We refute conspiracy theories about 5G

What is 5G? Is this a “death net”? How to understand the protests of various activists, and is there really anything to be afraid of? It’s time to see if popular theories about 5G are really grounded.

5G is known as the “killer network” – where does it come from?

Let’s start with that What is the 5G standard. This is the next stage in the development of the mobile network, the natural evolution of 4G. The capabilities of 5G are enormous. Paradoxically, this creates a negative image in the eyes of many people. Network IoT – Allows you to implement a full industry 4.0 using the Internet of Things. Is that so? mobile network with extremely low latency, which allows you to control machines more accurately, improve the accuracy of robots, or create perception networks (e.g., those announced aloud by Elon Musk at Tesla). It also allows you to play more comfortably than before.

5G antennas should provide high-speed Internet access to many users at the same time. Although they are physically similar to 4G masts, they are superior to them in terms of capabilities. Yes rapid technological leap – and this is certainly something we should approach 5G – it is always associated with mistrust among people. Therefore, we are witnessing a flood of people who suddenly spread false theories about 5G. There are also special groups and thematic forums on Facebook. There is misinformation out of fear – this is the worst kind of misinformation possible. There are no well-founded arguments among the “analysts” of the “experts”. Let’s look at them.

5G technology and threats to human life

First of all, it is worth noting Both Europe and the United States have restrictive standards that must be met by communication equipment before it can be used for general use.. Among other things, this fact is due to the many leaks about new smartphones. They go through a series of tests before they fall into our pockets. An increasing problem is the lack of trust in organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) or ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection). However, these are institutions that unite independent experts. Their goal, of course, is not to expose us all to dangerous technology, but to inform us about potential impacts, for example. non-ionizing radiation.

Should you trust the WHO without restrictions? Yes and no – the organization has made some mistakes in its history. However, they were usually the result of the state of knowledge at that time. As science progresses, their numbers dwindle. A small group of scientists is unlikely to be able to conduct more effective research than the WHO on the positive or negative effects of 5G networks.. Logical experiments are enough – let’s move on to the analysis of the real arguments of people who perceive 5G as a killing network.

5G network causes cancer – such headlines can be found on Internet forums

Theories about 5G, which cause cancer, are based on the classification of networks in the IARC standard (International Agency for Research on Cancer). “Potential carcinogen”. Of course, radiation can affect and damage our cells. This leads to very unpleasant health consequences. First of all, we are talking about very strong ionizing radiation. Uses 5G radio radiation – non-ionizing. No health effects have been identified. There is not enough evidence to identify them as carcinogenic.

5G frequency range – ionizing radiation begins approximately 700 terahertz. This is several thousand times higher than the maximum 5G frequency

5G is unlikely to have these features under the right conditions. However, before considering this fact as evidence that the new generation of networks will increase the incidence of cancer, it is worth looking at it from a broader perspective. For example, plants from the pepper family, pickled vegetables and aloe vera are potentially carcinogenic. The key word is in this situation “potential”. We can not conclude that eating these plants causes cancer. This is a category that states that it is difficult to study the exact effects of a particular agent on the body at this time.

It should be noted that IARC is an organization that works closely with the WHO. The French agency specializes in detecting potentially carcinogenic substances. This suggests that a lack of trust in the WHO should not be a reason to accuse 5G of being a death network. The organization is currently monitoring the case, but there is no scientific evidence to suggest that 5G is actually causing cancer.

Another theory about 5G is that the new network will track us, track us, and even kill us remotely

Such a statement by the proponents of conspiracy theories is not surprising. But let’s take a closer look. Can 5G network follow us? This means that there must be special internal receivers and transmitters that allow us to determine our position. We don’t have that, but we have smartphones. How scary it may seem – they are watching us, watching us, and that’s not all – they are doing it now! However, they use a 4G network for this purpose. In this case, you do not need a powerful update with a 5G connection.

Where does such a bold thesis come from? First of all observation is a fact – We provide our applications with access to our space. This information is used to track our behaviors, purchasing choices, and habits. This, in turn, allows marketers to offer us an attractive breakfast, for example, from the popular fast food chain. We receive notifications when we have the best chance to decide to eat such a meal, but we would not think about it without proper advertising.

