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The new month of 2020 has passed, so we decided to test the web browsers available in the market. This is because a new version of the Edge appears in Microsoft’s Insider repository, which uses the Chromium engine. Currently, almost all the most well-known manufacturers of web browsers have it. Only Mozilla Firefox runs on its own engine. Previously, the Edge browser did not use it. The very old and memorable Microsoft browser Internet Explorer also has a different engine.

If you remember, I don’t like the Microsoft ecosystem very much. But for today’s test purposes, I decided to hide my prejudices in the closet to make the results more objective. I have to admit that Edge with Chromium works well in the Beta version. I did not encounter any obvious deviations that would cause me to want to throw my laptop on the wall. This has been the case with Microsoft browsers so far. In the case of Edge Chromium Beta, this is really good. This encouraged me even more to do some performance and compliance tests.

You are probably wondering which browsers I chose for this methodology and testing.

Since most of the criteria available on the network are Open Source licensed and have different features, I decided to choose a criterion for testing. This is a very good criterion and the results should be solid. Of course, I also add a description of the tool itself and a link to the page. You can use it on your gears. As test browsers, I chose the most popular ones on the market and those that work under the system Windows 10. These are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge (both Stable and Beta with Chromium), Internet Explorer and Opera. I skipped Safari because I wanted the same operating system – that is Microsoft Windows 10 Home (version 1909, structure 18363.592). I recently added the little-known Brave browser, which has been praised by users. However, it is not as popular as the competition. Admittedly, the popularity of the Opera browser has recently declined due to allegations of “paid loans.” However, it is still one of the most famous brands in the world.

We used BaseMark Web 3.0 to perform the tests.

This is a cross-platform comparison tool. Basemark Web 3.0 is a web browser performance test. Checks how effectively the system can be used in a web browser. The mechanism used covers various system and graphical tests using network recommendations and functions. Basemark Web 3.0 measures actual client performance to detect browser bottlenecks. Independent of hardware and platform. It supports almost all modern browsers, operating systems, mobile or desktop systems. It has functions like:

  • Low-level JavaScript computation (ECMAScript) designed to test the basics of JavaScript.
  • Graphically intensive content, such as WebGL 2.0, which mainly uses the device’s graphics processor
  • Tests built with popular JavaScript frameworks (eg, JQuery, Angular, and Trunk) and the Document Object Model (DOM), as well as popular CSS functions
  • Basemark Web 3.0 will also include a compatibility package that does not contribute to the overall score, but tests the compatibility of the browser.
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You are probably wondering what tests look like for our browsers.

Basemark Web 3.0 gives some results: HTML5 compatibility test, CSS compatibility test, page loading and response test, page resizing test. It also gives an overall result. The test is performed here 3 to 20 minutesdepending on the performance of the computer. the system and the browser itself. Looking at the overall results, the browser undoubtedly won the tests Google Chrome with the result 304.37 points. The fact that it is in the browser will no doubt interest you Internet Explorer 11, the test would generally not start. However Microsoft Edge Stable there was a problem running the test WebGL 2.0. Although an interesting piece of information that we can learn from the collection test is new Edge with chromium still in version Betait surpasses its predecessor in the test. Edge Chromium Beta because the result was achieved 206.04 pointsa Edge Stable simply 114.82. This shows how much the company has helped to introduce the new engine and how much it is desirable.

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Basemark Web 3.0, as mentioned above, also conducted some specialized tests.

These are HTML5 and CSS compatibility tests, page loading performance and reaction tests, and dimension change tests. The application partially allowed to doubt the results. cases CSS Compliance Test, the results are the same in all browsers. The prevalence among them is not very high. I will skip this point IE 11that failed the test. It was the worst Firefox in this category.

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Another compatibility test was compliance HTML5. There have already been deviations. The stable version showed the worst result in this category Outside and Mozilla Firefox. Edge Beta also left the market magnates, Fr. 1.08%but keep in mind that this is still an unstable version of the browser.

tests, chrome, opera, firefox, edge,

The next tests were page loading and response testing, as well as page resizing. When it comes to work Change the sizeThe results were similar, already Page loading and response was very different. The browser won in this category Google Chrome. Interestingly, a small browser called Brave died and took last place. He was worse Microsoft Edge StableAlthough Chrome.

tests, chrome, opera, firefox, edge,
tests, chrome, opera, firefox, edge,

I have to admit that the tests told me more about which browser to use.

Of course, it is as clear as the sun. Google Chrome is currently the undisputed winner. However, the important thing is that this study provided information directly from the time machine. It’s a bit like predicting the future. All according to browser results Microsoft Edge Beta. Engine application Chrome significantly improved application performance and compliance with existing standards. However, the program is currently in release Beta. This means that there are still some errors that need to be corrected. We can assume that they lower the test results. I’m very interested in what numbers the test will show when the Redmond giant releases the production version of this browser. Although I don’t like Microsoft products, I have to admit that there is a possibility Outside will become a real competition for Google Chrome. The last Microsoft product I’m happy with is the package office and Azure. The list could soon grow.

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