Will Tusk drive out fat cats from Kraśnik?

An unusual appeal was made during Donald Tusk’s visit to Lublin last week. Konrad Yaroslav Abramek, an activist of the party, spoke at the meeting with the PO leader.

Marshall always prevails

– It is said in Krasnik that whoever does not start, Yaroslav Staviarsky wins (Marshal of the Voivodeship from Krasnik from PiS – the author’s note). I have a big request. Take your wand and follow those greasy Platform cats. Let them do their job, so that we do not hinder the youth. Please help, we will help, too, ”said Abramek, shyly applauding the other PO sympathizers in the room.

– I know the case and I will look into it. I’m not a fan of riddles that happen there – Tusk replied and quickly changed the subject.

Hooked by Stawiarski

– My intention was not a political attack on the mayor of Wojciech Wilk (PO), because anyone who knows how the local government works understands that cooperation requires compromise. But in Krajnik, and that’s not just my opinion, Yaroslav Staviarsky, another member and supporter of the Civic Platform, has more say than PO activists, according to Abramek, who has been a member of Tusk’s party for the past few years. He left it in November 2021 “in protest”.

Abramek recalls the situation that must have occurred during the last presidential campaign. – One of the ladies tore down the posters of PO candidate Rafał Trzaskowski. There were witnesses to this event and the photo. We also inform the police, our interlocutor says. – As an election representative, I wanted to tarnish this type of behavior. Only in the end did this not happen, as my credentials were closed after the intervention of Krzysztof Babis, the head of the PO district administration in Kraśnik. The case was swept under the carpet as it turned out to be Stawiarsky’s friend.

According to Abramek, PO activists from Kraśnik have only two options. “Either sit quietly and keep your head down, or give Shimon Holovnia’s party card and go to Poland in 2050,” said Abramek, who is in charge of the Kraśnik election campaign of Joanna Muchan, a member of the European Parliament (from the former Civic Platform, now in 2050 in Poland). and is still his social assistant. According to him, it will not be easy to remove PiS from power.

– We do not get anything with the politicians walking on Stawiarsky’s rope.

How a PO consultant saved PiS

– Kraśnik Agreement – Approved by Pavel Kurek, Member of the City Council (Poland 2050, he was nominated for the Kraśnik City Council from the Wilk list). – Unfortunately, it is the business and political system that has been eating our city for years. As a result, we have ideas such as the construction of a waste incineration plant in the groundwater intake protection zone or a monopoly on waste management. I do not see that local leaders embody the values ​​of their parties, although party symbols are needed only in election campaigns.

“Residents who voted for the opposition in the last local elections feel cheated,” Kurek said. – Mayor Wojciech Wilk presented Marshal Yaroslaw Stawiarski from PiS, although he was able to form an independent majority as a general surprise after the 2018 elections. In any case, his appointment as marshal was the election of Staroste Andrzej Rolla. Michal Zimowski, deputy chairman of the Poviat Council and associated with the Wolf Man Civic Platform, helped PiS retain power in a decisive voice. Thus, it prevents the PSL from gaining power.

There will be no cash register without cooperation

PiS presents the issue differently. “Without inter-party cooperation, nothing will be good for the city and the poviat,” said one of the party’s activists from Kranik. “The more the local war, the less money for Kraśnik,” he said. According to him, what needs to be done now should be done “quietly”, and then “put their heads in order” close to the election.

The head of the PO in Lublin: the blows are apolitical

We have not been able to contact Kraśnik PO leaders Wojciech Wilk and Krzysztof Babisz since Friday. They did not answer the phone. In turn, the head of the Civic Platform in Lubelsk Stanisław Żmijan in response to our questions by e-mail stressed that in accordance with the party’s charter, the formation of coalitions at the level of municipal and district councils can be decided by the party constituency. structures. There was no such decision in the case of Kraśnik.

– At the lower local levels, I mean the commune or poviat, contracts are often concluded between members of parliament, the purpose of which is to improve the existence of the local community. The bumps on the road have no political color, they do not belong to PiS or PO, but they simply do or do not – Żmijan writes and adds that in a single vote, PO advisers can vote in the same way. Bad.

– But this is not proof of the closure of any coalition, because it would be only if the Poviat Board of PO RP adopted a relevant resolution. It is commendable that people of different backgrounds work together to solve different problems, – concludes the head of the Lublin platform.

He says the situation in Krasnik was not discussed during Tusk’s visit to Lublin.

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