Casey White Ranger fears that she may kill Vicky White’s “mistress” after the family of her ex-boyfriend saw a cold-blooded “pattern”.

DEATH Vicky White, the wanted guard himself, and his prison lover, Casey White, have been questioned by police after being finally found dead with a gunshot wound to the head.

Earlier, it was reported that Vicky White, 56, shot herself as police approached her and Casey White, 38, after a rapid pursuit in Evansville, Indiana, on Monday.


The couple was arrested after a rapid police chase that resulted in a shipwreck in Evansville, Indiana.


The sound of a telephone conversation between the first paramedics suggested that Vicki had told the officers that she had a gun and put her finger on the trigger.

Then there was a single bullet wound. As the officers moved in, Casey White told them, “Help my wife, she just shot herself.”

Vicky was taken to hospital in critical condition and was presumed dead a few hours later. Casey White was arrested after ending an 11-day mad search.

Police initially said he died of a gunshot wound. However, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton, Vicky’s former employer, said he would not be surprised if the person who shot the prison officer was in fact Casey.

Police attack
The victim, Casey White's son, speaks after the

An autopsy is performed on Vicky’s remains to determine the nature of her death.


Meanwhile, family members of Casey White’s ex-boyfriend Christie Shelton have seen horrific similarities between the two women’s deaths.

Christie, 31, was found dead in a trailer belonging to Casey White’s mother on February 1, 2008 in Lexington, Alabama.

Casey White was in a trailer with Christy when the deadly gunfire was heard.

His death was considered a suicide at the time, but the case was reopened last week and investigators were investigating whether the game was rough. The leap came after years of Christan’s family insisting that the mother of three would never leave her children to commit suicide.

Christy’s cousin, Lori Boon, noted the parallels between Christy’s and Vicky’s deaths, calling it a “complete coincidence” that two of Casey White’s partners probably committed suicide in his presence.

“I don’t know what to think about it right now,” he told The US Sun on Tuesday. “I am just confused because there is no limit to what he can do,” he said.

“Of course we don’t know if he did it, but I wouldn’t doubt that he did it in any way.

“He’s just angry,” he said.


Lori, who has met Casey several times, said her relationship with Christie and how Vicky White persuaded her to release him from prison proves that the six-meter serial scam “has a kind of impact on women.” .

“It amazes me, even if he didn’t pull the trigger, did he convince them?” he said.

“Obviously he has some kind of power over women, or something that can control them … but it’s very strange for two women to commit suicide in front of him and he looks like a model.”

At the time of her mysterious death, Christie was in a bitter divorce from her estranged husband. She recently lost her three children to the Child Protection Service.

The US Sun alleges that an unnamed husband physically and emotionally abused Christie and often threatened to hurt her.

“He wasn’t just a good person, and Christy was really scared of him at the time,” Lori said. “And I think the reason he was with Casey was because he felt he would protect her.”

Although Lori met him several times shortly after the couple met, it is still unknown under what circumstances he met Christie White.

Describing Casey White as a “giant” figure, Lori said she felt disgusted when she first met him.

“My first impression of him was disgusting,” he said.

“Or you could say he wasn’t smart at all,” Lori said. “And I remember saying to Christie, ‘Oh my God, what are you doing with this man?’

Christie continued to see White, putting aside her cousin’s fears.

As Lori understands, the couple ate Chinese food in a trailer belonging to White’s mother in Lexington on the night of Christy’s death on February 1, 2008.

He was shot in the chest, shot with a shotgun and died on the spot.

The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office has not yet asked U.S. Sun for more information on the matter.

But Lori and her mother said that when paramedics arrived at the scene, they were so scared of Whit that they didn’t get into the trailer to deal with Christy until the police left.

After Vicky’s death, Lori said she felt sorry for the dead bodyguard and her family and was “very, very sad for her to leave.”

Describing the 56-year-old woman as a partial victim, Lori added: “But I blame her a lot.

“It’s hard … because it’s self-harm, but I believe he’s also a very controlled person.”

He believes that any gross suspicion of Vicky’s death will make the investigation into Christie’s death “completely open.”

“The fact that Christie will shoot herself in front of Casey must be revealed [investigators’] Eyes that tell you what happened to Vicky and how she hit herself, “he said.


Casey White, 38, was arrested on Monday, April 29, 11 days after she escaped from Lauderdale prison with the help of veteran Vicky White.

The couple, who are not related but considered romantic, were caught after a high-speed run that resulted in an accident in Evansville. Vicky is believed to have been driving.

Investigators began pursuing the couple shortly after they found them at a nearby hotel.

Christy Shelton, 31, died on February 1, 2008 from a gunshot wound to the chest.


Casey White was with Christy when the deadly shooting took place


The first rescuers appear at the scene on Monday


Lori said she and her family were “relieved” that Casey White was now behind bars and had spent the past two weeks believing that the prosecutor’s killer could “break down the door at any moment.”

“We feel comfortable,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then.

“According to rumors, because they are hiding somewhere in the area,” something good, obviously, is happening.

Fearing that her slave would hide in the shadows, Lori and her children moved in with their parents, and Casey White was released.

“I slept better than I did tonight,” Lori said after her arrest on Monday.


Casey White was sentenced to 75 years in prison for a number of violent crimes, including attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend, car theft and shooting a dog.

She was also expected to stand trial in 2015 after confessing to the murder of Connie Ridgeway, a 58-year-old mother of two who was brutally stabbed in a house robbery.

By a strange coincidence, Christie and Lori grew up on the opposite side of the Ridgeway and her two sons, Austin and Cameron, years before his murder.

Now in custody, Lori Casey said she hopes White will be “kept behind bars forever, though not worse.”

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He added: “I can’t say that anyone will make me happy by dying.

“But if he did all this – and I believe he did – he doesn’t need to walk anymore, he certainly does.”

Casey White was sentenced to 75 years in prison for a number of violent crimes while fleeing


Christy's family said a three-year-old mother would never leave her children


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