The sadistic grandfather shot the cats – killed one and wounded the other. What happens in Ełk os. Tuwim ?!

He killed a cat and seriously injured another – a 70-year-old boy who shot at animals in the EK residential area spent the autumn of his life. Tuwim. At the same time, he deliberately and consciously deprived God of the soul of a sinful animal. Fortunately, the sadistic grandfather was arrested by police. Local pet owners, as well as free-living cats – because they are mostly shot by a 70-year-old – can breathe easily. What about the end of the persecution of animals on this property?

The Tuwima estate in Ełk is located on the outskirts of the city, so its residents are in close contact with nature. Some of them cared for local cats – they fed and sterilized them, and the city helped them. Now there are even cat kiosks on the property. There are many thermophilic quadrupeds. Residents’ pets also go for a walk.

They were the ones who informed us about sadistic actions. They claimed that there was a “psychopath” in the area who regularly opened fire on both nearby wildlife and local “walking” animals.

Some time ago, I wrote about a recession in the property of Tuvima, where cats are shot by a pneumatic rifle near the plots where the “Black Road” begins. Psychology has hit not only cats, but also people (…) – we read on FB on Anna Borawska-Supruniuk on Friday, May 6. Ejzanka then reported the death of the air rifle sadist.

Another kitten was found, this time in the spine … he was still alive when he was taken to the vet … he was young, sterilized, fed by kind people … he just wanted to live … What is happening? here? If he did something to a child, then so many children are going this way … The tragedy is a matter of time, because this person is a real threat to all of us. Ełczanka was worried.

It turned out that while writing these words, the perpetrator was already known to the EC police.

This year on May 5. Police received a report that the cat was shot with an air rifle. As a result, police detained a 70-year-old man. A windshield and pellets were attached to it. They put the cat to sleep due to their injuries. Police say the man shot another cat who was currently receiving treatment a few days ago. He has heard two allegations that he insulted male cats with special cruelty – said today (Monday, May 9) KPP spokesman Ełk Agata Kulikowska de Nałęcz.

He noted that another cat, which is currently recovering, is a four-legged “walking” from one of the residents of the Tuwim residential area.

Can other local dog and cat owners and pet supporters now sleep safely?

Children from Tuwim 26 and 28 don’t treat cats very well either … what will come out of them … what sick world we live in … – We read on Anna Borawska-Supruniuk’s FB. Earlier, he recalled that a group of teenagers “chased” around the mansion. What is happening?

I saw my grandmother encouraging her children to scare the cat. All this is due to the sand flowing on the playground, and the cats go there to urinate, the parents are angry about this fact and therefore do not want to feed the cats. – one of the residents of os explains to Danuta. Tuwim.

As long as he keeps the cats away from the playground – without harassing them! – It is still understandable, this “hunt”, which is already organized for wild and free-living animals, is very disturbing. Sounds familiar? We once wrote to you about Killing Swallows in OS. GRUNWALDZKI. Does Tuwim also have a pseudo-gang from animal aggressors? It is possible that some of its embarrassing seeds are formed, because some residents claim to have seen “child” groups with sticks, and – horror! – with pocket knives (so-called butterflies) that chase “some” cats “arms”. Does the police confirm that something could be wrong?

– In the National Threat Map, there are threats in the form of violence against animals in this area. And now we have confirmed this for this incident (detention of a 70-year-old man). However, the police were not informed about the children’s expulsion of animals. “Sometimes people see something, but they don’t tell us,” says Agata Kulikowska de Nałęcz.

We will return to the issue. We also ask that if “people see something”, they should inform the relevant services. After all, we are not talking about the anonymous regret of a neighbor who did not pay for the treasure, but about the lives of defenseless animals.

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