Geolocation in marketing is a phenomenon that has been known for several years – there is nothing unusual about it. These are practices that can be ethically questioned but agreed upon by users. However, it is worth noting The attack on the 5G network is very wrong due to the observation potential. Such practices are used today by fourth-generation contacts. They existed before, during the UMTS standard. This is a broader problem that should be blamed not on the technology itself, but on the various service providers.

5G kills birds

has been considered many times as false news. Proponents of the 5G theory point to the situation in The Hague in the second half of 2019. It was about the death of several hundred birds for unknown reasons. It was claimed that this was the reason 5G technology tests in that area. In fact, however The tests took place elsewhere in the country. Plague of birds is not fully explained, but on a smaller scale, similar situations often cause panic, for example, the appearance of a dangerous predator. what’s more other cases of this type have not been documentedand 5G already works in a fairly large area.

5G theories related to coronavirus

There are many mechanisms in the human mind that help us understand the world around us. But this sometimes leads to absurdities – especially if the issue we are fighting is a tragedy, and we can not find responsibility for it in a particular phenomenon. Desperation and the need to explain the world motivate us to look for simple and clear answers.

The World Health Organization confirms this Coronavirus does not originate from 5G

The emergence of 5G took place a year before the epidemic. This fact alone is enough to refute the theory that the new standard of communication is associated with the coronavirus. The new 5G receivers are actually installed in Wuhan – as in many other parts of the world where no new infectious diseases have emerged. It is also difficult to try to explain the connection between the spread of the virus and radio waves. On a material level, it is really difficult to enter into discussions with arguments about 5G and coronavirus. They do not speak the language of science, they do not touch on the fundamental laws of physics. However, these are great ways to explain yourself to a shocking situation like the global pandemic in 2020. However, we can see a strongly distorted course of cause and effect.

This does not mean that 5G is perfect. There is another side to the coin

The problem with 5G is quite different – it’s not technical, it’s political. Let’s imagine that the 5G standard is one of the elements that will really revolutionize the industry. At this point, only highly developed countries and the most promising developing countries such as India will use it. This will lead to major social inequalities. The world has been working to adapt them in recent years, but unfortunately, upcoming technologies such as Neuralink or 5G networks could become a symbol of the so-called Western’s superiority over countries such as Africa.

Countries with well-functioning 5G infrastructure will grow at a dizzying pace. It is also known that A company that manages 5G technology in a particular country can have a major impact on its security. This is one of the pillars of the conflict between the United States and Huawei. Of course, this does not mean that we should repeat the harmful examples of the United States in Europe – for example, it is important to diversify the sources of 5G technology. Fortunately, this is much talked about in the EU, and the issue of network providers is not taboo.

It seems that if we implement the 5G revolution correctly, it will be very useful for us. However, let’s not forget that this is important for the industry in the first place. Downloading the game to your smartphone in 10 seconds is just a nice addition.

Misconceptions about 5G are a problem that goes far beyond what we can imagine

Recently, in a short period of time, Google ads drew attention to the link to the forum page about the losses of 5G. Fortunately, it was stopped immediately – it is so difficult to find this site now. However, it seems so A whole underground is being created that brings together people who believe in theories about 5G. This is a very dangerous phenomenon. In closed social bubbles, no matter how far from the facts, it is easy to reaffirm your views over and over again.

New technologies are being thoroughly tested, and thousands of studies are being conducted to provide solutions that do not adversely affect people’s lives and health. Inaccurate information on this subject has become a new religion only for those who trust the above-mentioned bubble.

combustion base station
Fire at a mobile base station

On the one hand, this is unfortunate – these people can struggle with the extreme frustration that drives them to turn on their antennas. Worse, the issue rises to a higher level – we have such information recently 5G engineers would receive death threats. Years ago, when the 2G standard began to be widely used, it also raised some doubts. At that time, the subject did not motivate people to take such drastic actions. In the 5G century, fake news is spreading very fast – paradoxically, one of the reasons is new communication technologies.

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