violent man. So he decided The acquaintance ends and you cut yourself off from the past forever. The woman did not disclose the man’s identity for fear of possible legal consequences.

I feel like a fool, but I know that my two years of experience have given me so much knowledge that I can share it with you (…). But I believe that all this is not worth it and should be stopped. T.e logos, these bags, these lies, all of them are not worth the daily tears, they are not worth being humiliated by a boy, by whom? For a 60-year-old boy who doesn’t respect anyone! – Instagram admitted to observers.

The case of the Polish influencer was widely covered in the media. Derpienska’s sensational confessions did not escape Maffashion’s attention. On Tuesday, the celebrity decided to share his thoughts on the subject with Instagram observers. It turned out that Maff did a lot of research before publishing his articles on InstaStories. Little Bastia’s mother discovered He said he had the opportunity to meet and even take pictures with the above-mentioned influential person. Kuczyńska also found that the woman was eager He posed for pictures with other Polish celebrities.

I read, then searched on google and looked, wow … Yes, we have a picture somewhere. However, I had to take a closer look to see if it really existed. Then I found @ sawardega’s video with @marcindubiel. Here are photos with others, Marcelina, Paulina, Stuu, Asia Horodyńska, Quebo, Zień, Olciak, Kupisz, Woliński, Pieczonka … He listed.

In the next article, Julka stressed that she decided to talk about the drama of the affected, to warn young observers.

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Why do I publish it, why do I remind … I think this is a warning for all young girls (I hope). “popularity”, luxuries, yachts, branded clothing, private jets, fashion taverns, famous friends, etc., the temptation of life sponsored by rich species he began.

Maffashion urges female fans not to be fooled by the images of luxurious fairy-tale life. and fought for independence. As he points out, branded gadgets and popularity can only provide apparent happiness. But over time, they can be fatal.

Girls, you can develop independence, you can be “less” – because owning yourself – you can feel great and valuable! The glow of the bag’s logo will never shine like yours. And the radiance reflected from the radiance of celebrities will never be your radiance and wealth. Yes, it will give you a momentary focus, a sense of focus that will disappear at the end of the day. There are no shortcuts !!! Lying to live and your own idea of ​​how this life should be shown is impossible in the long run and will finish you from the inside out he argued.

Finally, he once again called on the observers to be vigilant.

I don’t want to refer to “prostitution” itself – because many of the things I read (and you read) are nothing more to me. Well, live and let others live as they want … I just wish it (read such stories) more young girls and their parents’ fingers were in their pulse and mind he finished.

The woman who met her husband Rafalala gives advice to those accompanying her. Good for yourself

How will he interpret the drama?

He expresses himself about the lives of others who are not from his class. Talk about Rafcia and the blonde 🙂

Doll reef was successful hahaha and relatively young :).

He is right. Let’s name things according to their magic. The world’s oldest profession is gaining popularity, because now money can buy everything. Even love. A bad sign of the times. Girls, if you don’t respect yourself, no one will respect you!

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Julcia, do you have to comment on every topic? Silence is golden


5 minutes before

I congratulate every Instagram chick’s intellect, all the influencers, and other weird creatures who live for the show. If one of them is so smart and finds a sponsor, even better a millionaire – congratulations twice, even if your girlfriend is 60 or older. And let a fiery feeling bloom for you! I also admire all the intelligent viewers who give likes, flowers, comments full of pleasure or, conversely, hate the house. Live this life, you will go far. Good luck, Dziubaski! Just don’t moan after that, he insulted, left, cheated and so on.

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Where will this poor child go? He already has an ad, he will go to the next Lord … after all, he will not go to work full time.

what is this for ??? who cares ???

Where is this secret R&S project to be presented in May? We are waiting 😁

Hmm, so everyone is polite among their friends – Maffin Derpieńska and Sebixin Rafalala.

He really shouldn’t talk about such things.

It’s your fault, you show young people a luxurious, comfortable life that they can’t achieve at any cost.

He talks about it again and judges others, but Rafalala is silent. Zenad

People who excite you, you read this nonsense with your stupidity

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