Disappointment. Excerpt from the book “Bouquet of chrysanthemums”

Justyna and Maciej found each other after many years. But their happiness is short-lived. Disappointed, the woman decides to focus on her favorite job in an antique shop. And he doesn’t think it will lead to any unexpected changes.

“A Bouquet of Chrysanthemums” is an interesting continuation of Kazimierz Kilja’s novel saga.

– Review of the book “Chrysanthemum bouquet”

To read a novel Bouquet of chrysanthemums Kazimierz Kiljan invites you Oksinka. You could read the premiere last week on our pages extract from the book Bouquet of chrysanthemums. Today is the time for the next part of this story:

Chapter 1


Justina found the traces of an interesting man completely by accident. After Mr. Carol’s death, as he was clearing the piles of documents on the table, he discovered a cardboard folder containing mysterious letters. Their author was a man named Marcin, who wrote influential, painful and loving confessions. In them, she apologizes to her late husband for the mistakes of her youth and for not growing up, and she fondly remembers the best moments of their lives together.

The story of the two lovers in the letters impressed Justina so much that she wanted to meet this man. He wanted to know more about this sensitive man who, after the death of a loved one, still loved him and could not come to terms with his death. He threw his letters in the antique shop, probably hoping that it would leave an indelible mark on their love.

Antique, for some reason, wanted them to go to Justina. In his life he did not have time to tell her about it, he found another, but known way. He discovered them not in a completely natural way, but in a strange way.

The search by Justyna took a lot of time and effort. But it was worth it. With the help of her friends Agatha and Monica, who supported her in this endeavor, we were able to find the first trace, the grave of the letter’s addressee.

– Anna. The tombstone revealed that one of the elements of her name was dressed by Justina’s ex-fiancé.

– Marcin Rambecki. At first he thought that the same names were coincidental. But soon it was different. His girlfriend Monica, using his connections with the police, determined the current residence of the mysterious Marci.

Justina thought for a long time about what to do.

On sleepless nights, is this really his Marcin? The bitter memories of his youth came to life, and doubts arose as to whether it would be worthwhile to return to the painful past with them. The wounds of the once abandoned girl have healed so much that it would be pointless to scratch them again.

Despite his hesitations and doubts, he lost his mind in the face of emotions. He endured the temptations and decided to make an unexpected trip to him.

Marcin Rambecki lived in the village, on a farm inherited from his late relative. Everything was located, both the buildings and the surrounding land on a small hill with a beautiful view of the lake. He took these goods with the idea of ​​building a pedigree, which he dreamed of from an early age. He loved the village, animals and nature. That is why, after graduating from high school, he chose the specialty of veterinary medicine.

Justina’s first meeting with Marcin after many years did not turn out as she expected. When confronted with the feelings of a man who had lost his beloved wife, held in the depths of his heart, he faced an invisible wall between them. Although they tried in good faith to overcome the barrier and to mitigate its effects, they did not succeed. Justina decided not to force herself anymore, not to force anything, and not to leave everything to fate.

That was the beginning of a relationship that was renewed years later.

Some kind of progress came a few days later, when Marcin unexpectedly visited Justina in Vroclaw and brought her a bouquet of her favorite corn flowers. This sentimental gesture made her shed tears of happiness and throw herself into his arms. Excited at his surprise, he asked, “How long have you been here?” In response, he heard the words he had been subconsciously waiting for: “What will happen if you say forever?” Everything showed that fate gave them a second chance.

After that, they met at least once a week. Each of them still lives at home, with their work, and spent the whole weekend together. Travels to the countryside and the lake were Justina’s dream to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and the heat of summer. So they enjoyed refreshing food swimming in the lake, sailing, horseback riding, and most of all, they talked a lot. They lived separately for several years. Memories came to life, moments when they did not see the world outside of themselves. If someone then dared to say in their youth that their relationship had no future, they would have to face a painful reaction. They were not allowed to think that anything could stop them.

And yet.

While studying, Marcin met a charming, spiritual girl, a promising poet, and … it happened.

It was the most difficult to talk about this topic. Although time passed, those events still lived in them. Sometimes Justina couldn’t control her emotions. There was an unpleasant exchange of views and a commotion, which disturbed the mood of the evenings together. Then they were treated to red wine. The easing of disputes did not mean that the problems were resolved. They hid them in the depths of their hearts to calm the tension for a while.

In Justina’s case, the consequences of a failed relationship coincided when her underage husband left her for someone else. Double nausea must have left its mark on the heart of such a sensitive woman. Nevertheless, he tried.

It was similar to Marcin. His betrayal and abandonment of the girl he loved was not easy. He was well aware that his crime was hurting young Justina at the time. But the new love was stronger.

A few years later, after he got married and his wife lost the fight against the disease, he had to go to another hell. This drama left a painful mark on him. He could not come to his senses for a long time, he suffered a lot. He intuitively saved himself by writing unaddressed letters.

However, their sentimental summer meetings and endless conversations revealed a bitter truth. Justina listened intently to Marsi’s words and began to feel more and more as she observed his behavior. There were signs of sadness in his eyes, and he often fell into a state of melancholy, a moment of thought. His partner, who passed away a few years ago, was still involved in his stories. Justina caught these special emotional situations when Marcin said: Ania is … Ania that … All over the house, wherever you look, there were pictures of her and the little things she left behind.

In fact, he did not blame her. At times, he admired her for her endless devotion, love, and memory. It was beautiful, but it was getting more and more unpleasant. He was unaware of this, he did not feel her behavior, his inaction with Justina. He treated nature, did not hide himself, did not show anything to her.

Justina finally had a sincere, decisive conversation. In a very polite and balanced way, he took up a subject that was difficult for both of them until he admitted that they were not ready for this relationship.

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